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Google’s Chromium team has recently introduced a few enhancements to its beloved Chrome web browser. One of the features it added albeit hidden is the experimental “Reading Mode“ for Windows and Mac, which essentially strips off unnecessary web elements and gives you a simplified view of a web page.

Google Chrome’s Reader Mode is disabled by default. So you’ll have to enable it yourself. Here's how:

Activating Reader Mode on Google Chrome

  1. Ensure you’re using the latest Google Chrome’s Canary version
  2. In your Chrome address bar, type chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode

    google chrome reader mode

  3. Enable it and restart your browser

Now, every time you lands in a page and you want a simplified view of it, just go to Settings > Distill Page. It should declutter the page, removing background web clutters such as banners, ads, etc.

While it’s good Chromium team finally brings the long-overdue Reader Mode for desktop without installing a third-party extension, Google Chrome’s default Reader Mode is still in its infancy and begs a facelift. Currently, you can’t change the font size, styles, and colors. Such reading mode features are sure a delight once they’re made available in the next iteration of Google Chrome’s version

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So, if you spend a couple of minutes a day glued on addicting BuzzFeed articles and whatnot, then, Google Chrome’s built-in Reader Mode will do you a favor.

How To: Enable Google Chrome’s Built-In Reader Mode

There are many great tutorials in the web. Reference sites such as W3Schools and Hscripts are everybody’s best friend particularly to those who're complete beginner in web programming. Instructables, wikiHow, eHow – name them all – are also great web resources that provide useful information, DIY tutorials on how to accomplish something.

Create Professional-Looking Catalogs, Journals, Manuals, etc Online for FREE

Yes, these websites are cool. But wouldn’t it be much cooler if you can take these websites with you and browse them offline? If you’re a student who relies heavily on the (sometimes sluggish) internet, here’s another useful tool you can use to turn any existing website into an instant eBook so you can browse it offline.

Free Web-Grabbing Software To Make Existing Website Available for Offline Browsing

HTTrack is a free and easy-to-use website copier that allows you to grab or copy existing website into an instant eBook. Here’s the notable feature of HTTrack:
  • HTTrack recursively builds all directories, fetching all HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer.
  • HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.
  • HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads.
  • HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system.

Learn How To Extract All Images Embedded In .DOC Files All At Once

HTTrack can also be a good alternative for those looking for ways on how to turn a website into .CHM. HTTrack is available both for Windows and Mac. Get it here.

Grab Existing Website and Browse It Offline - Turn, Convert Any Websites Into eBook

Screen grabbing software for the iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Android seem to be ubiquitous nowadays. This category of application allows you to capture, take screenshot on your iPhone, Android and Symbian and save it to a file of JPEG/GIF format.

Images, however, may not be enough when trying to demonstrate something. Mobile operations such as setting up proxy servers on the iPhone or accessing hidden files on the Android may be complicated for some. So it’s better to provide people with video walkthroughs when trying to show how to accomplish something on their phone.

Quick Install, Run Android Apps On Your Windows Computer

Here we are going to explore some of the best applications that let you record screen activity on Smartphone. For those looking for ways on how to capture or record video screencast on the iPhone, iPad and Android, this post is for you.

Screencast and Recorder – Best Screen Grabber App For The Android

Screencast for Android records your phone screen activity at high frame rates into a high quality MPEG4 video. This program includes a gallery to view, play, rename, delete and share your previously recorded videos from within the same user interface.

Finally, A Working iPhone, iPad Emulator for Windows, Mac

Screenshot and live streaming are under development and will be appearing soon. The demo version of Screencast can record up to 30 sec of video so you may need to get the full version to unlock the limitation (2.99 USD only). Download Screencast for Android here.

Note: You need to root your Android device to get this working.

