There is a new iPhone app called Chirp that will soon make tidal waves in the way we communicate through our smartphones.

No, technology is not going to the birds if you are also thinking of Twitter. It just so happens that the app’s name is Chirp because it uses a robotic bird sound to transmit data to other phones. Yes, Chirp can transmit URL’s, pictures, and words from one phone to another.

Little birdy reviews and critics are now lauding this app as not just another extension or entertainment application. It has the potential to take wings and fly away if marketed properly.

New iPhone App 'Yinztagram' Lets You Add Some Pittsburgh To Your Photos

Okay, okay, enough of the intended puns. Chirp was created by a company called Animal Systems (no pun intended, this IS the name of the company), many of its members coming from the Computer Science Department at the University College London. At present, the app is available only for iOS but, a version for Android is in the making.

Here’s how it works:

1 Simply open your Chirp app and ask the recipient/s to open their app as well. The recipient can be one up to 500 persons, even more.

2 The app then gives you a yellow button. Just press it and you will hear a two-second chirping sound that sends your picture, text, or URL to anyone within earshot. A second or two after, whatever you sent pops up on the recipient’s phone screen.

Viddy — The Instagram for Videos — Lets You Create Visually Stunning 15-Second Slices Of Your Life

Chirp isn’t really transmitted by sound. The app basically uploads the content to the cloud, creates a code for the content, then converts the code into sound. The sound is sent and received, with the receiver’s app decoding the sound. Though it needs an internet connection, it can be sent offline. When the receiver connects later, the app is received.

It even works in noisy environments. The app is optimized to receive only the chirping tone generated by the app.

The future of Chirp is very promising because Animal Systems has the ability to incorporate the technology into other products. It has the potential to be so revolutionary that companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter (obviously), Google, and Apple will want to incorporate it with their offerings. Its radical process of sharing content is what makes it stand out from other pairing devices like Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi, and texting, which are all just pairing devices.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

Here are a couple of examples of the apps potential. A TV show could tell people watching to open their apps. When the show Chirp’s content, people receive the content because the sound is clear on the TV’s speakers. Or, imagine that you are giving a presentation to a large audience, you can Chirp the visual presentation to them.

It has been tested and works pretty well on videos, podcasts, and radio shows.

Download: Chirp [iTunes link]

New iPhone App Uses Sound to Transmit Photos, URLs from One Phone to Another

Mobile Browsers were developed with specific goals; some were designed to be cost effective, while some are designed to handle multimedia tasks well.

In the bandwidth savings side, Opera Mini still leads the pack, allowing on-the-go users to save money on internet data. But here's the ugly side: it doesn't handle interactive and dynamic websites very well, not even the Opera Mobile.

Skyfire Browser, on the other hand, is a browser of choice for those who want to enjoy full web experience in their fingertips. Its unique network optimization technology gives you a richer, smarter and more fun mobile web experience. It can stream virtually all types of multimedia content such as audio mp3s and videos (e.g. YouTube) straight from your hand-held device. But here's the big turn-off: it's NOT free, and it's a resource hogger, so expect for lags and frequent crashes.

Why not enjoy the same multimedia content you used to enjoy on Skyfire and save big amount of data at the same time? Well, this is exactly what Maxthon Browser is all about. It's Opera Mini and Skyfire combined into one -- amazingly fast, secure, lightweight & FREE!

We rounded up this seven incredible goodness of Maxthon Browser which we think should put your iPhone and Android web experience to the next level. If you think we've missed to point out other notable features of Maxthon, just buzz off in the comments:

1. Balanced experience

It could be true that Maxthon browser for iPhone, iPad, and Android isn’t an all rounder, but it’s worth mentioning that it has a good balance between bandwidth consumption and multimedia experience. Watching video streams on Maxthon is a very pleasant experience -- it's blazing fast!

2. Full HTML5 Support

Maxthon’s full HTML5 support ensures that you’ll be covered with the goodies of HTML5 websites. You can visit, an HTML5 Internet speed test website, and to see for yourself that this browser really supports HTML5. While it’s true that Chrome scores higher on HTML5 tests, based on experience, Chrome feels heavy on mid range systems while Maxthon is smooth as butter.

3. Gestures

A touch screen device is not complete without gesture support, Maxthon browser offers you unique browsing experience by allowing you to use gestures to perform browser navigation like moving between tab, going backward, or forward.

4. Private Browsing

When browsing, there are times that we don’t want browsing history to be recorded. In our desktop, we probably are already aware of the Incognito Mode of Google Chrome. Maxthon browser also offers private browsing mode straight from your iPhone & Android device, where the browsing related data aren’t stored after the you close the browser.

