Your PC, laptop and even PDAs can all be protected from illegal access with a password using dedicated file security programs. Users get prompted for a password every time they attempt to open the protected files. Yeah, this is cool! But, do you know that you too can protect your USB sticks from illegal access using password? Every time a user tries to open and format your USB stick, he will be asked for a correct password. And the coolest part about it is that you don’t need to install third party application just to encrypt and password protect your files and documents stored on your USB sticks.

If you rely on USB stick or portable hard disk as your main storage device, you should take the full advantage of BitLocker. BitLocker is a built-in program of Windows 7 designed to help you restrict access to your pen drives and external disks. Encrypting and protecting your USB sticks with a password using BitLocker is just a matter of minutes. Here’s the step by step guide on how you can secure your files/documents inside your thumb drive by encrypting and setting up a password.

Step 1 - Insert your portable hard disk (e.g. USB flash drive).

Step 2 - Using Windows Explorer, map and right click your USB stick and select "Turn on BitLocker".

Step 3 - A small window should now pop up prompting you for a password. Enter your desired password and hit “Next”. (Note: this password will be required by the time you open your USB stick later).

Step 4 – BitLocker will now create and save a recovery key on your computer just in case you forget your password. Just select the first option to save the recovery key in a text file in a secure place.

Step 5 – BitLocker should now start encrypting your portable disk. The process could take a few minutes depending on the data volume in your removable disk.

Step 6 – Now once done, remove your USB stick and try to insert it again and voila, you should be prompted for a password!

Just because BitLocker is a Windows 7 application doesn’t mean you can still break and open your BitLocker-protected USB stick on your XP and Vista computers. The nice thing about BitLocker is that it is machine independent and should be useful for locking your USB thumb drives!

(By Freddie Lore of

How To Encrypt and Password Protect Your USB Sticks?

Do you know that you can still recover all your unsaved word documents without using third party applications or any other word recovery tools? You heard it right! The auto-save function of Microsoft Word 2003 should save you from all the hassles of retyping unsaved word documents after sudden shut off or system loss.

One of the little known features of Microsoft Word is its built-in auto-save function that automatically saves a copy of the file to a separate (hidden) directory. When you start typing/editing your word document, Windows by default automatically saves a backup of the file in every ten minutes once this auto-save function is on. These word documents usually are stored temporarily at these locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application\Data\Microsoft\Word

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp

Unless you have modified this auto-save function of Windows, you should be able to retrieve back all recently edited word documents even if you get struck by a system failure or power loss. Take note that the backup copy of your recently edited word files are hidden, so make sure to show all hidden documents when you start searching for unsaved word document.

If you're using Word 2007, chances of getting back your unsaved word file are even greater with the Auto Recovery Feature of Microsoft Word 2007. Microsoft Word 2007 comes with auto recovery facility that will automatically recover the lost/unsaved word file after system crash or power shortage.

This auto-recovery feature of Word 2007 poised to be the best way to recover unsaved word documents. To enable this feature, follow these steps: 

1. Go to "Word" and click "Word Options"
2. Click on "Advanced Tab".
3. Check "Always create backup copy" then "Allow background saves" (this should instruct Windows to recover files automatically in the future).

There you have it! Say goodbye to all the hassles of retyping lost/unsaved word file by following those simple tips.


How To Recover Unsaved Word Documents?

The popularity of USB thumb drives nowadays has attracted hundreds of virus writers throughout the globe. They work so well exploiting the ‘Autorun’ feature and developing new sets of malwares with a clear intent of accessing your PC without your informed consent. And most often, they’ve got malicious scripts that work seamlessly that even the top-notch antivirus software of today can’t fix.

One of the best ways to protect your USB sticks from malwares is to create a file or folder and name it as “AUTORUN.INF”. This enables the worms to run automatically on your computer even without executing it yourself. By creating a file/directory named as “AUTORUN.INF” beforehand, the malware should ideally not be able to execute that way.

