If you've been using Spotify for a long time, chances are you've come across an issue with duplicate tracks. It happens from time to time and as more and more songs you add in your playlist, so do the problems that come with it.

Dealing with duplicate files is no easy feat, much more if you're dealing with a large, collaborative playlist. Thankfully, finding and removing duplicate songs on Spotify playlist is not that difficult as what you might think. Here we're going to show you can easily declutter and deduplicate songs on your Spotify playlist in seconds.

Find, Delete Duplicate Media Files On Windows 7 (CopyTrans Method)

Find and Remove Duplicate Tracks in Your Spotify Playlists

Meet Spotify DeDuplicator, an online tool that allows you to remove all exact duplicate tracks from a selection of Spotify tracks. The tool works this simply:

1) You select all tracks in a Spotify playlist
2) Drag-and-drop them to the the textbox just above the “Deduplicate” button
3) Press Deduplicate
4) Drag-and-drop the result back to your Spotify playlist (or in a new playlist)

As seen on the GIF above, you may need to empty the entire playlist before you drag-and-drop the results back to Spotify, or else those tracks will be added as another duplicates.

Add or Set Music Sleep Timer To Spotify iOS App (No Jailbreak Requried)

So if you start seeing tracks displayed more than once in your Spotify playlist, go check out Spotify DeDuplicator.

The Quickest Way To Remove Duplicate Tracks In Spotify Playlist

How many times have you gone to situations when you needed to extract text embedded in an image but went helpless because no app can quickly and perfectly do just that?

Well, not probably once.

To anyone who wants to be more productive on their online gigs, you should go and check out Kevin Kwok's latest work: Project Naptha, a mind-blowing browser extension currently available in Chrome that allows you to copy text from any images straight from any websites.

And yes, it works great.

Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Collect iOS Photos Taken on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

But how was it possible?

As with any other text extraction software, Project Naptha is powered by a complex Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which quickly identifies and builds a model of text regions, letters and words that you can extract and copy from virtually any images you encounter on the web.

One notable feature of Project Naptha is the "Erase Text" functionality which allows you remove text from any images -- useful if you want to grab images online free from captions or annotations.

Project Naptha has already making a lot of headlines today, and the media attention it gets can potentially attract tech giants like Google, Bing or Yahoo who might consider acquiring it and incorporate into their search engines.

Here's why:

Project Naptha is a clear demonstration that it's possible for search bots to decipher and index all images flooded online, similar to how search engines index the standard text-based websites. And that's music to the ear for search engine companies who might want to take a big step  forward in search. Sooner or later images we embed in our websites will be as valuable as text. And those online images' copyright violators will get the biggest Google slap.

Bubbli Is A Jaw-Dropping App That Lets You Create Streetview-Like, Responsive Spherical Images (iOS)

There's not such an abundance of OCR apps both desktop and online that works out of the box without requiring you to upload the source files for remote processing. With Project Naptha, OCR processing all takes place straight from your web browser. And that's a work of genius.

Project Naptha Firefox extension is expected to arrive in the coming months.

LINK: Project Naptha

Project Naptha: A Mind-Blowing Chrome Add-on that Lets You Copy, Extract Text from Any Images Online

Every front-end developer knows how downright disappointing it is to get asked to fix some design hiccups in which you cannot fix as you cannot replicate them on your end.

And this is a very a common problem among web developers: your iPhone/iPad simulator says it's perfect but in real physical device, the overall look-and-feel of a website may be a bit awry, unacceptable. We don't want our clients to get back to us angry right?

Use Mover.io To Copy, Move Files From FTP To Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive and Vice Versa

But fret not.

A web design company Flexify has this no less ordinary iPhone/iPad online simulator app that you will gladly welcome into your web dev toolbox: Responsimulator. This is not Screenfly or any other online simulators you may have used before.

Here's why:

The level of accuracy renders by this web-based iPhone/iPad simulator is so impressive that you can quickly squash every single visual bug you encounter which may not normally appear in your usual emulators. And that's great especially if you constantly do web development or QA and you don't have real iPhone or iPad to perform visual checks on your end.

Access, Manage All Files Stored Across Multiple Cloud Accounts All At Once

Simulators have always been the most indispensable tools among front-end web developers. These are everyone's go-to tools to ensure every single detail and element of a website is displayed well on any screens or platforms prior to site deployment. But you've got to be careful as not every simulator delivers results as promised, except of course for Responsimulator which seems to be the most web developer-friendly, accurate iPhone/iPad simulators available as yet.

The Cons:

  • Only portrait mode is currently supported
  • Works only on websites with RWD implementation (translation: Media Query-reliant websites)
Do you know any other mobile and tablet simulators? Buzz off in the comments.

