SortMyBox Is The Email Filters For DropBox — Organizes Your DropBox Files Based On Your Rules

You probably have tons of files stored on your DropBox account. And admit it: managing these files this big is a daunting task, and it only gets harder when you start dumping more files across your DropBox account over time.

Whether you are an occasional or heavy DropBox user, getting your DropBox files organized isn't exactly something that should stress you out. SortMyBox is a fantastic tool that you should check out if you want to automate the sorting and organization of your Dropbox files.

SortMyBox Lets You Organize, Sort DropBox Files Based On Your Rules

SortMyBox is a free and easy-to-use file management app for DropBox that automatically sorts DropBox files/folder based on the rules you setup. SortMyBox uses the popular "when this, do that" format, similar to Gmails' filters. That is, when certain file name or extension is detected, SortMyBox will then move those files to the folder you want, based on the sorting rules you setup.

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Getting Started With SortMyBox

SortMyBox is pretty straightforward to use. First you need to point your browser to SortMyBox's website (link). From here you should be able to login and connect through your Dropbox account.

Note: A folder named "SortMyBox" will be automatically created inside your Dropbox account. This will be the folder in which you drop your files for sorting.

Now it’s time for you to create your first rule. There are basically three types of rules, as seen in the screenshot below:

(a) Filter files by extension (or a comma-separated list of extension). You can instruct SortMyBox to automatically move files to specific DropBox folders when a certain file comes with a file extension that matches to that of your rule.

(b) Sort by a word in the name. If you want to automatically move all files containing the word "img" to /Photos/ directory, then, this filter is ideally right for you.

(c) Filter by name pattern. Allows you to create a pattern in the name to filter by, with or without an extension (e.g. "The Carpenters *.mp3").

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To wrap it up, you can setup rules that identify a file’s extension, name contents or a name pattern. And files get sorted every 15 minutes. Yes, it's that sweet. So go, check it out HERE.

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