New Android App 'Party Player' Lets You Enqueue, Play Song Via SMS

Imagine you're chilling outside together with your friends, maybe on the veranda with beer, enjoying the night while your party playlist is humming in the background.

What if I told you there's an app that allows you or anyone to enqueue, play tracks by simply sending a text message to your phone?

Enqueue, Play Next Song By Title Through Text Message (link)

Well, that's basically the premise of this brand new app called “Party Player”, a free music app currently available for Android that allows your phone to receive and automatically play song requests through text messages. And no, it doesn't need an internet connection to work.

How it works?

The app works this simply: you or your friends will just have to send a text message "Play<space>Song Name" to your Android phone. Party Player will then automatically stop any currently playing song and look for and play the matching track found on your phone. When the song request finishes, the previously playing song will be continued.

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Party Player is surprisingly smart; if a song request returns multiple results, the sender automatically gets a reply via SMS prompting them which song they want to play.

How cool is that?!

Of course, song requests can come from different sources, including song requests coming from non-Android devices. The app also comes with a simple “Blacklist” support so you can disallow certain contacts from requesting a song, useful if you have friends with poor music taste :D

It's creator, iamcamcamiam22, teased the app on Reddit yesterday, showing how the Party Player works. Here's the creator with his demo video:

Download: Party Player [Play Store]

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