Solayo Is Your Spotify For YouTube — Lets You Search & Create Playlist From YouTube, SoundCloud

The early demise of YouTube-powered app LoudLee creates a new opportunity for new starters.

Filling that void is yet another awesome web app Solayo which brings even better integration to these big streaming sites.

So what is Solayo?

Just like LoudLee, Solayo harnesses the power of YouTube so you can easily search music and create personalized playlists from multiple sources including YouTube and SoundCloud.

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Solayo is basically a "Spotify for YouTube"; that over 11 millions of covers seen only on YouTube are now at your disposal to pin & add to your playlist.

At Solayo we want to enhance how you Search, Play and Collect multimedia content online. We’ve all suffered the same problem of having half a dozen Youtube tabs open or waiting for another content we’re listening/watching to finish playing before embarking on searching for another one.

Well here at Solayo, we’re developing this platform in solving these problems. We believe that it is time for people to be able to search their video or music content from as many source providers out there and not only that, but the ability to listen/watch and collect these contents should be as easy and mesmerising as possible.

Whom Is It For?

Solayo is for anyone who wants to turn YouTube into an online music radio. If you're a big fan of independent artists who produce awesome covers only on YouTube, then, Solayo is ideally right for you. Or if you don't have access to Spotify & if you think Grooveshark's music library is too limited for you, then, try this out.

Link: Solayo (Beta)

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