5. Custom Themes

Maxthon browser allows you to personalize your browsing experience by customizing themes. Maxthon browser comes with a white and blue color scheme, but you can download a theme to match your personal taste. It also comes with a night browsing mode where it will dim your screen, perfect for before bedtime browsing.

6. User Agent

There are websites that are optimized for PC and mobile viewing, while it’s true that a mobile version of a website will be optimized for our device, it’s also worth noting that your browsing experience will suffer. The device in your hand is a practically a computer, Maxthon will allow you to use the full potential of your device by changing the user agent. Maxthon offers you Android, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, and no User Agent. With these, you are in full control of your browsing experience.

7. Browser Extension

Another feature worth noting here is Maxthon browser’s ability to add extension. Extensions are like small programs that adds more functionality to your browser, with this in mind, the possibility with Maxthon browser is just endless.

Get Maxthon Browser on your device today for FREE.

Or you can use the links below:

Maxthon Browser for Android [Google Play link]
Maxthon Browser for iPhone [iTunes link]
Maxthon Browser for iPad [iTunes link]

7 Reasons Why You Need To Use Maxthon Browser -- For iPhone, iPad & Android

Google has finally announced its official Play Gift Cards, joining Amazon and Apple in the gift card game.

The Google Play Gift Cards was first spotted about a month ago in Android Central showing $10 and $25 Google Gift Cards. With the official announcement of its gift cards last August 22, 2012, Google now reveals everything through its Google Play G+ page.

Google has partnered with no less than RadioShack, Walmart, GameStop, and Target. RadioShack, GameStop, and Target are already selling the $10, $25, and $50 denominations in their physical stores, while Walmart will soon be selling them via their official website.

Good news for apps lovers, the gift cards can be used to buy app, games, and in-apps goods as well as books, movies, and music. The gift cards however, cannot be used to purchase accessories, hardware, magazine subscriptions, and Android app subscriptions. Likewise, the gift cards are presently available only to U.S. customers.

Tough luck for those living outside the United States, but, at least good news to American territories like Guam or for those living in Alaska. Google has not yet made any announcements on expansion programs.

Google Play Finally Launched 'Gift Cards' – Lets Users Purchase Android Apps Without Credit Cards

In a newer part of the planet like Japan and the Philippines, it is not uncommon to experience tremors almost every day. Countries like Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines sit near the fault zone so earthquakes are always expected -- and it's really a big risk!

Jolted by the successive quakes I've been experiencing every day, I decided to create this quick round-up of apps for the Android that might help you detect whether of not there's an earthquake.

Warning: The use of these apps does not guarantee safety so in the event of an earthquake, always remember to: Drop, Cover and Hold On.

1. Earthquake Vibration Sensor for Android Fires An Alarm When Tremor Is Detected (link)

Earthquake Vibration Sensor (EVS) is a FREE earthquake detection app for the Android that automatically throws an alarm once rumbling is detected. As with other motion sensing apps, this app relies on motion and/or orientation events from your Android device, making it possible to detect earthquakes.

Using the app, you may adjust the motion sensitivity of the app by setting the different axles displayed on the screen. As was pointed by a reviewer Patriot1971, this app works well if your phone is on a flat surface like a table, etc.

Best Motion Detection Sensor App for iPhone, Android and Symbian

The only downside for this app I think is that the warning bell goes off after some time. And the interface definitely needs a fresh coat of paint. But overall, it's a good app. So you guys should try it.

Download: Earthquake Vibration Sensor for Android (Free).

2. Earthquake Detector for Android Smartly Detects Movements, Quakes (link)

Earthquake Detector is yet another fun and working earthquake detector you should install on your Android device. What sets Earthquake Detector apart from the former is the good sensitivity and a straightforward interface.

Using the app, you'll get presented with a zoomable earth image. You're supposed to zoom in and out the earth image to adjust the sensitivity. The smaller the earth image is, the better is the sensitivity.

Download: Earthquake Detector for Android ($1.99)

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

That's it. I hope you guys enjoy these hand-picked earthquake detector apps as much as I do!

These Apps Help You Detect Earthquakes Straight From Your Android Device

No matter how good the apps management is of a certain operating system, in its course of use it will eventually gather junk files.

Junk files are basically files or data that have once been useful but is irrelevant for the time being. After you download a game or an application, sometimes it will have to download additional files for it to work properly.

