ThrowMeApp Brutally Makes Your Android Device Useful Again

The title says it all. Yes, anything is possible with technology these days, even if it does border on the somewhat risky or foolish.

ThrowMeApp (pun is intended to catch people’s attention, get it?) is used to take aerial pictures of you and your friends. This is a new aspect of app photography you can explore so long as you are willing to take the risk.

Recover, Restore All Deleted/Lost Photos On Your Android Device

All you need to do is to throw your Android compatible device (such as the new Samsung Galaxy series of phones) up in the air and catch it when it comes down.

ThrowMeApp Takes Aerial Pictures When You Throw Your Android Device in the Air (link)

Here's how ThrowMeApp goes:

  • Turn on the app and throw your Android phone up in the air. It will take a photo at the highest point and when facing down.
  • The app needs lots of light for good pictures. So the app works best outdoors on a clear day.
  • The key to taking good pictures is throwing the phone in such a way that the screen is facing upward.
  • ThrowMeApp adapts to the way you throw and will eventually improve timing after a few throws in the same manner.
  • No professional ever gets it right the first time, so you need to practice your throws.
Warning: The user alone is responsible for the phone and preventing it from breaking or hitting people.

What makes ThrowMeApp amazing is that it takes really clear pictures without the usual motion blurs associated with high speeds.

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