ThingLink: Make Your Photos Interactive By Embedding Videos, Music, Text or Another Images

ThingLink is an app that will bring new life to your photos.

But no, this is not the boring Instagram-like type of app where the fun ends up with photo filters.

ThingLink is a provider of image interaction tools. It uses free tagging tools to give photos new life by using sound, voice, social media, and other fun links. Turn Your Instagram, Flickr & Facebook Photos Into Stunning Video Slideshows

Imagine your pictures becoming stories in themselves. For instance, an ordinary high school graduation class picture comes to life when you embed the names of each single person in the photo complete with profiles, where they are now and what they are doing in life after, say, 20 years. What a way to make a great online yearbook!

Make Your Images Come Alive With Music, Video, Text, Images (link)

The ThingLink app makes everything online that can be embedded come to life on any image. Streaming media, music videos, social profiles, facts and figures, surveys, documents, and even statistical graphs can be enabled for any picture you choose. The pictures you choose can be anything from educational photos for your classes to your own Facebook vacation pictures. Here's a demo:

You can go beyond creativeness to invent interactive greeting cards, posters, wedding, and birthday invitations. You can also spice up boring profile images, family pictures, maps, and even fashion shoots.

YouTube-Powered VeedList Lets You Create Custom YouTube Playlists

ThingLink is an app that can make people think, laugh, cry, or just smile just from viewing ordinary pictures.

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