But the trick doesn’t end all there as malwares can actually delete and replace your newly-created file/folder with a fresh version of malicious “AUTORUN.INF” file/folder. Right after you create an ”AUTORUN.INF” file/folder, you’ve got to restrict access/changes by manipulating the file permission setting of that file/folder.

Here’s how you can protect your USB sticks from malwares using this simple technique:

Note: This USB stick protection technique only works with NTFS-formatted external drives. If you have a thumb drive formatted using FAT, back it up and reformat it with NTFS file system. (This should work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7).

1. Create a folder in the root directory of your flash drive and name it as AUTORUN.INF.

2. Inside AUTORUN.INF folder, create four more directories and name it as “recycle”, “recycler”, “recycled”, and “setup”. You should be able to create the following directories:

E:\AUTORUN.INF\recycle \

Where 'E’ is the removable disks’ directory Note: The folders “recycle”, “recycler”, “recycled” and “setup” are optional but it’s highly recommended to create these as malicious software often uses these names.

3. Run command prompt (cmd.exe); click Start, Run, and type “cmd”.

4. At the command prompt, go to the root directory of your USB stick by typing in directory drive followed by a colon. Example, “E:” (without “).

5. Set the attributes of your AUTORUN.INF folder using this DOS command:
attrib autorun.inf /s /d –a +s +r

6. Set the access level of this folder using this DOS command:
cacls autorun.inf /c /d administrators

7. You should be prompted with the message “Are you sure(Y/N)?”. Just select “Y” and hit Enter.

8. Now try to delete, modify, rename, copy, or open the AUTORUN.INF folder. If you cannot perform any of these operations, then, your USB stick is successfully protected.

Protecting your USB sticks from malwares doesn’t really have to be expensive. With the simple technique mentioned above, you should be able to plug your thumb drive to any computer without having to worry for virus infections.


How To Protect Your USB Sticks From Malwares?

If you’ve been using Chrome for a while, you probably have noticed that nice PiP icon that sits on your toolbar when you’re on a page that plays a video. As soon as you hit that PiP icon, a sleek, resizable floating window will popup within your screen. That’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) in action, a feature recently added built-in on Chrome.

Now, what if you want to achieve the same feat for virtually any tabs, not just for videos? Well, that’s basically the premise of this brand new extension called TabFloater.

How To: Use iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture on YouTube App (No Jailbreak)

Currently, available for Chrome and Firefox (Windows for now), TabFloater lets you easily multitask & interact with other tabs. You don’t have to switch between tabs to copy or compare stuff.

"I created a browser extension called TabFloater, which can replicate the picture-in-picture functionality with any website. It moves a chosen tab into a smaller window, which is going to remain always on top, so you can interact with both websites at the same time." — Balázs Gyurák, Creator of TabFloater

Getting Started with TabFloater

Just like any browser extensions, getting started with TabFloater is straightforward. Just get your copy at their website and install the companion app. And you’re good to go.


Unlike those PiP videos that play on a sticky window regardless of which app screens you’re on, TabFloater will only be active within the parent app of course. So, if you close or minimize your Chrome or Firefox, TabFloater will exit too.

Additionally, TabFloater currently works on Windows. So for Mac users, it will come up soon. The add-on creator does invite interested party to develop TabFloater Companion for Mac. Just comment on the official GitHub repo.

TabFloater Adds Picture-in-Picture Support to Any Tabs (Chrome/Firefox)

speedier memory efficient ram slack

Popular team communication software Slack introduces a major update to its desktop app that mitigates the performance issues plaguing the app for so long. The new version now loads much faster on Windows and Mac, and eats a lot less memory, giving its millions of daily users a delightful experience when interacting the app.

Slack Drains Your RAM? It’s Time to Update Now

Slack team is rebuilding the app from the ground up, eliminating the resource-hogging bloats from its stack. The recent developments in Javascript in the past few years made it easier for team Slack to make the call and upgrade its client-side ecosystem, bringing the much-needed performance boost within the app.