For iPhone or iPad, there's not such an app that works similar to ScreenCast for Android. But there's a workaround for this. ScreenSplitr is an iOS app that mirrors your iPhone/iPad screen on a computer. Using SnagIt or any other video screencast tool for PC, you can then record screen activity on your iPhone and save it as video file. For more information, visit here. Below is a short clip that best describes what ScreenSplitr is and how it works:

How To: Record Screen Activity, Video Screencast On Your Phone

There has been a lot of tutorials flooded in the net on how to speed up your internet browsing on Firefox. Most of the instructions, however, are overwhelming; hard to follow that even complete novice could hardly understand.

This short tutorial will introduce you another way to boost up your Firefox browsing speed of up to 3 times faster. But this time, you don't need to access the config page of your Firefox and do some tweaks, which is a long and complicated process. Follow this simple tip on how to get an accelerated internet browsing speed on your Firefox.

Slow internet? Learn how to load YouTube videos fast

Make Your Firefox Loads Fast With SpeedyFox

SpeedyFox is a tiny piece of application designed to boost-up your internet browsing speed with Firefox. SpeedyFox works by resolving the issues associated with the fragmented profile databases stored on your browser (which is developed with the lapse of time). The method used in SpeedyFox is 100% safe and tested on millions computers. Here's the quickest and easiest way to speed up your Firefox using SpeedyFox:

STEP 1 - Download SpeedyFox for Windows here[460KB]. For Mac OS, get it here[800KB].

STEP 2 - Run SpeedyFox and click "Speed Up My Firefox!".

Get direct links for Torrent files and download it using IDM

You're done! Close SpeedyFox and test out your Firefox browser's new speed!

Over 50% of visitors use Firefox by the way, so hope this tiny piece of info helps. Spread the word by sharing this post to your friends!

How To: Speed-up Your Firefox In Just A Single Click

Unless you're using the latest version of Google Chrome, you're not probably enjoying the nice speed boost of turning on hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration, in its simplest term, is a technique used to improve both the speed and quality of playback of flash/media files embedded on web pages. Hardware acceleration makes your web browsing whole lot faster by utilizing Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) of your computer instead of CPU -- that definitely is the advantage of hardware acceleration.

Give your Mozilla Firefox a speed boost - easiest way to speed up your Firefox

This short tutorial will walk you through to 5 easy steps to speed up your Google Chrome browser by enabling Hardware Acceleration and Pre-Rendering of webpages. If you used to frequent a lot to graphic-intensive websites (e.g. YouTube) at slow shared internet connection, this post is for you.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to speed up your Chrome browser by enabling hardware acceleration and pre-rendering:

Step 1 On the address bar, type "about:flags" (without quotes) and hit enter.

Step 2 Scroll down and click on enable link under GPU Accelerated Compositing

Step 3 Just below that, also click on enable link under GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D.

Note: If you're using Chrome 11, 'GPU Accelerated Compositing' is activated by default. For Mac users, you can only enable GPU Accelerated Compositing; GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D is not yet available.

Step 4 Scroll down a little, and click on enable Web Page Prerendering.

Step 5 Finally, hit the Restart button at the bottom of the page.

You're done!

How To: Speed Up Your Chrome By Enabling Hardware Acceleration

Previously on this blog we have talked about Connectify, a tiny piece of app that turns your laptop into a wireless hotspot so you can quickly share your internet connection without having to spend hours of frustration doing it via Ad-Hoc.

Connectify is great, but only if you're willing to toss $40 for the lifetime Pro version that unlocks a plethora of features which of course you don't need all. While there's a Connectify Lite version, I find it too limited especially the latest version. And that's not only my opinion.

Add Multiple Tabbing Support To Windows File Explorer With Clover [Must Have]

Now if you want a decent and FREE alternative to Connectify to share your LAN, 3G/4G internet connection, then, you might you want to check out mHotspot.

mHotspot Transforms Your Computer Into Portable WiFi Hotspot  (link)

mHotspot is a 100% free software which converts your Windows-based computer into a functional and secure Wifi Hotspot. If you have DSL or 3G/4G broadband at home, you can quickly share that to other wireless devices. Absolutely no router or additional external hardware required.