LINK: Responsimulator

Responsimulator: The Most Accurate, Reliable Web-Based iPhone, iPad Simulator Online

For the uninitiated, Recordit Fast Screencasts is a Mac-only piece of software recently launched that lets you create video screencasts FAST. This app works similarly to Jing; you decide what particular area of your screen you want to screen-capture, hit the record button, then wait for a few seconds for the app to upload & generate a unique link for the screencast. If you have a Mac, go check out Recordit.

Add Multiple Tabbing, Chrome-like Support To Windows File Explorer With Clover [Must Have]

What makes Recordit unique is the nifty GIF support, which is kind of envy to all Windows users out there considering that there's not much good screencasting apps available for Windows with decent GIF support.

But fret not, I got you here a decent (even better) alternative to Recordit that works well on any Mac and Windows computer.

LICEcap Records Your Screen Activity And Saves It As High Quality GIF (Windows & OSX)

LICEcap is FREE and fully functional GIF creation tool both for Windows and Mac that allows you to capture an area of your computer and store it as a high quality GIF. LICEcap is very lightweight and there's no extra fuss to get started. Just grab and install the app, and you're good to go.

LICEcap Features:

  • Record directly to .GIF or
  • Move the screen capture frame while recording
  • Pause and restart recording, with optional inserted text messages
  • Global hotkey (shift+space) to toggle pausing while recording
  • Adjustable maximum recording framerate, to allow throttling CPU usage
  • Basic title frame, with or without text
  • Record mouse button presses
  • Display elapsed time in the recording

Why use GIF when there's a video?

The problem with most video screencasting software today is that the size of video or flash file it generates is too large that you can't quickly embed it on a web page nor share it to your co-workers or employer. With GIF as an output format, the size is too minimal, thus saving you time.

Link: LICEcap

Best & FREE Alternatives To Otixo To Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts

LICEcap Is The Best Alternative To Recordit To Screencast & Create High Quality GIFs

Sounds absurd but this kind of application can be useful too.

An app that can automatically log you out from Facebook after certain time may not be something you'll use everyday. But just in case you're on a shared computer and you don't want others to mess around with your account, this category of app is proved useful.

Facebook Auto Log Out: Automatically Logs You Out From Facebook After User-Specified Time (link)

Meet Facebook Auto Log Out, a nifty Chrome extension designed to do just that. Using the add-on is pretty straightforward; just install the add-on from Chrome Web Store, log in to Facebook, set a timer, and you'll be logged out automatically when your time is up. It's that simple

This is particularly helpful for people who have this hobby of leaving the computer opened/unattended.

New iPhone App Automatically Captures a Photo of Anyone Who Touches Your iDevice

Another, rather more advanced, Chrome extension is Auto Logout. It automatically logs you out of all logged in accounts including Gmail when your browser is closed, recommended for use in shared computers to help keep different accounts safe.

How To: Automatically Logout Of Facebook After Certain Time (Chrome)

The early demise of YouTube-powered app LoudLee creates a new opportunity for new starters.

Filling that void is yet another awesome web app Solayo which brings even better integration to these big streaming sites.

So what is Solayo?

Just like LoudLee, Solayo harnesses the power of YouTube so you can easily search music and create personalized playlists from multiple sources including YouTube and SoundCloud.

Get Instant Lyrics for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube Web Players with This Cool Add-on

Solayo is basically a "Spotify for YouTube"; that over 11 millions of covers seen only on YouTube are now at your disposal to pin & add to your playlist.

At Solayo we want to enhance how you Search, Play and Collect multimedia content online. We’ve all suffered the same problem of having half a dozen Youtube tabs open or waiting for another content we’re listening/watching to finish playing before embarking on searching for another one.

Well here at Solayo, we’re developing this platform in solving these problems. We believe that it is time for people to be able to search their video or music content from as many source providers out there and not only that, but the ability to listen/watch and collect these contents should be as easy and mesmerising as possible.

Whom Is It For?

Solayo is for anyone who wants to turn YouTube into an online music radio. If you're a big fan of independent artists who produce awesome covers only on YouTube, then, Solayo is ideally right for you. Or if you don't have access to Spotify & if you think Grooveshark's music library is too limited for you, then, try this out.

Link: Solayo (Beta)

Solayo Is Your Spotify For YouTube — Lets You Search & Create Playlist From YouTube, SoundCloud

UPDATE: iOS's latest built-in clock timer is now up and working again. So no need for you to go through the entire process detailed below and download another app. Learn how to Use iOS Clock Timer App As Music Sleep Timer for Spotify, Apple Music, etc

World's finest apps do not always come perfect. And that does not exempt Spotify, our personal favorite music streaming app.

