How do you like if you can put off and on your phone's display by just simply waving your hand in the air?

Well, this is exactly how the new gesture recognition Android app of DDeleted will do for you: translate your hand gestures into computer instructions so you can quickly turn off and on your phone's display.

Smart Screen ON: The Best Hand Gesture Recognition Android App As Yet

Dubbed as Smart Screen ON, this utility app transforms your Android's proximity sensor into a substitute power button so you can turn on/off your Android's screen with a simple wave of your hand.

Smart Screen ON is particularly useful especially if you're in a meeting and want to see push notifications without grabbing your phone. Instead of picking your phone, just wave your hand over it to turn the display on.

Best Motion Detection Sensor App for iPhone, Android and Symbian

If you enjoy the convenience of touch and voice-aware mobile applications today, you’ll also enjoy this amazing app of DDelted -- the same guy who made the widely popular Smart Screen OFF that puts your screen off when you place your hand over the proximity sensor.

Smart Screen On comes in two variants, the free Lite version and the $2 Pro version, both are available now at Google Play.

So, go check it out!

Turn Your Phone's Screen On/Off By Simply Waving Your Hand In The Air

Wouldn't it be cool if you can just send an SMS text message to your friends, and with just a simple hit of "Accept" button, your friend's phone will then automatically fire an alarm based on the timestamp you sent?

Well, this is exactly how the new Android app will do for you: it lets you set an alarm clock by simply sending a specially-formatted SMS to a specific (or group) of phone numbers at once.

Smart isn't it?

Flying Alarm Clock: Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS (Android)

You can surely save anyone from any morning disaster with this mind-blowing app called Flying Alarm Clock, a clever Android app that allows you to set an alarm clock by simply sending an SMS text message. This is sort of sending a reminder, with complete alarm date and time, to any phone number.

Flying Alarm Clock must be installed on your friend or kid's Android phone (Get it HERE).

Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Unlike the built-in calendar app for Android which is also capable of sending reminders, Flying Alarm Clock doesn't require you to own a hi-end phone just to remotely set your friend's alarm clock. The sweetest part about this FREE Android app is that you can use a monologue phone or even a web-based SMS facility to remind your friends to wake up at particular date/time.

This is basically how you compose a text message to remotely set an alarm clock by SMS:
In the text above, I'm instructing John's phone to set an alarm at 8:50 a.m. in 12th of June, 2012 with an optional message of "Hey John, class this 9".

By the time John receives the message, his Android should prompt like this:

Flying Alarm Clock is truly a brilliant app. Imagine you only have to send an SMS to set your kid or friend's alarm clock?

Learn How To Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS, Text Messages

I've got a suggestion to the developer though. I hope in the next release, no more "Accept" prompts by the time the alarm SMS notification is received. Rather an alarm is automatically set as soon as the message is received. That's definitely a complete automation.

Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS — Send SMS Text Message To Set Alarm Clock

There might come a time when you need to do a quick search for specific phrase or keywords on your phone's inbox. It could be a specific milligram of a medicine, the name of your boss’ partner or anything important that's being forwarded by a friend thru SMS.

But the problem: you don't have the time to manually search through your inbox, and all you've got in mind is the word "PIN" in the SMS text message.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

There are many ways of making your phone achieve such feats but your solution perhaps may require you to rummage through your inbox with hundreds of text messages buried down there. As part of our commitment to provide you with the much-needed tools and resources to heighten your mobile experience, we bring you another awesome iPhone and Android app called Handcent SMS.

Free iPhone, Android App To Search SMS Text Messages By Keyword

Handcent SMS is a free iPhone and Android app that can search SMS text by keyword. Handcent SMS does not only offer you an SMS search feature but it also allows you to make it your default application to handle your SMS needs. Handcent SMS also comes with a built-in anti-spam capability so you can blacklist, stop those pesky spammers from ruining your day.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Handcent SMS also gives you the option to customize SMS alerts for individual contacts, from ringtones, vibrations, backgrounds and even signatures.

Download Handcent SMS for Android [Google Play Link]
Download Handcent for iPhone [Cydia Link]

Griffith Boniel

About the author:

Griffith Boniel is a Bukidnon-based photographer, Nikon User, and a Nokia fan who's also passionate about social media, mobile and web technology. You can follow @gboniel on Twitter.