With mHotspot, you can:

  • provide internet access to other devices (10 devices max)
  • set your own hotspot name without any prefix or restrictions (unlike Connectify Lite)
  • secures your wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security
  • application size is 400KB only (that's cool)
  • share any type of Internet connection (LAN, Ethernet, 3G/4G, etc)
  • see the details of the connected devices (e.g. device name, IP & Mac Address)
  • see the network usage (upload and download speed)
  • turn your laptop as a repeater

mHostpot, the best Connectify alterntive as yet, has already amassed over 2 million downloads to date. Go check out mHotspot.

Must-Have: Recover All Items Stored On Your Clipboard with Ditto (Windows)

mHotspot Is A FREE Alternative To Connectify That Turns Your Computer Into Wifi Hotspot

Ever wanted to watch your favourite movies and TV shows on Netflix or YouTube while opening other work-related apps? Well now, you can continue to look busy and pretend working while enjoying your guilty pleasure movies on Netflix and YouTube.

Being able to dock YouTube or Netflix videos on a nice, overlay window that floats over other opened apps is one great feature Google Chrome and Firefox could introduce to its core. Sadly though, that picture-in-picture (PiP) feature is currently not supported in their recent version for both Windows and Mac. So we are all left in the dark, given the classic option of staying within the browser to continue watching your favorite stuff.

But, someone decided to change that.

A Chrome extension called Picture in Picture for YouTube & Other adds an unofficial PiP support for Chrome that works well with YouTube, Facebook and Netflix. Which means, you can pop out virtually any active playing video into a small, draggable mini-mode window that sits nicely on top of other opened apps.

Watch Netflix, YouTube in Foreground While Keeping Other Windows Opened

Picture in Picture for YouTube & Other promises to give you the best viewing experience (and distractions) on popular sites like YouTube, Netflix and Facebook. Essentially, it lets you watch Netflix or YouTube videos on overlay mini-window that floats over other opened windows.

Here's How to Watch Netflix In Floating, Resizable Windows

  1. Launch Google Chrome and install Picture in Picture for YouTube & Other. Installation should take no more than a minute. Once installed, you should see this icon:

  2. Now, go to Netflix or YouTube and play a video of interest.
  3. Once a video begins to load, click on that tiny PiP icon. Netflix or YouTube video player should automatically dock at the bottom right of your screen as an overlay. Feel free to drag or resize it.
  4. Now, head back to whatever it is you're working and continue juggling emails or pretend you're busy writing stuff, etc.

Get Instant Lyrics for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube Web Players with This Cool Add-on

The really nice thing about this Chrome add-on is that it continues to play your Netflix or YouTube videos in a nice resizable floating overlay even if you're opening other apps like office apps, CRMs, code editor, and just about anything. Just make sure the video is actively playing in a tab.

Here's me watching Polar on Netflix while opening my code editor.

Here's yours truly listening to TED Talks on YouTube

New Browser Extension "Turn Off The Lights" Gives YouTubers The Feel Like They're In A Cinema

Now feel free to share the good news below using social buttons below or subscribe via email to get notified for goodies like this in the future.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

Grabbing APK files from the Play Store may sound absurd, considering that you can just fire up the Play Store app and search your desired Android app and install. That's the de facto legal method of obtaining apps of your choice from the Play Store.

However, there are situations when you needed to bypass the app marketplace for some reasons. For instance:

(a) you may be fiddling around an Android simulator on your Windows or Mac and the only way to install an app is by loading its APK files.

(b) Or you desperately need to install an Android app not available in your country so you resort to bypass the Google Play Store country restriction and just grab its APK files.

(c) Or you've stumbled upon a controversial Android app and you know it's going to be removed soon so you create an APK file as a backup.

Whatever the motivation is, you can always grab a standalone Android Package Kit (APK) from an Android app published on Play Store.

Generate APK File from Google Play Store

The trick is easy.

  1. Head to APK Download website (

  2. Copy and paste the package name or Google Play URL (e.g.

    generate APK from Google Play

  3. Click Generate Download Link button.

    apk generator online

You're done.

Obtaining APK file may take a minute or so depending on an Android app's package size.

