Dynamically Create, Generate QR Codes For Download Links, URLs

Android evangelist Zen is quick to suggest that I should've had QR images added to all iPhone & Android downloadables featured here. According to him, users will find it easier to access those mobile goodies if they can just point their camera down to every QR code, and let the phone do the magic.

And yes he's right; you want to give the best possible user experience from your blog, right?

DynoTag: A New QR Tagging Service That Helps You Find Your Lost Stuff

If you're wondering about how to dynamically generate QR codes for any given URL or web page, you might want to check out this cool QR Code API generator courtesy of Tag.cx.

Easiest Way To Dynamically Generate QR Codes Via JavaScript

Tag.cx QR Code Generator is a tiny JavaScript library that lets you programatically generate QR Codes for any given web link. Generating QR Codes using their API is a snap. Just copy and paste below JS lines anywhere on your blog post and it will magically display a QR Code image  pointing to the page.

<script src="http://www.tag.cx/qr-codes/tag-cx-qrcode.js" type="text/javascript"/>
<script type="text/javascript">

The above script calls a function generateQRCODE() which will automatically generate a QR Code image for rushlywritten.com. Now mobile phones can easily bookmark your webpage, just by taking a picture of the image generated by this script. For a complete implementation instruction, head over here.

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Tag.cx' QR Code generation service is a complete clean-cut if you want to programatically generate QR codes for any given website. Just a few lines of scripts, you'll see the QR code magically sits there.

You might not need Tag.cx' QR Code Generator right now, but it's a good site to bookmark for the future when you do.

QR code image for Tag.cx:

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