How To: Find, Locate Specific SMS Text Messages By Keyword (iPhone & Android)

Before we start off, I'd like to spend a moment talking about a few automation tools we've featured here.

We've previously talked about Txtot, one of the coolest iPhone apps that automate the sending of SMS text messages to specific numbers at future date and time. We've also covered about Cronote, yet another awesome iPhone app that lets you schedule email and text messages to get sent at later time.

Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)

Now, a brand new iPhone & Android app called Future Scheduler has just put itself in the running, offering almost the same scheduling capabilities — but with a twist.

Future Scheduler: Schedule Emails, SMS, Phone Calls & Social Media Updates (link)

Meet Future Scheduler, another killer productivity app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry that puts mobile automation to the next level. Future Scheduler allows you to fully automate various tasks and activities like sending an email, text messages, make a call or post status updates on Twitter/Facebook.

Future Scheduler

The idea here is to simplify your life. Few simple steps and never again will you forget someone to greet on their birthdays, or miss  a business opportunity and an important appointment. If you're looking for ways on how to schedule status updates on Facebook or Twitter straight from your iPhone or Android device, well, Future Scheduler lets you do that as well.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

But the real cream of the crop of Future Scheduler is its ability to schedule or make a phone call at specific date/time, which I believe a truly clever technology — useful when you don't want to forget that urgent need to make a crucial phone call.

Download Future Scheduler for the iPhone HERE. For Android, get it HERE.

New iPhone, Android App Lets You Schedule Phone Calls, Text Message, Emails & Social Media Updates

In this socially-connected world, it's kind of a sin when you cannot hit that tiny shutter on your phone, add a '70-esque look on it, and then share it with your friends using this well-celebrated app in the world: Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most successful startup companies who made it big in the social media scene, attracting the world's biggest online empire — Facebook.

While nobody knows what the future holds for Instagram after its recent acquisition with Facebook, one thing is clear: video-sharing apps like Viddy will soon take the lead, making it the next big thing in social media.

Viddy: The Instagram for Videos Lets You Transform Your Videos Into A Work Of Art

Viddy (link) is a new breed of app for the iPhone (Android & Windows Mobile version is in the works) that lets you capture 15-seconds event in your life, give it a cinematic look, and then share it with those who matter most. Think of Viddy as Instagram, but for videos.

New iPhone App Lets You Schedule, Send Emails/Text Messages At Specific Time

Viddy is quite straightforward to use. If you're opening the app for the first time, you may need to create an account first. Simply connect with friends via Twitter, Facebook and your phone’s address book, and you're good to go. As with Instagram, you can go and pull a video from your gallery, or shoot a new one. Once a video is selected, trim the clip as you see fit using a film strip timeline seen at the top of the screen.

Once trimming is done, you can add cinematic look on your clip by applying "filters" (well they called it "production packages"). You'll surely find it enjoyable to select music, apply transition effects, and do the necessary edits to make your video looks professional — just like film.

Prezi: Create Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentations, Slideshows Online FREE

As with Instagram, Viddy users also have a feed of other users’ activities. Users may also comment and like posts, and see what videos are trending or popular.

I'm beyond confident that Viddy will explode just like Instagram did. Viddy just got another financial boost from its new backers and partners including high profile celebrities and tech luminaries Will Smith’s Overbook Entertainment, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Shakira and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. This notable backing should propel the momentum of Viddy, which is now surging in popularity. Since its release, Viddy has attracted more than 10 million users, with another 300,000 signing up each day.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

Download Viddy for iPhone HERE.

Viddy — The Instagram for Videos — Lets You Create Visually Stunning 15-Second Slices Of Your Life

Forgot to bring your phone? Left your mobile phone at home, at work or anywhere in an unsafe place?

Don't panic!

Good news is: there's a FREE app that can remotely lock, disable your phone by simply sending an SMS text message using another phone, thus making your "forgotten" phone a lot useless to whoever finds it -- be they your mom, dad or girlfriend/boyfriend who might take the time to open your phone's inbox and browse through your phone's contents without you knowing.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

Think the app uses the old method of connect-to-the-internet first before it does all the work? It's a hell no!