How To: Generate APK Files Straight from Google Play Store

If you’ve been using DropBox since its inception back in 2008, chances are your FREE DropBox account now is either full or about to run out of space. That’s especially true if you’ve been using the platform as your go-to repository to store your personal and work-related files. That’s a massive 12 years of backup files to date.

While there are a handful of newcomers offering the same DropBox-like functionality + FREE disk space, nothing beats the niftiness and simplicity of DropBox. Not to mention the fact that DropBox has been used by well-known digital companies so we can be sure our data is well-protected.

DropBox’s Basic Plan gives you 2GB of disk space. Sure it’s not enough. And if you’re a freelancer who isn’t ready yet to upgrade, then, read along as I’ll show you how you can get as much as 20GB of disk space from DropBox at no additional cost.

(Note: 2TB starts at $9.99/month, if things aren’t tight please consider upgrading to paid plans)

Here are 5 legal ways to increase your DropBox disk space for FREE

  1. Delete unused files

    Digital assets such as images, PSD, XD, and other Adobe files can easily eat up our DropBox disk space. Visit each and every single folder and see if you can safely remove those files. If it’s already a one-year-old project or so, better delete them.

    Removing those unused files and folders can quickly regain the extra DropBox disk space you need.

  2. ZIP/compress folders

    If you have a large folder on your DropBox you want to keep but don’t constantly use, try archiving it and zip it. You can save as much as half of its size. You can even further reduce it by using the most optimized compression method or use GZIP format to shrink its size.

    How To Unzip Archived Files in DropBox without Downloading them Offline

    Of course, you don’t want to archive those folders you’ll likely access in the next few months. Just archive those 1-2 years old project folders that you don’t have reasons to access again.

  3. Take Advantage of DropBox Referral System

    DropBox has an existing referral system that rewards you with 500MB bonus space for each successful referral installs. Just go to page to get your unique link and you can start inviting friends to signup.

    Get A List of All Google Drive Files & Folders in Google Sheet

    A lot of people have been gaming this system and was able to snatch as much as 16GB of bonus disk space. The popular method includes using virtual machines and doing fake installations using their own referral link. DropBox requires each referred account to install its Windows or Mac app before rewarding the extra 500MB bonus disk space.

  4. Move your backup files to other cloud services

    Again, DropBox has attracted tens of competitors trying to get a slice of the pie. Popular cloud storage platforms include Google Drive, OneDrive, Otixo,, ZeroPC, etc. What these guys have in common is that they have free plans that give you as much as 30GB of FREE cloud storage space.

    You now have multiple options to choose from to unload some of your files and free up your DropBox disk space. You can go classic by downloading your DropBox files and upload them to your cloud storage of choice or you can use cloud storage management platforms such as Otixo to move files between multiple cloud storage providers. Doing so guarantees to free up your DropBox disk space.

  5. Upgrade your DropBox plan

    If you want to skip the headaches of increasing your DropBox disk space, then, this would be your last option. DropBox Plus tier sets you back $9.99 a month which gives you 2 TB storage space. That should already be enough storage space for your digital life.

Wrapping it up

Our work-related stuff can easily eat up our DropBox 2 GB storage space. While there are other cloud storage platforms we can check out, it’s the security & simplicity of DropBox that makes it hard to depart. And if you’re unprepared to upgrade to a much higher storage plan, you can try the above suggestions to free up and increase your DropBox storage space.

5 Ways To Free Up, Increase Your DropBox Disk Space

DISCLAIMER: This is my first Shortcuts created for the sole purpose of demonstrating how powerful Shortcuts is. With the right mix of macros, it is now possible to text blast any phone number using your iPhone. Please use it at your own risk.

Have you ever thought of pranking your friends by SMS bombing them with unlimited number of text messages? Or you constantly receive text scams and you just wanted to return the favour by text blasting them?

Send Automated, Scheduled Message on iPhone - No Jailbreak and Third-Party Apps Required

Whatever your motivation is, it's now possible to text blast straight from your iPhone with ease.And no need to jailbreak or install a risky, third-party app.