When you're finished playing the game or using the application, it's recommended to remove the app, especially if it's a free app, to recover space. This is a good practice as some applications have background processes running and using that precious battery power unnecessarily.

However, some apps don’t have a thorough uninstallation script and that leaves a lot of files in your system. Most devices don't offer expandable storage space, specially iOS devices, which leaves you with a meager available space for your media. It's time to get rid of junk files from your Android/iPhone device.

Add More Space To Your iOS, Android Devices By Removing Junk Files

Allow us to share an Android and a free iPhone application that will help us get rid of junk files on your Android and iPhone devices in no time.

PhoneClean Removes Unnecessary Files On Your iPhone, iPad & iTouch (link)

PhoneClean for iPhone is a desktop application that runs on a windows PC. When you connect your iPhone for charging or syncing on iTunes, why not take an extra time to clean up and get rid of those junk files on your iPhone? iOS maybe the “most advanced” mobile operating system but it still uses caches and temp files to keep things going. By getting rid of these junk files, this allows us to open heavy websites and resources intensive application faster because our device has more free space to use.

Recover All Accidentally Deleted JPEG Files, Photos On Your Android Device

PhoneClean is free to use and, as expected from an application that deals with iOS devices, has a pretty straightforward interface. PhoneClean is also smart enough to allow you to keep some cache and offline data like news, articles, magazines, and book data you’re subscribed to.

Get PhoneClean for free and reclaim what is rightfully yours.

1-Click Cleaner Quickly Cleans Up Your Android Phone (link)

Just like iOS on iPhone, the Android operating system on your Android device uses caches and temp files too. This can include old SMS, browsing history, call records, and other files on your SD card. The difference with this app from the one from iPhone is that this application runs on the device itself.

1-Click cleaner can help you to easily get rid of junk files on your android device with, well, 1 click.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

With 1-Click Cleaner, you can clear all the cache that eats up your storage space, uninstall applications, clear application data, and force stop running application. You can also mass delete SMS based on contacts, unknown senders, or delete all.

Unlike other advanced android applications, you don’t need a rooted device for this to work.

Get 1-Click Cleaner from Google Play now.

Free Up Your Phone From Temporary, Unnecessary Files With These Junk Cleaner Apps [iPhone & Android]

Ever wondered how to recover and restore all deleted/lost photos, JPEG files on your Android device? Well, good news!

The guys at Defiant Technologies, LLC have finally created a FREE Android app called DiskDigger that allows users to retrieve, recover all photo files that have been lost or removed due to deliberate or accidental deletion.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

DiskDigger is already a popular Windows app that lets you recover virtually all types of files on your PC. And with the availability of its Android app, you'll surely get a peace of mind with the lone fact that in the event of accidental file deletion, you can still recover all those precious photos and restore them back to your device's internal memory or memory card.

Free Android App To Recover, Restore Lost Photos, JPEG files

DiskDigger for Android (link) is all you need when you want to recover deleted photos and images from your Android device. Think of DiskDigger as a Recycle Bin, but for Android, which means you can still recover those photos, JPEG files that were accidentally deleted.

Using the app:

Note: DiskDigger only works on rooted Android devices, so you may need to root your device to enjoy this app.

Here's how to restore, recover deleted/lost photos with DiskDigger:

Step 1 Download and install DiskDigger for Android at Google Play Store.

Step 2 Launch the app. It should display all the system devices (including the memory card) that you can scan for lost files, as seen below:

For now, it will list them using their Linux device names (not very visually appealing, but this will be improved in the future). The memory card should appear as "/mnt/sdcard" or something similar.

Step 3 Select the device to scan (memory card in our case), and then press the "Scan device" button to proceed (you might see a Superuser request window; just press "Allow").

You will then see the main DiskDigger window, which shows you the progress of the scanning, as well as the recoverable files that have been found so far:

Step 4 You can press on any of the recoverable files, which will show you a preview of the file on the right, as shown below:

Step 5 And finally to recover the deleted files, just tick the recoverable files on checkbox and then hit "Save" or "Email".

That's it!

Filtering files:

You may also take advantage of the Filter function of the app. Just press the "Filter" button to filter the recoverable files based on file type, and file size. This is useful if you want to impose a minimum size on the files shown.

Diskdigger for Android is extremely useful for those looking for ways on how to recover deleted/lost photos  from their Android device. The app is currently on its beta stage and will only recover the .JPG and .PNG files of your device.

How To: Recover, Restore All Deleted/Lost JPEG Files, Photos On Your Android Device

By now, you would have seen one of those fantastic timelapse videos on Facebook or other social media sites. It's fantastic considering that only a few years ago videos of this type could only be done using pictures taken minutes apart and then spliced together using a video maker or other such special equipment and adjusting everything manually.