Spotify's latest iOS app is still deprived of the most sought-after functionality as a music app: a sleep timer.

You cannot fall off to sleep while Spotify is playing in the background as it will obviously drain your battery. You don't want to get up in the morning with your phone's battery dead, right?

Enable, Make Spotify Web Player Working on iPhone, iPad, Android

In this post, I'm going to show you how you can easily add that Sleep Timer functionality to your Spotify iOS app so you can still sleep to your favorite tracks without leaving your iPhone/iPad's battery dead empty.

Automatically Shutdown Spotify At Predefined Time With Music Sleep Timer (iPhone/iPad)

Spotify Sleep Timer

As I mentioned above, Spotify's iOS client doesn't have a sleep timer functionality bundled to the app as yet. So we'll be taking refuge to another app called Music Sleep Timer to do job.

Download Audio MP3 Directly to iOS Device Without Using iTunes

Music Sleep Timer is just another FREE iOS app designed to kill any media playback active on your iPhone or iPad. It works exactly like the sleep timer on your TV or airconditioner. Just launch Spotify, set the timer and sleep to your favorite tunes.

Music Sleep Timer is not only useful to Spotify. You can also use it to other music apps like Pandora or any podcast or audiobook apps.

How to use:

1 Download and install Music Sleep Timer [iTunes link]

2 Once installed, open Spotify & begin playing.

3 Press the Home button to send the music player into the background.

4 Launch Music Sleep Timer and start timer, as seen below:

Your're done.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to leave Music Sleep Timer active in the foreground for the sleep timer to work.

While waiting for Spotify to finally bring the most-coveted sleep timer functionality in their next update, you may try Music Sleep Timer to temporarily do just that.

Got a another way to set sleep timer on your Spotify iOS app? Buzz off in the comments below and I will update this entry :)

How To: Add or Set Music Sleep Timer To Spotify iOS App (No Jailbreak Requried)

To those looking for a FREE, decent file management web service with support for FTP to copy, backup web files from web server to cloud storage providers (e.g. DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, etc), well, then, this post if for you!

I am sometimes asked, as a web ninja, to create a full site backup of my client's sites and copy it to their cloud storage accounts. Such tasks can actually be a accomplished using the right (premium) tools or plugins. But sometimes, plugins just ain't enough! So you sit with a sheer frustration realizing that the only way out is to 'manually' grab those downloadables and upload them back to their online virtual drive. And yes, it's not an option; it's a waste of time!

Copy Files Between FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive With Mover.io (link)

Meet Mover.io, yet another awesome web platform to move/transfer files from one cloud storage provider to another. Mover was created to streamline the process of transferring your data to the cloud. The service is sort of like that of Otixo, or the time-saving cloud storage managers we have previously mentioned here, which allows you to conveniently copy/move files between DropBox, Box, Google Drive, etc. 

But, Mover is Unique

What Mover sets apart from the rest is the intuitive support for FTP as your source or destination drive. And that's very useful feature among web guys who might need to backup their web files if BackupBuddy (or the equivalent add-on) is not an option.

Using the App:

It takes just a few clicks to kick off your transfers with Mover — just a one-time signup is required. But you have to complete your registration and login until you're greeted with their neat homepage:

Click to enlarge

All it asks is the source & destination drives, and the authentication required for Mover to basically talk to DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, or Box. If you are copying files between FTP server to DropBox (like my example below), you may need to ask for your FTP host, username & password, and you're good to go!

In my example below, I was trying to backup all my web files under /backupbuddy_backups/ directory and copy it to my DropBox folder named /Backupbuddy/. In this case, FTP is the "source" and DropBox is the "destination"

Click to enlarge

As soon as you hit that big “Transfer Now” button, your transfer is now being queued and Mover should redirect you to the Activity page detailing the progress of your transfer.

Click to enlarge

Link: Mover.io

Use Mover.io To Copy, Move Files From FTP To Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive and Vice Versa

A single browser tab opened on Chrome can consume an average memory of around 30MB. Can you imagine what happens while you’re working on the internet (web development, SEO, etc.) and you open up, say, 20 or more browser tabs?

This might result in your browser getting bogged down. Worse, you might suddenly experience performance issues, unresponsive webpages, unexpected crashes, or the computer just freezes over. That’s because some webpages can consume a lot more memory than 30MB.

It’s a good thing someone thought about Tab Managers.

