mHotspot Is A FREE Alternative To Connectify That Turns Your Computer Into Wifi Hotspot

Previously on this blog we have talked about Connectify, a tiny piece of app that turns your laptop into a wireless hotspot so you can quickly share your internet connection without having to spend hours of frustration doing it via Ad-Hoc.

Connectify is great, but only if you're willing to toss $40 for the lifetime Pro version that unlocks a plethora of features which of course you don't need all. While there's a Connectify Lite version, I find it too limited especially the latest version. And that's not only my opinion.

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Now if you want a decent and FREE alternative to Connectify to share your LAN, 3G/4G internet connection, then, you might you want to check out mHotspot.

mHotspot Transforms Your Computer Into Portable WiFi Hotspot  (link)

mHotspot is a 100% free software which converts your Windows-based computer into a functional and secure Wifi Hotspot. If you have DSL or 3G/4G broadband at home, you can quickly share that to other wireless devices. Absolutely no router or additional external hardware required.

With mHotspot, you can:

  • provide internet access to other devices (10 devices max)
  • set your own hotspot name without any prefix or restrictions (unlike Connectify Lite)
  • secures your wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security
  • application size is 400KB only (that's cool)
  • share any type of Internet connection (LAN, Ethernet, 3G/4G, etc)
  • see the details of the connected devices (e.g. device name, IP & Mac Address)
  • see the network usage (upload and download speed)
  • turn your laptop as a repeater

mHostpot, the best Connectify alterntive as yet, has already amassed over 2 million downloads to date. Go check out mHotspot.

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