Coffitivity: The Ambient Coffee Shop Noise App to Enhance Your Work Creativity

Undeniably, we all have our individual reactions to background or ambient noise when we study, work on our computers, or just doing some paperwork.

Some like quiet spaces. Some like music in the background. The most amazing ambient noise that some react to however, is the ambient noise from a coffee shop.

'Coffitivity' Promised To Boost Your Creativity By Producing Ambient Noise Of A Coffee Shop (link)

Coffitivity is a creative web app that gives you the ambient noise generated by a coffee shop straight to your work area or headphones to boost your work creativity. The app even allows you to play your music in the background of the Coffitivity ambient noise. You also get to control the volume of the ambient noise, your music, or just use one or the other.

This all is actually backed by some true scientific studies. Many studies have been conducted on this subject by universities and social scientists (the most recent one released by the Journal of Consumer Research). The common findings in the studies reveal that ambient or background noise does play a key role as a variable when studying or doing work that may affect creativity. A moderate amount of ambient noise (50 to 70 dB) enhances performance and creativity. However, high levels of background noise (85 dB and above) is distracting and makes learning and working difficult. On the other hand, almost complete lack of noise levels (below 45 dB) may enhance understanding and focus, but does not improve creativity.

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Based on this study, it would seem that some social scientists, after studying the effects of different types of ambient noises, found the mixture of calm and commotion in a coffee shop environment to be the best ambient noise for enhancing creativity.

Coffitivity was developed by Justin Kauszler, Nicole Horton, and Ace Callwood.

The developers of Coffitivity do have their comments and warnings. For instance, the app might not work for everybody since, as mentioned above, we react differently to different ambient noises. Some coffee shops are quieter than others so this again might affect our brain’s reaction.

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The best tip we can offer for Coffitivity users is to set the volume just right for the kind of ambient noise you are used to. Try also a mix of music and Coffitivity and experiment with different volume levels. The thing is, this beats going to a coffee shop everyday just to enhance study or work. You get to make your own coffee if ever you are using the app in your home.

Link: Coffitivity

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