Since we’re talking about Chrome, we picked the Top 5 Chrome Add-on or Extension Tab Managers and picked at it to see how each one worked:

Manage Tab Overload with this 5 Best Memory-Saving Chrome Add-ons

Tab Managers Chrome

Tab Manager (link)

Tab Manager Is an open source add-on that allows you to handle your tabs fast. The add-on allows practical functions such as displaying all tabs and windows, allowing new tabs and windows, selecting of tabs using Ctrl + Shift, moving  tabs between windows, deleting tabs and windows, pinning and unpinning of tabs, and searching tabs by title or URL.

Page Snooze (link)

Even with so many tabs open, Page Snooze can help manage tab overload by allowing you to snooze tabs for up to 2 weeks. This can pop back up once the time is up. You can view all your snoozed tabs and manage them on the Page Snooze options page.

The Great Suspender (link)

With Great Suspender, you can unload, park, or suspend tabs to reduce the memory load of Chrome. Tabs can be configured with auto-suspend after a set period of time or they can be suspended manually. You can whitelist tabs to be excluded from automatic suspension. Suspended tabs are retained after closing and reopening the browser, preventing the tabs to reload even after restarting the computer. Tabs are restored using a very simple and intuitive interface.

OneTab (link)

With this extension you save up to 95% memory by reducing tab clutter. You simply click on OneTab to convert all your tabs into a list. When you need to access any tab, you can either restore them individually or all in one go. This can also reduce the CPU load on your computer.

TooManyTabs (link)

Developed by Visibo Ltd, TooManyTabs was first used with great success on Firefox. This version for Chrome carries virtually all of the same features when you open a lot of tabs on Chrome. The extension helps you manage your tabs even when too many are opened and you can’t anymore identify the tabs or favicons. You get a bird’s eye view of all opened tabs; clear preview of each tab’s content; instant tab search; tabs sorted by opening time, domain, or title; and ability to restore recently closed tabs; suspend idle tabs to save memory, and import tabs data from TooManyTabs unto Firefox.

Split Screen: Splits Your Web Browser into Multiple Resizable Windows

5 Best Memory-Saving Chrome Add-ons to Help You Manage Tab Overload

Forget about SlideShare, Slide.ly and other boring, complex slideshow maker flooded online!

If you ever wanted to create a straight-out decent photo slideshow FAST, well, then, you've got to check out PhotoSnack. 

What is it?

PhotoSnack is yet another awesome online photo slideshow maker that lets you create elegant & web embeddable photo slideshow for FREE. Yes, PhotoSnack gives you the HTML embed code so you can publish your awesome image slider on your Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr blog. Of course, your photo gallery can also be shared to your favorite social media networks.

Prezi: Create Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentations, Slideshows Online FREE

PhotoSnack's quick and easy way to import photos for your image gallery is also something to behold.

Some notable goodness of PhotoSnack:

  • You can add music to make your photo slideshows less boring
  • You can add photos directly from your PC or from sources like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SmugMug and Instagram
  • All PhotoSnack slideshows are all responsive,meaning they all look good both on mobile and tablets

Who is it for?

PhotoSnack is for anyone who want to turn their precious snaps into visually stunning photo slideshow. This online photo slideshow maker is also useful for bloggers & web publishers who may need to create instant HTML5 image slideshow that can be embedded on any web pages.

Why I love it?

Aside from the delightfully quick and ease-of-use, PhotoSnack's embed capability is one big “cool” factor here. If you're fond of sharing your snaps on Tumblr, PhotoSnack is really useful. And for content writers who blog about troubleshooting tips, apps and gadgets, adding screenshots or image walk-throughs is always part of the chore. And this is where PhotoSnack comes in handy.

The elegance it adds to your photos is also something hard to ignore. See PhotoSnacks slideshows examples.

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker Lets You Enhance, Recreate Existing Videos from YouTube, Vimeo

Been really hunting good online image slideshow maker that works outside the box, without relying heavily on plugins (and all that stuff). Until I stumbled upon PhotoSnack which I ultimately fell in love with.

Link: PhotoSnack

Create Awesome, Web Embeddable Photo Slideshow Online FREE with PhotoSnack

If you're a long-time Android power user who just switched to iOS, you would want to warn everyone how hard it is to enjoy the kind of customizability and convenience that Android brings to the table. For sure iOS has the kind of mobile experience that's missing on the Android, and so does the Android to iOS. But if we are to weigh both based on the criterion of which one gives the best mobile experience, Android, well for me, is the real winner.

Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

The following 5 Android apps hopefully explains why Android is the best platform & why it can make your digital life a lot easier compared to iPhone:

1) Tasker (link)

Tasker is one of the Android apps that makes every iPhone user jealous. This $3.00 USD app makes your Smartphone extra smart by automatically executing certain actions based on the profile or criteria you created. You can define a set of instructions/actions which will be automatically performed by your phone in response to events such as location change, time of day, among others.