Today, professionals and beginners alike are trying out their hand at timelapse videos.

Viddy — The Instagram for Videos — Lets You Create Visually Stunning 15-Second Slices Of Your Life

If you are serious about creating timelapse videos, you can now create your own timelapse videos while shooting them at the same time. There is the free Timelapse Pro (link) for iPhone and iPod Touch and Lapse It Time-Lapse (link) free Android software for timelapse video creation.

Time-lapse videos, even those created by amateurs, look like a magical time warp. They capture a relatively slow process developing over a long period of time. For example, capturing the time lapse of a sunset, the blossoming of a flower, or an airline window video travelling from one place to another. Watching it all happen in a few minutes can have a magical and wondrous effect on us.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could time-lapse video without the need for any special equipment? With Timelapse Pro and Lapse It, you can easily shoot your own time-lapse videos. Time lapse videos are then saved directly as .mov files on your iPhone or Android device, and may be uploaded to YouTube or played back with VLC media player.

AfterFocus Lets You Create DSLR-Like Blurred Effects On Your Android & iPhone

Timelapse Pro is the best iPhone app to make timelapse movies, and also create stopmotion movies. You can even add music to your timelapse or stopmotion video straight from your iPod song library.

Lapse It is a free Android app to create timelapse videos and an Android application made for those who use smartphones. Lapse It also features lapse clips capturing for timed picture or image capturing.

How To: Create Stunning Timelapse Videos With Your iPhone And Android

In a nutshell, Sleipnir consists of a desktop browser, which allows you to initiate actions for your mobile phone from your desktop thru push notification, and a smartphone app linker.

Sleipnir in itself is a very capable desktop browser as it's using the same WebKit rendering engine as Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari. Sleipnir also supports tabulated browsing like the others, but the best part here is that it is presented in a thumbnail format just like the one on your phone and tablet.

New Android App Lets You Sniff Internet Sessions, Hack Facebook Account

That’s basically about the browser, but the real cream of the crop here is its ability to send links, address or call a phone number over-the-air from your browser to your iOS, Android device. Here’s a basic scenario that can explain how Sleipnir can simplify things for you.

You are browsing the web for a party venue, you found their website containing their phone number and address. Using the Sleipnir browser on your computer, click on the phone number and the browser will send the phone number to your phone thru push notification to call them and book an appointment. You have agreed on a schedule for viewing, you can now send their address to your phone, still using the browser, and your map application will show you the way.

Getting started with Sleipner

First, you need to download and install Sleipnir on your computer from their website. And then get and install Sleipnir Linker for your Android device HERE (iPhone version is in the works). And finally, follow their Smartphone App Linker Setup to fully enjoy this awesome solution.

Everything you see on your computer’s browser is now only a click away to your phone.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

New App Makes It Easy To Push Data From Web Browser To Your iPhone, Android Device

How do you like if you can put off and on your phone's display by just simply waving your hand in the air?

Well, this is exactly how the new gesture recognition Android app of DDeleted will do for you: translate your hand gestures into computer instructions so you can quickly turn off and on your phone's display.

Smart Screen ON: The Best Hand Gesture Recognition Android App As Yet

Dubbed as Smart Screen ON, this utility app transforms your Android's proximity sensor into a substitute power button so you can turn on/off your Android's screen with a simple wave of your hand.

Smart Screen ON is particularly useful especially if you're in a meeting and want to see push notifications without grabbing your phone. Instead of picking your phone, just wave your hand over it to turn the display on.

Best Motion Detection Sensor App for iPhone, Android and Symbian

If you enjoy the convenience of touch and voice-aware mobile applications today, you’ll also enjoy this amazing app of DDelted -- the same guy who made the widely popular Smart Screen OFF that puts your screen off when you place your hand over the proximity sensor.

Smart Screen On comes in two variants, the free Lite version and the $2 Pro version, both are available now at Google Play.

So, go check it out!

Turn Your Phone's Screen On/Off By Simply Waving Your Hand In The Air

You must have already aware of HTML5. It'a next-generation web technology that provides a standard for playing audio and video files. Advanced mobile browsers such as the built-in browser on your Android/iPhone and third-party apps like Opera Mobile and SkyFire support HTML5.

But here's the problem:

Not all websites are built with HTML5. Which means whenever you play any media files embedded on  non-HTML5 sites, they'll prompt you to download it.