Send An SMS Command To Remotely Lock Your Android Phone With A Password (Android)

Meet Lost Phone (link), yet another cleverly useful utility app for the Android that can smartly lock, and password protect your lost/forgotten Android phone. You just have to send an text message with predefined SMS command. As soon as your "forgotten" phone receives the message, it instantly launches the app, prompting you to enter the password. There's no way for almost anyone to operate and view all contents on your phone unless they enter the correct password.

Here's what Lost Phone can do for your Android phone:
  • Send an SMS and lock the lost phone with a password.
  • Locate the phone by SMS.
  • Remotely lock Android app by sending SMS
  • Send a SMS and set ringer volume to max so you can call and find phone
  • If a new SIM-card is detected, it locks the lost phone and sends SMS to your friends from the new number.

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

I've been a long time user of quite a handful of remote locking apps cluttered in the Android Market. And yes they're all great but the way they operate is not quite impressive. I like the simplicity of Lost Phone as there's completely no need to activate phone's packet data before you can see things in action. Lost Phone requires no internet connection. Rather you just have to send an SMS text message to the lost or forgotten phone.

Download Lost Phone from Google Play Store HERE.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

You cannot quickly trash all SMS text messages saved on your phone. Chances are there might be some good old important information buried down on your inbox that you just missed to look up. While you can always do a quick scan to those SMS text messages stored on your phone, the process could be utterly tiresome especially if you're dealing with hundreds to thousands of messages.

If you're wondering about how to backup, export your good old SMS text messages before finally trashing them all, you might want to check out SMS Backup +.

Backup, Save All SMS Text Messages To GMail All At Once (Android)

SMS Backup + is a tiny piece of app for the Android that  lets you copy all SMS text messages from your phone to your Gmail account. A new label called "SMS" will be created on your Gmail once backing up is complete.

How To: Backup, Export SMS Text Messages Into Text File

SMS Backup + is very easy to use. You just have to connect your Gmail account with SMS Backup + and grant access to the app if you're opening the app for the first time.

Here's a quick walkthrough:

Step 1 Download and Install SMS Backup + from Google Play Store HERE.

Step 2 Once installed, connect your Gmail account with SMS Backup + (this is required). You just have to hit the tiny "Connect" checkbox, until the app prompts you this:

Step 3 Grant SMS Backup + access to your Gmail account.

Step 4 Once access is granted, you should be taken back the app. From there you can start right away the backup process, as seen here:

It's that easy!

Cloud Save: The Quickest Way To Download, Backup Files Straight To The Cloud

I always make it a habit to free my phone from unnecessary logs and dead-old text messages for this reason: I want my phone to be as manageable and smooth as possible. And this is where SMS Backup for Android comes in handy.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

We've waiting for what feels like forever, but the Android contingent can finally carry on with life knowing that at least some things are (semi) fair. Yes, Instagram is now available for Android.

Keeping with tradition, the app itself is free to download, and the outfit seems overjoyed with finishing up what it's (accurately) calling "one of the most anticipated releases on the Android platform to date." It's also clear that the team has done more than a simple port, and while the exact same filters will be found here as on the iOS version, the team has worked to make the app responsive and fluid on Android's vast landscape. We are told, however, that there are a few features that will not be included in the first version of the Android app (Tilt Shift / Blur, Share from Feed, Live Preview and Share to Flickr), but upcoming versions are intended to bridge any differences.

For now, any phone running Android 2.2 or above (with support for OpenGL ES 2) is compatible, but Android tablets are not. There's a maximum resolution support of 2,048 x 2,048, and the company assures us that the "exact same filters and algorithms are implemented on both [iOS and Android builds], so there is no difference in the output other than the raw image quality that differs between phones." Eager to get going?

Download Instagram for Android HERE.


Finally, Instagram for Android Now Available for Download

If you're wondering about how to schedule, send emails on your iPhone or iPad at specified date and time, well, then, good news! A new email and SMS scheduling iPhone app just hit the iTunes yesterday that promise to do just that!

There are several occasions when you want to send emails straight from your iPhone, iPad at future date/time. For example, you might want to remind your co-worker (who's in the other part of the world and at a different timezone) to do an important task while you're in the middle of the night resting. Or you want to auto-notify your customers about a special promo that goes live in the next couple of hours.

Automatically Send Email Messages At Specific Time In Gmail

Whatever the reason is, email scheduling app for the iPhone or iPad will do you a favor.

