New iPhone App “uChek Urinalysis” Turns Your Device Into A Mobile Urine Test

In this year’s recently held Technology, Education, and Design (TED) Conference in Los Angeles, MIT graduate Myshkin Ingawale, co-founder of a Mumbai based Indian company called Biosense Technologies, introduced a new app he developed called uChek Urinalysis.

uChek Urinalysis simply allows you to conduct a medical urinalysis using your iPhone for purposes of medical and health issues. It cannot be used for the diagnosis of diseases.

No, no, no, you do not dip your iPhone into urine samples to get readings. First, follow a standard urine test by collecting a urine sample as you would in a doctor’s office and dip a paper test strip in the urine for two seconds. Second, slide the urine soaked strip into the color-coded mat that is standard for all urinalysis checking packs.

As the mat reads the strip and changes colors to produce the urine analysis, take a picture of the strip and mat using the uChek app. The said app will then analyze the image to give an accurate reading of the urine sample.

Since urine strip and mat analysis lasts only for 120 seconds, using the uChek app means that you get to store the information for later use. The app also produces easily understood positive or negative information and gives quantitative explanations for the different concentration levels.

uChek reduces the chance for human error since it can store data beyond the 120-second reading limit. This information can be double-checked and verified later. It even gives trends for urinalysis done over a period of time for the same person.

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Another advantage of uChek is that it can be used to monitor health issues such as diabetes or if sophisticated urinalysis machines are absent such as in rural areas. If needed, results can be emailed to doctors or other medical professionals.

The uChek iPhone app only costs 99 cents. For an additional $20, you can get a complete urine kit with a pack of urine dip strips and a color-coded test map.

At present, Myshkin Ingawale and Biosense Technologies are working on a version for Android smartphones as well as for drug testing and pregnancy tests.

See Myshkin's video below showing off the uChek app:

Link: uChek Urinalysis

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