Gmail's Addon Streak Lets You Monitor, Track If Emails Are Read, Viewed By Recipients

Remember that feeling when you send your Facebook friend some important, long messages and you sit there waiting and all you've got is that big “Seen by” notification?

Well, you too can get that same message tracking goodness on your emails so you'll know if your boss has actually opened, read your emails you just sent (overdue payments, reminders perhaps :D)

Streak Gives Your Sent Emails “Seen By” Feature of Facebook — Lets You Monitor If Your Emails Are Viewed By Recipients In Real-time

Meet Streak,a tiny Google Chrome add-on that allows you to track your emails if they're viewed by your recipients. Sounds creepy and impossible but yes, you heard it right: you can now see if your emails are being viewed & left unresponded by your recipient.

Kind of NSA thing, right? Well, not really.

Streak email tracking shows the status of all your tracked emails right in your inbox. You'll see a green or gray "eye" icon right next to any email in any inbox list telling you whether the email is being read or not.

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Any active Gmail users can take advantage of Streak's email tracking technology. Aside from it's FREE, there really is no complex installation required to get it running.

The Bonus:

The email recipients you want to monitor don't really have to have the add-on installed in order for you to be notified that it was opened. Trackable emails can be Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, among others. The recipient won’t get any notification that their e-mail activity is being tracked. That's sweet :)

It's Clever!

Being able to track sent emails is absolutely something of an achievement considering that email providers strip off scripts before your email gets sent. So there really is no way for our emails to be tracked. But the guys at Streak absolutely nailed it. Great job guys!

Download: Streak for Chrome

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