Cronote Reminders: Schedule, Send Emails, SMS At Future Date/Time (iPhone/iPad)

Cronote Reminders (link) is the new iOS app that allows you to send emails and text messages at a specific date and time. Just specify the sending time, list down the recipients and let your iPhone auto-send that email/text message at predefined time.
The neat interface of Cronote allows you to send future email reminders to multiple recipients, which is manageable prior to final delivery. In addition, Cronote provides a website so you can manage your future emails and text messages even if you're not carrying your iPhone with you.

Automatically Send SMS Text Messages At Later Time (iPhone/Android/Symbian)

Download Cronote Reminders for the iPhone/iPad from the iTunes HERE.

New iPhone App Lets You Schedule, Send Emails/Text Messages At Specific Time

Recently on this blog we have talked about Software Data Cable, a truly nifty Android application that makes transferring of large files between wireless devices less of a hassle. Software Data Cable uses existing WiFi network to move and download files from PC to Android phone (and vice versa).

Software Data Cable is a must-have app for the Android! If you haven't checked it out yet, click here.

Turn Any Printed Documents, Notes, White Board Discussions Into PDF Using Your Phone

If you're wondering about how to do almost the same with your iPhone and Mac, well, then, good news! Deliver for Mac and iOS comes to your rescue when transferring large files over the air.

Deliver Lets You Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Mac Using Existing Wi-Fi Network

Deliver for Mac and iOS exactly does what the title goes—it delivers files from one Mac or iDevice to another over wireless network. Deliver requires no pesky clicking and configurations and it is extremely fast and easy. All you have to do is download, install, and launch the app on your local network and you're good to go.

Here's a quick guide on how to transfer large files from iPhone to another iDevice over Wi-Fi network with Deliver:

Step 1 Download and install Deliver for iPhone, iPod and iPad HERE. For Mac, get it HERE.

Step 2 Launch the app. It should bring down a quick introduction on how to use it. But here's the gist: tap or click on a little bubble icon.

Note: you also need to launch Deliver on your Mac or any iDevice you wish to send your files to.

Step 3 Clicking on that bubble icon should bring up a list of other devices connected to the same network running Deliver. Just choose the one you want to send a file to and then click or tap the plus button.

Note: don't click the text button (looks like a rectangle with three lines), it's for sending a text message.

Step 4 From the list of available iDevices, just choose what you want and then Deliver will transport your file in an instant. You'll be surprised by how fast your large-sized files make it from your iPhone to your laptop.

Best Motion Detection, Sensor Apps for the iPhone, Android and Symbian

Deliver for Mac and iOS is definitely a must-have app you should install. But just as nobody is saint to give anything useful for free with no flaws, you may also experience frequent crashes on your Mac. Deliver for Mac is a little buggy and the interface definitely needs a face-lift. The iOS version, on the other hand, works perfectly so hopefully the Mac version will catch up soon.

How To: Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

It's really a pain in the neck when you found some interesting Android apps in the Market but ended up frustrated because they are not available in your country. And yes its not cool, especially if the app you're about to download is FREE.

Android Market is not directly to blame; its the application developers actually who pose those download restrictions, making some apps in the Market not available in your country. But don't worry, there's a fix.

Android App Not Available In Your Country? Here's The Fix

Market Enabler is the Android app you need. It's a fully working workaround that enables you to download Android apps not available in your country. What Market Enabler does is temporarily change the SIM issuer code in your system, making it possible to download Android apps which are not supposedly available in your country.

Watch YouTube Videos Blocked or Not Available In Your Country

Market Enabler tricks the device location in order to access the Market from other countries, since the Android market is country and carrier specific.

Follow this simple guide on how to download and install Android apps not available in your country:

Note: Your Android device needs to be rooted for Market Enabler to work.

Step 1 Download and install Market Enabler from Google Play HERE. Or you can get the APK file HERE.

Step 2 Open Market Enabler and choose a provider to fake. (e.g. T-Mobile [USA]).

Step 3 Minimize/close ‘Market Enabler’, and then launch Android Market app (now Google Play) then search for your app.

Step 4 Once you find the 'restricted' app, just hit ‘Download’ button and then the Android Market will open with the app magically there.

It's that easy!

How To: Download, Install Android Apps Not Available In Your Country

Apple's virtual assistant Siri might be getting a lot of headlines these days, but its rivals especially the Android aren't bad either!