Example: you can automatically put your phone into silent mode when you're entering on your office, or you can automatically send an SMS to someone when you're leaving the house. There are myriad of automation options you can exploit with Tasker, making your Android experience utterly unforgettable.

2) Astro File Manager (link) & LCG X-Plore (link)

On the iPhone, it's cumbersome to do simple things like unzipping a file, view a PDF, view office files, and even do a simple job of organizing your files straight from your iOS device. Even sending email with multiple attachments & deleting multiple photos inside the iPhone's Gallery are impossible.

How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)

I wish file managers like Astro and LCG X-Plore are available too on the iPhone. Both apps give you full access to your data on your mobile device. And the bonus: these apps have built-in viewer of office files and are bundled with cloud storage integration.

3) Wifi Kill (link)

Now, let's talk about evil: how many times have you wished you could disconnect other devices connecting on a congested wireless network so you can enjoy the extra bandwidth juices on that network? Yes, you can manage and "kill" other devices with this awesome root-only app: Wifi Kill.

4) AirDroid (link)

Your Android experience won't be complete without AirDroid. With AirDroid, you don’t even need to touch your phone in order to use it. The app allows you to access your device remotely by going to AirDroid website and scanning the QR code on the page. The free version of the app lets you do things like reply to text messages, organize your photos, and play music -- all from a web browser while the paid version lets you remotely access your camera and helps you locate a missing or stolen device.

5) SuperBeam (link)

SuperBeam makes transferring of large files as convenient and fast as it should have been. SuperBeam allows you to share large files between Android devices at a blazing speed using WiFi Direct. If WiFi Direct fails, you can even use existing WiFi network to move files from one device to another. Go check out SuperBeam at Play Store.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

Those are my shortlist of 5 essential Android apps that hopefully will make their way to iOS!

5 Essential Android Apps That We Wish Existed On The iPhone

You can now send files or large file attachments by just using the file URL directly to "the cloud" without downloading to your computer or mobile device. At present, "the cloud" can be your e-mail account or your DropBox account. You can even send large files within 10 seconds to a minute.

It's called Side Cloud Load.

Scan File Before Download - Scan URL for Virus

There are times during your busy work schedule that you have to download work files fast for your PC, but you need to go somewhere and don’t want to lose the files. By using Side Cloud Load you can remotely upload it by means of sending it to your e-mail account or can send it to DropBox.

Transfer Files From Host URL Directly To Your DropBox, Email (link)

The steps to using Side Cloud Load are so easy:

1 Go to the Side Cloud Load website (link).

2 On the first blank space, paste the file URL or upload the file.

3 On the second space, select the cloud service, whether e-mail or DropBox.

4 On the third space, enter the receiver’s e-mail address. If you’re sending the file to your e-mail account, then enter your e-mail address.

5 On the last space, enter the file name.

6 After filling all field spaces, click on the "sideload it" button.

7 Don’t forget to fill in the security code before sending the file.

When receiving using the e-mail, check the spam box as the filter might have mistaken the sent file as spam.

Cloud Save: The Quickest Way To Download, Backup Files Straight To The Cloud

Side Cloud Load will prove useful if you are using a gadget or device you cannot download a file to, such as a smartphone or tablet.

At present, the "large file" limit stands at 25MB. Hopefully this limit can be increased in the future. There are now more than 2,000 users of Side Cloud Load. URL Droplet (link) is also a good alternative if Sound Cloud Load doesn't work for you.

Send Files Directly To Your DropBox, Email Using Only the File URL

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have instant lyrics while viewing YouTube music videos?

It’s now possible with a browser extension called YouTube Instant Lyrics by Rob W. Aside from YouTube, it’s also good news for music streamers using Grooveshark and Spotify.

It works so simply. When you open a YouTube video page, the lyrics panel shows itself by adding a small screen. Since most YouTube music videos display accurate information about the song’s name and artist, this available data is used to directly request the lyrics from one of several sources. If not, a search is done based on the video title.

Automatically Search, Display Lyrics of the Current Song for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube

The added screen can be dragged, resized, toggled, or closed. Should no lyrics be found at any of the given sources, a link to Google will be given instead. A search box is provided for those who want to search for lyrics for a different song.

(A draggable & resizable panel with lyrics next to a YouTube music video)

On Spotify and Grooveshark, lyrics are searched and displayed when a new song is played. Aside from Google, the Bing search engine is sometimes used to look up the correct URL.

Top 5 Best Pandora, Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music Online

The YouTube Instant Lyrics extension works well on browser platforms for Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. The extension also works for Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Sources for the lyrics include popular sites such as lyrics.wikia.com, lyrics.com, metrolyrics.com, lyricstime.com, lyricsmode.com, lyricsmania.com, darklyrics.com, and musica.com.