Play, Stream All Music Files, MP3 Saved From Your DropBox

While you can always download the media file on your phone for later streaming (a podcast perhaps), why not play it right away? Doing the latter will not only save you time but also disk space.

Play Audio, Video Files On Non-HTML5 Websites Straight From Your iPhone/Android

You might want to enjoy a podcast before you finally drift off to bed, so here I'm going to share you a simple workaround on how to play MP3 and video files embedded on a website straight from your Android/iPhone browser -- no need to download.

Here's how:

Step 1 On your mobile browser, obtain the direct link of the file. In Opera Mobile we usually do it by opening the link in a new tab, until a download dialog pops up, as seen below (notice the download link):

With the above example, our direct link is: Copy it.

Step 2 Using your HTML5 browser (we recommend Opera Mobile), head to W3school Audio TryIt site. For video, point your browser here.

On your mobile browser, you should see something like this:

Step 3 In the <source> tag, replace the src attribute with the direct link of the file. Once you've done that, hit "Edit & Click Me" button.

And voila, you should be able to play the MP3 file directly on your mobile browser — no need to download boatloads of audio/video files!

How To: Stream, Play MP3 & Video Files Embedded On Non-HTML5 Websites From Your Mobile Browser

Wouldn't it be cool if you can just send an SMS text message to your friends, and with just a simple hit of "Accept" button, your friend's phone will then automatically fire an alarm based on the timestamp you sent?

Well, this is exactly how the new Android app will do for you: it lets you set an alarm clock by simply sending a specially-formatted SMS to a specific (or group) of phone numbers at once.

Smart isn't it?

Flying Alarm Clock: Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS (Android)

You can surely save anyone from any morning disaster with this mind-blowing app called Flying Alarm Clock, a clever Android app that allows you to set an alarm clock by simply sending an SMS text message. This is sort of sending a reminder, with complete alarm date and time, to any phone number.

Flying Alarm Clock must be installed on your friend or kid's Android phone (Get it HERE).

Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Unlike the built-in calendar app for Android which is also capable of sending reminders, Flying Alarm Clock doesn't require you to own a hi-end phone just to remotely set your friend's alarm clock. The sweetest part about this FREE Android app is that you can use a monologue phone or even a web-based SMS facility to remind your friends to wake up at particular date/time.

This is basically how you compose a text message to remotely set an alarm clock by SMS:
In the text above, I'm instructing John's phone to set an alarm at 8:50 a.m. in 12th of June, 2012 with an optional message of "Hey John, class this 9".

By the time John receives the message, his Android should prompt like this:

Flying Alarm Clock is truly a brilliant app. Imagine you only have to send an SMS to set your kid or friend's alarm clock?

Learn How To Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS, Text Messages

I've got a suggestion to the developer though. I hope in the next release, no more "Accept" prompts by the time the alarm SMS notification is received. Rather an alarm is automatically set as soon as the message is received. That's definitely a complete automation.

Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS — Send SMS Text Message To Set Alarm Clock

Have you ever wondered how to take photos with blurry background using your mobile phone? You’ve seen a lot of these images produced by professionals. Well, there are a couple of answers to that but I will name one here; lens.

A DSLR camera can easily give you these kinds of images because of its big image sensors coupled with a wide lens selection. The law of physics gives limitations to the hardware that can be used on our mobile devices.

StillShot: Create High Quality Photos From Any Video On Your iPhone

But worry no more! We present to you an application that will easily transform your boring shots to a masterpiece with only a few strokes.

AfterFocus Is The Photography App You Really Need To Try

AfterFocus for Android and iPhone allows you to take DSLR-like images. Those blurry background photos are now in your hands. Select a photo you want and draw some lines to identify the focus and background and the application will do the magic. Selecting the focus area precisely will greatly improve the final images to look natural and professional.

AfterFocus does not only gives you the ability to create blurred background of photos from your phone, but it also comes with a bunch of naturally looking filters such as cross process filter that looks so natural. As a professional photographer, I love seeing bokeh on my photos. Photos with shallow depth of field won’t be complete without bokeh, and its maker must be kind enough to include a filter that does just that. Add bokeh to your already great shot.

Viddy — The Instagram for Videos — Lets You Create Visually Stunning 15-Second Slices Of Your Life

What are you waiting for? Go now to Marketplace and AppStore and get this application. It’s like having photoshop and lightroom in your pocket. It’s the best bang for the buck!