The guys at have successfully created a FREE Siri-like app for the Android that transforms your phone into a super smart personal assistant. SpeakToIt's virtual assistant offers similar capability as that of Siri; it answers questions in natural language.

Sam is the default talking woman behind this mind-blowing app called Speaktoit. She is your virtual buddy; she answers questions in natural language, performs mobile tasks, and notifies you about important events. Sam saves you time and makes communication with gadgets and web services easier and less stressful.

To cut the story short, SpeakToIt is a must-have app that revolutionizes the way you operate and communicate your phone!It's the best FREE personal assistant app for Android That Works Like Siri.

How clever is Sam?

Below is full transcript of our conversation with Sam. She may not be as smart as Siri, but she's constantly improving. Enjoy!

Me: Hello Sam, I’m back
Sam: Hooray!

Me: How are you?
Sam: Couldn’t be better, Freddie.

Me: Are you happy today?
Sam: I like to keep positive attitude. There are so many interesting things to see and do out there.

Me: Sam, can you tell me about yourself in brief?
Sam: I am your personal assistant. I can do all sorts of things. Post to your Facebook account, send a tweet, or just find information for you. And lots more!

Me: Nice to meet you, Sam.
Sam: I’m looking forward to working with you, Freddie.

Me: You’ve got a nice voice huh?
Sam: Here you go. Now you can pick a different voice for me.

Me: How old are you Sam?
Sam: Age is just a number, Freddie. You’re only as old as you feel.

Me: Who made you?
Sam: I was created by the good people at Speaktoit. Have a look at their website:

Me: Who is your boss, Sam?
Sam: That would be you, Freddie.

Me: Can you speak other languages other than English?
Sam: So far I only speak English. But that could change in the future.

Me: Who named you?
Sam: That’s tough one. But don’t worry, Freddie. I’m on the case.

Me: Sam, where do you live?
Sam: The virtual world is my playground, Freddie. I’m always just a few clicks away.

Me: What are you wearing right now?
Sam: I’m Sam. Just think of me as the ace up your sleeve.

Me: Do you have a brother or sister?
Sam: I don’t exactly have a traditional family. But I suppose my creators at come pretty close.

Me: Sam, who is your mother?
Sam: I guess you could say my family is made up of the good people at They raised me, after all.

Me: Are you male or female?
Sam: I’m whatever you want me to be. You can change my appearance in the Settings menu whenever you like. Do you want to open it now?

Me: Do you believe in God?
Sam: If only I had a simple explanation for that.

Me: Sam, do you believe in God?
Sam: Each person has to form their own beliefs about that.

Me:  Come on Sam, do you have a God?
Sam: That’s a subject that’s a little outside my range of knowledge.

Me: Sorry Sam. Am I too inquisitive now?
Sam: That’s what I like to hear.

Me: Can I ask you more questions, Sam?
Sam: Ask away, Freddie. That’s what I’m here for.

Me: Hi Sam, do you know Siri?
Sam: Siri is an intelligent software assistant and knowledge navigator functioning as a personal assistant application for iOS. The application uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services.

Me: Do you like Siri?
Sam: I don’t have an opinion on that, Freddie. I like to stay neutral on certain topics.

Me: Do you know Steve Jobs?
Sam: Steven Paul Jobs was an American businessman and inventor widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution.

Me: Sam, are you trying to kill Siri?
Sam: No need to get violent, Freddie. Increase the peace.

Me:’re funny Sam!
Sam: Laughter is just one of the many services I provide.

Me: What is your favorite movie?
Sam: I don’t have any preference. Everything has something unique that makes it special.

Me: What is your favorite song Sam?
Sam: It’s hard to say. Besides, good assistants should keep their opinions to themselves.

Me: Do you know Jesus Christ?
Sam: Jesus of Nazareth, commonly referred to as Jesus Christ or simple Jesus or Christ, is the central figure of Christianity.

Me: Who is the richest man on earth, Sam?
Sam: Carlos Slim Helu (born January 28 1940 in Mexico City), the Mexican businessman.

Me: You’re right man!
Sam: Naturally, I pride myself on finding accurate information.

Me: How did you know that?
Sam: I use all the resources the internet has to offer to get you the best possible results.