DOWNLOAD: YouTube Instant Lyrics for Chrome or Firefox

Ves Kanlapan

About the author:

Ves is a writer by passion who is constantly on the lookout for the coolest thing in the web — be they about freeware and web apps. He loves to write about tools that help him simplify the daily rigors of life.

Get Instant Lyrics for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube Web Players with This Cool Add-on

Have you ever thought of watching videos on your iPhone or iPad without the hassle of connecting iTunes and waiting for the movie conversion to finish? Well, we actually feels too restricted with how the big Apple does it.

Thankfully, an app lets you watch movies or clips straight from your PC/Mac without the wire. It's called AirVideo available at the App Store.

For those who haven't welcomed this idea. Imagine yourself holding an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone while watching movies at the comfort of your own bed... or at the coffee shop or the airport? Any where with a WiFi would do, without the storage restriction that your iOS device is very limited of allocating all your movie collection.

How To: Browse, Access Your Photos From Your iPhone, iPad To Your Computer Over Wi-Fi

To start using this app, you also need to download the AirVideo server for your computer. Once installed, you could add folder destinations of where your movie collection. Just make sure that all computers and the iPad are connected to one network.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 10.45.51 AMOn Mac's Menu Bar, an icon for AirVideo is being shown. Click on Preferences to access more options.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 10.46.05 AMUnder Preferences, the user may add Shared Folders as the designated folders you want to view on the iPad.

After finishing the set-up with our computer, we may see it here that the files we chose to be shared can now be seen on the iPad.

2013-05-01 00.01.38The options can either be expandable or collapsible for a better view.

2013-05-01 00.03.27To view the full-screen, just do the finger gesture to create such an option.

The app may look simple as it seems to be, but it's quite powerful if you can toggle some choices under the Settings. It can view Subtitles or even do a conversion and add to iTunes.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

The AirVideo app can be downloaded for FREE or bought for $2.99. The value is amazing for an app such as this!

Download: AirVideo Paid Version or AirVideo FREE version

Drey Roque

About the author:

Drey Roque loves exploring the gamut of new developments in the tech arena. Once versed with the knowledge, Drey loves sharing his experiments and experiences with the world. Follow @iam3739 on Twitter

Stream Your Favorite Videos From Your PC/Mac Straight To Your iPhone, iPad

UX design company Teehan + Lax has rolled out yet another jaw-dropping web app that lets you create spectacular hyperlapse videos out of Google Maps data.

Hyper-lapse photography is the technique used in creating such stunning videos, which requires a great deal of time and precision to stitch time-lapse photos and sweeping camera movements together -- something that's extremely hard to perfect.

But the guys at Teehan + Lax had managed to make the job simple. Using only Google Street View data as source material, aided with the right tool available, they were able to come up with a very usable, fantastic Google Street View Haperlapse creator.

Google Street View Haperlapse Lets You Create Amazing Journeys (link)

Google Street View Haperlapse is very straightforward to use. All you have to do is to search for location and move around any two transit points in Google Maps, and wait for a couple of seconds until your hyperlapse video gets played. There are also a number of featured trips that are really cool.

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker Lets You Enhance, Recreate Existing Videos from YouTube, Vimeo

As with the conventional Google Street View, you can also pan around the view during hyperlapse video playback. Controls, however, are minimal; there's no way to adjust animation frame rates, and the hyperlapses are a bit faster especially if you span much longer distances from point A to B.

But yes, this experimental app has a GitHub page and so you're free enhance and experiment with things such as custom frame rates.

Google Street View Haperlapse is built with Hyperlapse.js, Three.js (r57), a modified version of GSVPano.js, and Google Maps API v3. This app also requires WebGL and is best viewed in Google Chrome.

New Web App Lets You Create Hyperlapse Videos Using Google Maps Data

Otixo is absolutely one of the best productivity web tools out there that web workers use almost every day.

For the uninitiated, Otixo is a file management web service that gives you a consolidated view of all files stored across multiple cloud storage accounts such as DropBox, Google Docs, Box, MobileMe, among others, thus making it easier to manage all your files stored in the clouds.

One awesome use of such file management tool is you can easily free up some space on your DropBox or Google Drive in just a matter of copy-pasting or dragging your files to another virtual drive (e.g. SkyDrive).

Cloud Save Is The Quickest Way To Download, Backup Files Straight To The Cloud

But just as any other online services out there, Otixo cannot offer the service for free forever. Which means you’ll have to spare about $3.99 - $4.99 for the monthly paid subscription in exchange of “premium” features and better cloud support.