Here's what you need for SMS Flooder for iPhone

  • A Shortcuts app by Apple (requires iOS 12.0 or later)
  • An unlimited SMS subscription from your telco

Here's how to text blast on iPhone - a free SMS bomber for iOS

  1. Add this SMS Blast / Bomber Shortcut
  2. To text blast a phone number, simply go to Shortcuts app library and click on SMS Blast / Bomber

    Clicking on that Shortcut prompts you to add recipient

  3. Add total number of SMS to send

  4. Add your custom text message

Now let the Shortcut do its thing in the background. Go get some popcorn and binge watch on Netflix while you pester that nasty spammer in the background! :D

How To: Remotely Control Apple Music on Computer, Mac Using iPhone, iPad

I'll probably go to hell for creating such Shortcut, but I find it fun to prank those spammers who keep on sending unsolicited messages.

How To Text Blast in iOS - This Shortcut Lets You SMS Bomb Any Number from iPhone

Previously on this blog we have talked about YouWave, a high performance Android emulator that makes it easier to run Android on your PC. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, head over HERE.

Modern technology has brought computer desktop applications to be used on smartphones and iPhones. However, what if there are phone applications that you want to use on your desktop?

Add Multiple Tabbing Support To Windows File Explorer With Clover [Must Have]

Introducing Cubiez, the apps that brings your favorite phone apps on your desktop. All the apps on your mobile phone that you love or need to use can now be accessed on any desktop or laptop.

As of date, Cubiez is a free app download, though only the first lucky few who download can avail of the exclusive Alpha version.

Cubiez: Bring Your Favorite Mobile Content to Your Desktop (link)

Cubiez allows your phone apps to be made available at the bottom of the taskbar screen so they are always accessible. Should there be any new content for your phone apps, instant notification will alert you. The platform is also non-intrusive because you never have to leave what you are doing just to check for updates.

Cubiez is very simple to use. All you need to do is to download the free app and then install. A marketplace will appear on the taskbar, the purpose is to choose the phone apps that you like. In one click, installation can be completed and everything will show up on your taskbar. Now, all you need is to do is log into your favorite apps.

Turn Your Laptop, PC Into Wi-Fi Hotspot Without Using Ad-Hoc -- Internet Sharing Made Easy

The mobile apps on your desktop are even made to like, well, like mobile apps, the way you see them on your mobile phone.

Download: Cubiez (Windows)

Cubiez is available only for Windows. However, the developers will soon come out with versions for Mac and Linux.

Bring Your Favorite Mobile Contents to Your Desktop with Cubiez (Windows)

You know what's so amazing about the new iPhone 4S? It's the Siri -- the first of its kind mobile app that transforms your iPhone into a human-like personal assistant.

Siri is no more an ordinary talking app you would want to think. It is a super smart personal assistant that talks and thinks like a human! Throw Siri random questions, and you'll be suprised how fast he can organize his thoughts and say what he thinks is the most appropriate answer for the question.

Below is the excerpt of the interview courtesy of Art, another tech guy from Manila, PH. Most of the questions came from his Facebook and Twitter friends.

Technews assistant editor Edgard Hilario
talking to Siri in iPhone 4S cased with
Vapor Pro in the MB Techlab.