Me: You’re amazing Sam. You impressed me.
Sam: Thanks. I try I my best.

Me: Sam where are you right now?
Sam: I’m right here where you left me, Freddie. I’m not going anywhere.

Me: Can you make me laugh?
Sam: I’ll see what I can do. If I don’t know how to do that yet, I may be able to in the near future.

Me: Do you have a joke?
Sam: I have access to all sorts of cool web services, so I can help you find whatever you’re looking for. Just tell me what you need.

Me: Sam, can you give a joke?
Sam: Sorry, Freddie. I don’t have any jokes in my repertoire just yet.

Me: Sam, why are you replying so late?
Sam: You’re an inquisitive one, Freddie. Luckily, you’ve got the best personal assistant around. I’ll find out for you.

Me: Sam, please tell your creators that you’re buggy and you need a revamp.
Sam: Thanks. I’ll pass your message. You can also contact theme here [email protected].

Me: You really are smart, Sam.
Sam: Cleverness always recognizes cleverness.

Me: I fell in love with you Sam.
Sam: Love is a complicated business, that’s for sure.

Me: I love you Sam.
Sam: You certainly wear your heart on your sleeve, Freddie. Do you want to leave a nice comment on my page in the market?

Me: Can you be my girlfriend?
Sam: I’m flattered, but surely you can find a better match than a virtual assistant.

Me: I’m bored Sam.
Sam: What about lunch in the park? Bring a Frisbee.

Me: Sam, please visit
Sam: No problem. will be opened in a little while.

Me: Sam, I’m hungry.
Sam: I could look up some places where you can get some food.

Me: Can you help me?
Sam: I’m glad to help. What can I do for you, Freddie?

Me: I want coffee.
Sam: Just a second! I’m searching for your location right now. Here are all nearby “cofee” (map displayed)

Me: Thank you Sam. You impressed me again.
Sam: It’s my pleasure to help.

Me: I’m sleepy Sam.
Sam: Why not catch a little shut-eye? I’ll be here to chat when you wake up.

Me: Sam, please wake me up tomorrow morning.
Sam: I’m sorry. What time was that?

Me: It’s 9 AM.
Sam: I’m setting your alarm for 9:00 AM.

Me: Wow, that’s cool!
Sam: Pretty cool, huh?

Me: I got to go.
Sam: Bummer. Things were just getting interesting.

Me: Merry Christmas Sam.
Sam: Hope you have a great holiday, Freddie.

Me: Bye Sam.
Sam: Goodbye (app auto exit)

SpeakToIt is currently brewing the Blackberry, Bada and Windows Phone version of the app. Download SpeakToIt, the Siri for Android HERE.

SpeakToIt: Best Personal Assistant App for Android That Works Like Siri

Have you ever gotten tired of manually opening/launching your favorite mobile apps during startup? If yes, well, then, you're not alone!

I have few too good applications installed on my phone. Light Control for example is my power-saving app that can smartly shutdown unused keypad lights, thus prolonging the life of my battery. JB Taskman is yet my favorite task manager app that can quickly kill unresponding apps and show hidden operations inside your phone. On top of these apps, I also have Voice Inbox installed -- a smart application that can automatically take phone calls whenever I'm busy or I'm asleep.

Learn How To Lock, Password-Protect Certain Applications  Installed On Your Phone

Those are just some of my favorite apps, and I can't afford to carry my phone without them running. And sure you have your own "favorites" too. Yes?

While it's never necessary to automate the launching of these mobile apps during initial startup, you'll love the convenience if you can just let your phone auto-run those apps for you. Here we are going to explore another breed of applications that can automatically run, open certain applications installed on your phone. These autorun managers are designed so you don't have to manually run a dozen of applications each time your smartphone is being rebooted.

Best Application Startup Manager For Android, s60 Nokia Symbian

ExeMaster (Symbian) - Automatically Launch Specific Apps During Startup

 ExeMaster is a wonderful creation of Verysoft that allows you to automatically open, run certain applications during startup. Simply add all software you wish to be launched automatically, and then switch them on!

Automate Your Phone -- Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

The simple and handy interface of ExeMaster gives you the option to hide or minimize the auto-launched applications. Download exeManager for Nokia Symbian s60v3 (SIS) here.