And for those who don’t want to spend a single cent to enjoy such service, I've got you here three decent alternatives to Otixo which offers almost the same level of convenience at no cost -- as in FREE.

Best Web-based Alternatives To Otixo To Manage Files Stored In The Clouds

ZeroPC (link)

ZeroPC's Cloud Navigator gives you a centralized, quick and easy way to access all your files stored in the cloud. Cloud services supported by ZeroPC includes Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, Instagram, Photobucket, Picasa, Recood, SkyDrive, SugarSync and 4shared.

Get A Consolidated View Of All Email Attachments In Gmail — View All Gmail Attachments All At Once

Just like Otixo, it's easy to locate and manage all of your cloud content with a single ZeroPC login straight from your web browser, tablet or smartphone.

Joukuu (link)

Joukuu is another good file management solution that makes it simple to track, edit and manage files across multiple cloud storage accounts through a unified platform.

Supported cloud storage providers include Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.net, SugarSync and Evernote.

Primedesk (link)

Primadesk takes the stress out of managing your files on the web. From single sign on to your accounts, to uploading photos to your Facebook, Primadesk makes it simple.

Just like Otixo, you can drag and drop files between your cloud storage accounts or you can do a quick search across personal online content including selected cloud back-up data in a single operation. Or you can locate files by topic, date range and content type and with a single mouse click you get instant access.

Also available on Android and iPhone.

Play, Stream All Music Files, MP3 Saved From Your DropBox

That's it! If you know other online FREE file managers, don't forget to buzz off in the comments and I will sure update the list. Thanks.

Best & FREE Alternatives To Otixo To Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts

If only iPhone had the option to attach multiple images all at once for a single email message, then, I wouldn't take the moment to look for apps similar to Software Data Cable, which I absolutely fell in love with for my Android.

Yes, there's no way for you to attach multiple files for a single email message on the iPhone. So for people who constantly need to send photos from iPhone to someone, this can be a pain.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

Part of my job as a web ninja is to grab iPhone/iPad screenshots of websites we developed and send them off to our QA guys. And the process cannot be any simple: you've got to plug in your iPhone with a cable to your computer -- and that's so primitive, less cool.

Thankfully, there is this tiny iOS app called Wi-Fi Photo Transfer (FREE) that lets you transfer photos from iPhone to your computer without the need of a data cable.

Wi-Fi Photo Transfer: Access Your Photos Via Wi-Fi From Any Computer With A Web Browser (link)

Wi-Fi Photo Transfer makes it easy to access, browse your iPhone photos from your computer so long as both devices are of the same Wi-Fi network.

Here's how it works:

1 Download and install Wi-Fi Photo Transfer HERE.

2 Once installed, launch the app. You should see something like this:

3 On your browser, plug in the given web address (e.g.

4 That's it! You can start moving your photos from your iDevice to your computer (you can even download them in zip).

Sure, Wi-Fi Photo Transfer interface definitely needs a face-lift but it's free and gets the job done quickly. If you want to wirelessly transfer your photos from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer, well, then Wi-Fi Photo Transfer is what you need.

How To: Browse, Access Your Photos From Your iPhone, iPad To Your Computer Over Wi-Fi

Undeniably, we all have our individual reactions to background or ambient noise when we study, work on our computers, or just doing some paperwork.

Some like quiet spaces. Some like music in the background. The most amazing ambient noise that some react to however, is the ambient noise from a coffee shop.

'Coffitivity' Promised To Boost Your Creativity By Producing Ambient Noise Of A Coffee Shop (link)

Coffitivity is a creative web app that gives you the ambient noise generated by a coffee shop straight to your work area or headphones to boost your work creativity. The app even allows you to play your music in the background of the Coffitivity ambient noise. You also get to control the volume of the ambient noise, your music, or just use one or the other.

This all is actually backed by some true scientific studies. Many studies have been conducted on this subject by universities and social scientists (the most recent one released by the Journal of Consumer Research). The common findings in the studies reveal that ambient or background noise does play a key role as a variable when studying or doing work that may affect creativity. A moderate amount of ambient noise (50 to 70 dB) enhances performance and creativity. However, high levels of background noise (85 dB and above) is distracting and makes learning and working difficult. On the other hand, almost complete lack of noise levels (below 45 dB) may enhance understanding and focus, but does not improve creativity.

New App 'PowWow' Seeks To Revolutionize The Way We Collaborate Online

Based on this study, it would seem that some social scientists, after studying the effects of different types of ambient noises, found the mixture of calm and commotion in a coffee shop environment to be the best ambient noise for enhancing creativity.

Coffitivity was developed by Justin Kauszler, Nicole Horton, and Ace Callwood.