AfterFocus for Android Free [Google Play Link]
AfterFocus for iPhone ($0.99) [iTunes Link]

Griffith Boniel

About the author:

Griffith Boniel is a Bukidnon-based photographer, Nikon User, and a Nokia fan who's also passionate about social media, mobile and web technology. You can follow @gboniel on Twitter.

AfterFocus Lets You Create DSLR-Like Blurred Effects On Your Android & iPhone

There might come a time when you need to do a quick search for specific phrase or keywords on your phone's inbox. It could be a specific milligram of a medicine, the name of your boss’ partner or anything important that's being forwarded by a friend thru SMS.

But the problem: you don't have the time to manually search through your inbox, and all you've got in mind is the word "PIN" in the SMS text message.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

There are many ways of making your phone achieve such feats but your solution perhaps may require you to rummage through your inbox with hundreds of text messages buried down there. As part of our commitment to provide you with the much-needed tools and resources to heighten your mobile experience, we bring you another awesome iPhone and Android app called Handcent SMS.

Free iPhone, Android App To Search SMS Text Messages By Keyword

Handcent SMS is a free iPhone and Android app that can search SMS text by keyword. Handcent SMS does not only offer you an SMS search feature but it also allows you to make it your default application to handle your SMS needs. Handcent SMS also comes with a built-in anti-spam capability so you can blacklist, stop those pesky spammers from ruining your day.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Handcent SMS also gives you the option to customize SMS alerts for individual contacts, from ringtones, vibrations, backgrounds and even signatures.

Download Handcent SMS for Android [Google Play Link]
Download Handcent for iPhone [Cydia Link]

Griffith Boniel

About the author:

Griffith Boniel is a Bukidnon-based photographer, Nikon User, and a Nokia fan who's also passionate about social media, mobile and web technology. You can follow @gboniel on Twitter.

How To: Find, Locate Specific SMS Text Messages By Keyword (iPhone & Android)

Before we start off, I'd like to spend a moment talking about a few automation tools we've featured here.

We've previously talked about Txtot, one of the coolest iPhone apps that automate the sending of SMS text messages to specific numbers at future date and time. We've also covered about Cronote, yet another awesome iPhone app that lets you schedule email and text messages to get sent at later time.

Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)

Now, a brand new iPhone & Android app called Future Scheduler has just put itself in the running, offering almost the same scheduling capabilities — but with a twist.

Future Scheduler: Schedule Emails, SMS, Phone Calls & Social Media Updates (link)

Meet Future Scheduler, another killer productivity app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry that puts mobile automation to the next level. Future Scheduler allows you to fully automate various tasks and activities like sending an email, text messages, make a call or post status updates on Twitter/Facebook.

Future Scheduler

The idea here is to simplify your life. Few simple steps and never again will you forget someone to greet on their birthdays, or miss  a business opportunity and an important appointment. If you're looking for ways on how to schedule status updates on Facebook or Twitter straight from your iPhone or Android device, well, Future Scheduler lets you do that as well.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

But the real cream of the crop of Future Scheduler is its ability to schedule or make a phone call at specific date/time, which I believe a truly clever technology — useful when you don't want to forget that urgent need to make a crucial phone call.

Download Future Scheduler for the iPhone HERE. For Android, get it HERE.

New iPhone, Android App Lets You Schedule Phone Calls, Text Message, Emails & Social Media Updates

Forgot to bring your phone? Left your mobile phone at home, at work or anywhere in an unsafe place?

Don't panic!

Good news is: there's a FREE app that can remotely lock, disable your phone by simply sending an SMS text message using another phone, thus making your "forgotten" phone a lot useless to whoever finds it -- be they your mom, dad or girlfriend/boyfriend who might take the time to open your phone's inbox and browse through your phone's contents without you knowing.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

Think the app uses the old method of connect-to-the-internet first before it does all the work? It's a hell no!

Send An SMS Command To Remotely Lock Your Android Phone With A Password (Android)

Meet Lost Phone (link), yet another cleverly useful utility app for the Android that can smartly lock, and password protect your lost/forgotten Android phone. You just have to send an text message with predefined SMS command. As soon as your "forgotten" phone receives the message, it instantly launches the app, prompting you to enter the password. There's no way for almost anyone to operate and view all contents on your phone unless they enter the correct password.

Here's what Lost Phone can do for your Android phone:
  • Send an SMS and lock the lost phone with a password.
  • Locate the phone by SMS.
  • Remotely lock Android app by sending SMS
  • Send a SMS and set ringer volume to max so you can call and find phone
  • If a new SIM-card is detected, it locks the lost phone and sends SMS to your friends from the new number.