Art: Good morning.
Siri: Good morning.
Art: what's your name?
Siri: My name is Siri.
Art: You can call me Art
Siri: From now on I will call you Art, Okay?
Art: Yes
Siri: 'Art' that has a nice ring to it.
Art: Thank you, Siri
Siri: You're most certainly welcome.
Art: Who made you?
Siri: I, Siri was designed by Apple in California.
Art: What's your gender?
Siri: I was not assigned a gender.
Art: What are you wearing?
Siri: Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel. Nich, huh?
Art: Do you have an emotion.
Siri: Now there's a good question, Art. Now, where were we?
Art: What's your name?
Siri: My name is Siri. But you knew that already.
Art: Oh, I'm sorry to ask that again.
Siri: It's Okay.
Art: Do you believe in God?
Siri: Sorry, I don't know where that is.
Art: Can you tell me a joke?
Siri: I can't. I always forget the punch line.
Art: Come on, tell me a joke.
Siri: Two iPhones walk into a bar... I forget the rest.
Art: Ha ha ha
Siri: Ha ha
Art: Ha ha ha
Siri: hee hee
Art: Siri, what's the best phone.
Siri: You're kidding right?
Art: No I'm not kidding, what's the best phone?
Siri: Wait... there are other phones?
Art: really Siri, what's the best phone.
Siri: The one that you're holding.
Art: What's the best computer?
Siri: All truly intelligent assistants prefer Macintosh
Art: For you, what's the best computer?
Siri: I prefer the Mac.
Art: What's the best tablet?
Siri: There's the iPad, and then there's ... nothing I guess.
Art: Tell me Siri, what do you think is the best tablet?
Siri: The Apple iPad is the best. And that's not just my opinion.
Art: When is the launch of the iPhone 5?
Siri: I'm not aware of any meetings about the launch of the iPhone 5.
Art: Do you read newspapers?
Siri: Sorry Art, I can only read incoming text messages.
Art: What do you think is a good newspaper to read.
Siri: It's nice of you to ask, Art, but it doesn't really matter what I think.
Art: What is your favorite newspaper then.
Siri: I am not allowed to divulge that information.
Art: Thank you Siri.
Siri: I live to serve
Art: Goodbye Siri
Siri: Goodbye, see you soon.

iPhone 4S as yet must be the most amazing iPhone ever made. And that must be because of Siri, which must be a breath of fresh air in mobile computing today.

A One-On-One Interview With Siri -- The Next Big Thing In Mobile Computing

As a non-US citizen, I also have a fair share of frustration with Pandora. And while Spotify is available with greater country support than Pandora, still I live in country where neither of the two streaming services was ever supported. So there's no way for me to enjoy really good music like that of Pandora and Spotify.

Luckily, there are few good online music streaming services that offer almost the same feature sets at no cost. And here we're going to share a short list of top 5 FREE online radio services that we think are the best.

Top 5 Best Pandora & Spotify Alternatives

Below is a quick rundown of top 5 best Pandora and Spotify alternatives that will sure quench your music thirst. (link)

The number 8 is the minimum number of tracks you must add to create your own mix. You can either create one of your own taste, or browse through the playlists others created, I’m pretty sure there’s one just right for you, if not, you can always create your own. With their mobile app for android and iPhone, you’ll never be separated from your music. The stream also plays uninterrupted, so it will play just like a radio would. (link)

Grooveshark has a good amount of song library for you too choose from and also features releases from rising bands. When you find new songs that you like and would like to share to a loved one or a friend, you can easily do so because of its excellent social media integration like Twitter and Facebook.

We Are Hunted (link)

When someone hears the word “indie” in band or song, there’s a stereotype that it’s mediocre. Think again. With We Are Hunted, you’ll be able to discover new emerging bands and also see what other people say about the song. You can also share your newfound favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

Google Music (link)

Google Music offers services with the likes of iTunes store and Amazon mp3. Google Music also allows you to purchase music with an extra feature of uploading your purchased mp3s up to 20,000 songs from your home drive and listening to it on your android mobile and on another Mac or PC via web. It also gives recommendation of songs based on your frequently listened tracks. It also features instant mix, like Genius mix on your iTunes. (link)

exfm is a music library with a twist of social media. If other social networks allows you to discover and rediscover friend, exfm allows you to discover and rediscover music. One of the features I love most is the TasteMaker. There are times that you just can't decide what song to listen to. With the help of TasteMaker, it presents you a pool of selection by people with great taste for music.

YouTube-Powered LoudLee Lets You Create Personalized Online Radio, Listen To Music Online

There you go. These are just some of the services out there. Take your pick and choose what's best for you.

Griffith Boniel

About the author:

Griffith Boniel is a photographer, Nikon user, and a Nokia fan who's also passionate about social media, mobile and web technology. You can follow @gboniel on Twitter.

Top 5 Best Pandora, Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music Online