The developers of Coffitivity do have their comments and warnings. For instance, the app might not work for everybody since, as mentioned above, we react differently to different ambient noises. Some coffee shops are quieter than others so this again might affect our brain’s reaction.

Access, Manage All Files Stored Across Multiple Cloud Accounts All At Once

The best tip we can offer for Coffitivity users is to set the volume just right for the kind of ambient noise you are used to. Try also a mix of music and Coffitivity and experiment with different volume levels. The thing is, this beats going to a coffee shop everyday just to enhance study or work. You get to make your own coffee if ever you are using the app in your home.

Link: Coffitivity

Coffitivity: The Ambient Coffee Shop Noise App to Enhance Your Work Creativity

To those who want to escape the hassle of downloading documents online and running multiple programs just to view them, well, then, here’s something sweet for you:

Docs Online Viewer is new and a FREE online document viewer add-on for the Mozilla Firefox that eliminates the need for you to download common day job files such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, PDF, CSV, etc. Powered by Google Docs API and Zoho Viewer, Docs Online Viewer is absolutely a time and computer resource saver.

Docs Online Viewer: Use Only Your Web Browser To Open/View DOCS, XLS, PDF, etc.

With Docs Online Viewer, you can view any document with relative ease and safety without having to download it first. This eases the burden of your computer in protecting itself from unwanted malware or tracking cookies, or worse, viruses. It also saves time from having to download something before being able to view it.

Doc Online Viewer also proves very useful for Linux users who do not have Windows Office. The Docs Online Viewer will open any document format such as DOC, DOCX, PDP, PPT, PDF, ODT, and more. 

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker Lets You Enhance, Recreate Existing Videos from YouTube, Vimeo

Opening documents on your Mozilla Firefox does not even involve installing any software in your computer. All you need to do to start is:

1 With your Firefox, download and install Docs Online Viewer HERE. Firefox may require you to restart your browser after installation.

2 Once installation is done and Firefox has been restarted, you should see a tiny "Eye" icon on the search results page when you search for any documents, whether using Yahoo, Google, or Bing.

3 Click on the "Eye" Icon and another window will appear. The document can then be viewed on this online window within the browser. You can view the pages in order, zoom, and use tab options like File, View, Help, or search for a particular word in a search box.

4 Suppose that you’re using other browser and you want to view some a doc file, just prefix your file URL with:



Some notable goodness of Docs Online Viewer:

  • Cutting down viewing time of documents by avoiding downloading time consumption. 
  • Documents are easily identified using the 
  • Online Viewer Ease, simplicity, and convenience of use. 
  • Honesty to being secure and risk-free. 
  • Pages can be viewed in any order. 
  • Safety, since documents are viewed on the browser. 
  • You can download the original document should you opt to. 
  • You can even edit and save a document online. 

Buttonizer Gives You Cleaner and Neater Viewing Area by Turning a Toolbar Into a Button (Firefox)


If you’re wondering how to open documents using only your browser (without using additional software), well, give Docs Online Viewer a shot!

Open and View Online Documents of Any Format Directly On Your Browser without Downloading Them

Many who alternate between using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox know that the latter always comes with many toolbars. Unfortunately, as more toolbars and extensions are used, Firefox can become cluttered, so your viewing area for webpages become less and less in time.

A Firefox extension called Buttonizer solves this problem.

Remove, Uninstall Browser Extensions, Toolbars All At Once – For Chrome, IE and Firefox

If you use small screen PC, you can get more space in your browser with Buttonizer without having to hide the toolbars from view and without sacrificing the viewing area. This Firefox add-on converts a complete tool bar into a simple button on the address bar.

How it works?

All you need to do is download and install Buttonizer from the Mozilla add-on site (link). Once installed, you will need to restart Firefox. After this, you will see Buttonizer as a button on the right side of your Address bar. All you need to do is to right-click on it and then select which toolbars can be converted to a button.

Once a toolbar is selected, it becomes hidden. When you mouse over the Buttonizer, you can access the hidden toolbar again.

Lazarus Is Your Time-Saving Chrome Add-On That Saves Anything You Type On A Web Form

However, you can only set one toolbar at a time to a button. When you right click the Buttonizer button and select another toolbar as a button, the previous toolbar will revert to normal. The advantage of this app is that you no longer need to click so many buttons just to retrieve a hidden toolbar on the browser. The app works sort of like a button shortcut.

According to its developer, Byungwook Kang from South Korea, Buttonizer works great if you are using a small screen such as from a laptop or netbook. The next step for Kang and Buttonizer is adding multiple button support.

Download: Buttonizer (Firefox)

Buttonizer Gives You Cleaner and Neater Viewing Area by Turning a Toolbar Into a Button (Firefox)