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

I've been a long time user of quite a handful of remote locking apps cluttered in the Android Market. And yes they're all great but the way they operate is not quite impressive. I like the simplicity of Lost Phone as there's completely no need to activate phone's packet data before you can see things in action. Lost Phone requires no internet connection. Rather you just have to send an SMS text message to the lost or forgotten phone.

Download Lost Phone from Google Play Store HERE.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

You cannot quickly trash all SMS text messages saved on your phone. Chances are there might be some good old important information buried down on your inbox that you just missed to look up. While you can always do a quick scan to those SMS text messages stored on your phone, the process could be utterly tiresome especially if you're dealing with hundreds to thousands of messages.

If you're wondering about how to backup, export your good old SMS text messages before finally trashing them all, you might want to check out SMS Backup +.

Backup, Save All SMS Text Messages To GMail All At Once (Android)

SMS Backup + is a tiny piece of app for the Android that  lets you copy all SMS text messages from your phone to your Gmail account. A new label called "SMS" will be created on your Gmail once backing up is complete.

How To: Backup, Export SMS Text Messages Into Text File

SMS Backup + is very easy to use. You just have to connect your Gmail account with SMS Backup + and grant access to the app if you're opening the app for the first time.

Here's a quick walkthrough:

Step 1 Download and Install SMS Backup + from Google Play Store HERE.

Step 2 Once installed, connect your Gmail account with SMS Backup + (this is required). You just have to hit the tiny "Connect" checkbox, until the app prompts you this:

Step 3 Grant SMS Backup + access to your Gmail account.

Step 4 Once access is granted, you should be taken back the app. From there you can start right away the backup process, as seen here:

It's that easy!

Cloud Save: The Quickest Way To Download, Backup Files Straight To The Cloud

I always make it a habit to free my phone from unnecessary logs and dead-old text messages for this reason: I want my phone to be as manageable and smooth as possible. And this is where SMS Backup for Android comes in handy.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

We've waiting for what feels like forever, but the Android contingent can finally carry on with life knowing that at least some things are (semi) fair. Yes, Instagram is now available for Android.

Keeping with tradition, the app itself is free to download, and the outfit seems overjoyed with finishing up what it's (accurately) calling "one of the most anticipated releases on the Android platform to date." It's also clear that the team has done more than a simple port, and while the exact same filters will be found here as on the iOS version, the team has worked to make the app responsive and fluid on Android's vast landscape. We are told, however, that there are a few features that will not be included in the first version of the Android app (Tilt Shift / Blur, Share from Feed, Live Preview and Share to Flickr), but upcoming versions are intended to bridge any differences.

For now, any phone running Android 2.2 or above (with support for OpenGL ES 2) is compatible, but Android tablets are not. There's a maximum resolution support of 2,048 x 2,048, and the company assures us that the "exact same filters and algorithms are implemented on both [iOS and Android builds], so there is no difference in the output other than the raw image quality that differs between phones." Eager to get going?

Download Instagram for Android HERE.


Finally, Instagram for Android Now Available for Download

It's really a pain in the neck when you found some interesting Android apps in the Market but ended up frustrated because they are not available in your country. And yes its not cool, especially if the app you're about to download is FREE.

Android Market is not directly to blame; its the application developers actually who pose those download restrictions, making some apps in the Market not available in your country. But don't worry, there's a fix.

Android App Not Available In Your Country? Here's The Fix

Market Enabler is the Android app you need. It's a fully working workaround that enables you to download Android apps not available in your country. What Market Enabler does is temporarily change the SIM issuer code in your system, making it possible to download Android apps which are not supposedly available in your country.

Watch YouTube Videos Blocked or Not Available In Your Country

Market Enabler tricks the device location in order to access the Market from other countries, since the Android market is country and carrier specific.

Follow this simple guide on how to download and install Android apps not available in your country:

Note: Your Android device needs to be rooted for Market Enabler to work.

Step 1 Download and install Market Enabler from Google Play HERE. Or you can get the APK file HERE.

Step 2 Open Market Enabler and choose a provider to fake. (e.g. T-Mobile [USA]).

Step 3 Minimize/close ‘Market Enabler’, and then launch Android Market app (now Google Play) then search for your app.

Step 4 Once you find the 'restricted' app, just hit ‘Download’ button and then the Android Market will open with the app magically there.

It's that easy!

How To: Download, Install Android Apps Not Available In Your Country

I am writing this post not to encourage privacy intrusion, hijacking, Facebook account hacking, or anything of that sort. I am writing this post to demonstrate just as how easy it is for almost anyone to break into your Facebook account (and other online services) using only an Android phone. This post also explains how you can essentially shield yourself from any form of intrusion attacks when online.