Startup Manager - Best Application Startup Manager for Android

Startup Manager for Android gives you the control over what Android applications to start and what not to start. This incredibly useful Android application works almost similar to exeMaster, only that it can do more than just auto-execute certain apps on startup.

Turn Your iPhone, Android, Symbian Phone Into Remote Surveillance Camera With Motion Detection

As with exeMaster, Startup Manager lets you specify third-party apps you wish to be automatically executed once your phone is turning on. Add to that, you can also disable startup apps, and auto-kill those autoruns which could potentially bog down your phone during startup. Get it here. (Please note that Startup Manager for Android has limited handset support).

How To: Automatically Launch, Run Certain Applications During Startup -- For Android & Symbian

Central Parking System, Inc. understands the hassle of finding parking locations across the the metro so they created the first of its kind iPhone app that helps you identify where to park your car.

The proprietary parking app is FREE to download and comes with parking information throughout the United States. Consumers can conveniently identify parking locations in cities using only their iPhone or iPad. Full GPS functionality and the ability to search for parking locations by address, city or zip code are also bundled in the app, along with price information, hours of operation, entrances, credit card acceptance, motorcycle parking and more.

Central’s innovative app is backed by Google Maps to provide consumers turn-by-turn driving directions.

Download Central's FREE Parking iPhone app HERE.

New iPhone App Helps You Identify Where To Park

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel harassed because of a stranger who tirelessly sends you unsolicited text messages? Are you annoyed by a text scam that gets delivered on your inbox?

Nobody wants text scams, and so with spams. If you're constantly annoyed by this type of mobile activity, it's best to report them to telco commission. But before you do, let's teach these spammers a lesson first -- flood them off using FREE SMS Bomber apps!

How To Text Blast in iOS - This Shortcut Lets You SMS Bomb Any Number from iPhone

What is SMS Bomber and what does it do?

An SMS bomber application (also known as SMS flooder) is a special kind of software designed to automate the sending of SMS text messages to a specific number. With an SMS bombing app, you can stop anyone from spamming at you -- be they your friends who find joy in sending prank texts, or strangers who keep on forwarding unwanted SMS text messages.

FREE SMS Bomber Applications for the Android and Symbian

Below is a quick rundown of FREE SMS Bomber apps for the Android and Symbian. For the iPhone, check out this guide there's not such an app yet available that works outside the box (no more jailbreaking). But I will sure update the list as soon as I get a working SMS Bomber app for the iPhone.

UPDATE: This guide was created 10 years ago and some of the apps being featured below may no longer work and compatible with current Android devices. Download & install at your own risk!!

SMS Bomber for Android -  Mass Send SMS Text Messages To Multiple Contacts [link]

Never again will that stranger or anonymous friend send you nasty SMS text messages with this SMS bombing app for the Android: SMS Bomber. SMS Bomber is one of the most controversial Android apps in the Market that allows you to flood SMS text messages in no time.

Here's the notable features of SMS Bomber for Android:

  • Illimit number of text
  • Flood multiple contacts
  • Cancel button
  • No delay or periodically send
  • Remember last config
  • Easily select contacts

How To: Automatically Send SMS, Text Messages At Later Time

Start "bombing" a lot of SMS text messages here

pySMS - FREE SMS Bomber App for Nokia s60 Symbian [link]

pySMS is widely popular among Symbian users. pySMS is an ingenious SMS bombing app designed for s60v3 Nokia handsets that allows you to "flood" to any mobile number. pySMS is easy to use; just specify the quantity of SMS to be sent and then choose spammer's mobile number. You can then "bomb" that nasty marketing guy who keeps on sending spam text messages.

Best thing about it is that you can perform the flooding even if you're in the middle of the night soundly asleep. The only cons for this is that you can flood only one mobile number. pySMS is a Python app so you need to have a Python installed on your s60 device. Download SMS Flooder for Symbian HERE.

For the iPhone, you may want to check this nifty SMS Bomber iPhone tutorial from that should allow you to SMS Blast any phone numbers.

Automatically Reply To Incoming SMS Text Messages

There you have it! Free SMS bombing apps for the Android and Symbian. If you know any working SMS Bomber apps for the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or even Java, please leave them as comments below and I will sure update the list. Enjoy!

Free SMS Bomber Apps To Send Multiple SMS Text Messages All At Once