Safe Slide Makes your iPhone Photos Private: Hides Embarrassing Pictures On Your iPhone

How many times has this happened? You hand your iPhone to friends or family so they can view your latest travel photos. Then, they stumble upon a couple of pictures of you half-naked when you were taking pictures of yourself in front of the mirror. Or, maybe pictures of you drunk and passed out on the sidewalk.

This is one of the foibles of every mobile phone camera. They take and record really great pictures, but has no device or app to filter out those unwanted pictures you do not want anyone to see. The only method is to completely delete the pictures.

Make Your Photos Private: Hide Embarrassing Pictures On Your iPhone With Safe Slide (link)

Enter Safe Slide, an iPhone app that automatically hides away any incriminating pictures from viewing before handing over your iPhone to anyone.

Safe Slide only sells for $2. All users need to do is to open up the app, view the slideshow of all your pictures in your iPhone, select “Share” on selected photos, and the app marks the “share” images safe to be viewed by anyone. Any pictures not marked as “Share” is automatically hidden away by the app.

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The overall design and user interface of Safe Slide is clean, works well, and easy to navigate through. It does not slow down the Apple phone in any way. Safe Slide is good insurance so anything embarrassing or scandalous is completely hidden away, even from prying eyes.

It is an app that has other developers wondering aloud why Apple product developers never found time to think of this app to be built-in in every iPhone model.

Download: Safe Slide [iTunes link]

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