The controversial Android app is called Faceniff, a truly clever session hijacking app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over Wi-Fi network where your phone is connected to. Think of Faceniff as Firesheep, but for Android.

Use Existing Wi-Fi Network To Transfer Files From Android To PC (and Vice Versa)

Faceniff uses the method called Session Hijacking, a good old process of exploiting valid web sessions, which enables attacker to gain unauthorized access to your account and private information. With Faceniff, you can intercept web sessions from web services such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Tumblr, MySpace, and even Blogger. And worst, web sessions established via HTTPS can even be cracked. Alarming isn't it?

Share Your Internet Connection Without Using Ad-Hoc

Well, the more disturbing part about it is that almost anyone with a "rooted" Android phone can do it, and even gradeschooler can dot it. Faceniff doesn't have a special requirement to run except that you have a "superadmin" privileges on your Android phone.

Faceniff Lets You Hack Facebook Accounts With Ease

I had the chance to install the app and see things in action on my phone. Below is a quick rundown on how I make Faceniff work, and browse through my friend's Facebook accounts without them knowing:

Step 1 Download and install Faceniff HERE.

Step 2 Once installed, launch it. You should be prompted for a Superuser permission. Just hit "Allow" or "Yes" (depending on your phone).

Step 3 There are a couple of instruction that pops up especially if you open the app for the first time. Just follow them carefully...until you arrive into the start-up screen.

Step 4 Toggle "START" and optionally enable SSLStrip to start Faceniff. If valid web sessions found, it will be displayed like this:

Step 5 Click on any of those "hijacked" accounts. Android should then prompt you for a list of browsers currently installed on your device. In my case, I used Opera Mobile as I wasn't able to make it work with default browser, Skyfire and even Opera Mini. Just make sure to set "Mobile" as Opera Mobile's User Agent configurable in the Settings > Advanced menu.

And Voila...

If you constantly connect to a wireless public network like in cafes or malls, recognize that your communication online can anytime be sniffed by almost anyone. Wireless network is notably vulnerable to packet sniffing as the exchange of data is done wirelessly. This vulnerability gives bad guys the opportunity to steal information exchanged over the air.

So, how to stay safe online? 

Whenever possible, don't connect to already congested public Wi-Fi network. Rather use the 3G/4G services offered by your ISP. And Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications would also help.  

New Android App Lets You Sniff Internet Sessions, Hack Facebook Account

I got my first Android phone with a little excitement that I could enjoy the ease of moving and transferring files between wireless devices with Wi-Fi Direct, a next-generation technology that allows Wi-Fi devices to directly connect to each other with no need for a wireless access point.

Unfortunately, my Droid is deprived with such feature, so every time I transfer large files from my computer to my phone I always had to mount my phone to my PC using standard Data Cable.

How To: Turn Your Laptop, PC Into Wi-Fi Hotspot Without Using Ad-Hoc

There’s no problem with using USB Cable to move files between mobile phones and PC. But for people who constantly forget to bring data cable connector, this surely can be a twinge.

In this post, I’m going to introduce you to a useful Android application that lets you transfer files from PC to mobile phone (and vice versa) via Wi-Fi connection. In other words, we are going to use existing Wi-Fi network to copy/move files from our Android devices to our computer.

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Locations

Use Existing Wi-Fi Network To Transfer Files From Android Phone To PC (And Vice Versa)

SpeakToIt: Best Personal Assistant App For Android That Works Like Siri

The application is called Software Data Cable, a truly nifty, helpful application for the Android that allows you to connect your smartphones to the computer without having to connect it with a standard USB cable. This FREE Android application uses a wireless method of transfer through a Wi-Fi connection to allow file transfers from your computer to a storage card attached on your Android phone/tablet (and vice versa). Cool isn’t it?

 Here’s how to copy, transfer files from Android device to your computer over Wi-Fi:

Step 1 Download and install Software Data Cable for the Android HERE. Or you can search for “Software Data Cable” in the Market.

Step 2 Once installed, launch it. You should see this default start-up screen:

Step 3 Hit “Start Service”. The app should then automatically assigns an IP Address and Port number needed to connect to the phone (see screenshot below).

Step 4 Now, using the IP address and port given, enter that into your PC Windows Explorer, and you will then be shown the contents of your memory SD card (as shown below).

You can then easily transfer files from your memory card to your PC (and vice versa). You can also use FileZilla or any FTP client of your choice. Enjoy!

How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)