“We want people to be able to run Slack alongside anything else they are using to get their job done and have that be easy, uncumbersome, delightful even. So we took a look at the environment we’re in. I think the other thing to note is that the ecosystem for client-side development has just changed a lot in the past five years. There have been some major updates to JavaScript and new technologies like React and Redux to make it easier to build dynamic web applications. We also wanted to update our stack to fit in with the modern paradigm.” — Jaime DeLanghe, Director of Product Management

Previous versions of Slack for Windows and Mac are noticeably slow for some. That’s especially true for those who have multiple Slack workplaces and channels to keep tabs on. This is due to the fact that Slack retrieves all conversations for each channel first before rendering the UI, thus, delaying your interaction to the app.

Now, Slack will only load data when needed, depending on which channel you’re on. The result: a speedier and memory-efficient user experience.

Slack is slated to release the new app in the coming weeks.

More than just Skype

Slack is a widely popular team communication tool used in a formal setting like workplace collaboration and remote communication. It got all the bells and whistles you can hope for when collaborating and working with remote team members on shared projects.

5 Handy Google Sheet Tricks To Help You Work Fast & Save Time

Slack Desktop App Gets Performance Boost — App Now Uses Less RAM, Loads A Lot Faster

For those of you who maintain multiple Twitter accounts, you probably are familiar with that pain of signing in and signing out if you wish to switch to another Twitter account. One may switch between multiple Twitter accounts by having more than one browser opened — one for personal Twitter account and the other is for work-related stuff.

And for Twitter power users, there's Hootsuite to the rescue being the de facto Twitter multiple account manager, which lets you manage multiple social media accounts including Twitter in one, centralised dashboard.

New AI-Powered Apps Help You Generate Captions, Hashtags for Instagram

Twitter's lack of native multiple account switching support is just dead annoying. It's a feature long requested by millions of social media managers who take advantage of their platform for virality and growth.

Thankfully, Twitter finally heeded the call. Now, you can add multiple Twitter accounts and switch between multiple Twitter handles with ease.

Twitter Adds New Account Switching Option

For now, Twitter's multiple account switching feature is available for the web version (both mobile and desktop), Twitter Lite, and Twitter for Windows. Jack Dorsey's team must be brewing multiple accounts support for Android and iOS version too (I hope so).

How To Add, Switch Between Multiple Accounts on Twitter

As mentioned, the new feature is available only on web version and Twitter Lite. Here's how to get started:

  1. Login to your Twitter account and ensure you're using the new Twitter web version UI.

  2. In top right section, click on your name to bring the Account info panel

  3. Now, click on that Add an existing account. You'll be asked to login for that new Twitter handle.

You're done!

Your newly added Twitter account should sit nicely beside your main account. Just click your profile or name to switch to another Twitter account without having to log out and log in again.

Twitter may be late to the party, but this new Twitter multiple accounts switching option is sure a welcome update that power users would surely appreciate.

New Web App Efemr Lets You Send Self-Destructing Tweets

Twitter Gets Multiple Accounts Switching Support, Lets You Switch Between Accounts with Ease

If for some reason you want to restore that crucially important text message on iPhone that was deleted by accident or maybe you've bricked your phone and wanted to recover those important text messages, chances are you'll immediately hop back to your computer and look for backups to restore.

But what if you don't always have a scheduled backup and you desperately need to retrieve that lost text message?

Fret not! As dodgy as it may sound, you can fully recover deleted text messages on iPhone even if you don't have a backup. And best of all, you don't have to spend a penny to restore those deleted precious text message data.

How it's possible to recover text messages on iPhone

When you permanently delete a message on your iPhone, you're not actually deleting the data itself. What iOS' Message app does is it only removes the indexing file.

So you can imagine your actual SMS data still sits inside your iPhone's internal memory and can be fully restored even if that message is deleted.

iPhone Message Recovery: A FREE Text Message Recovery Tool for iOS That Actually Works

Everyone, meet iPhone Message Recovery. It's a tiny piece of app currently available for Mac that lets you recover accidentally deleted text messages on iPhone at no cost. I was told Windows version is in the works, so maybe a little wait is required for Windows users.

I nearly had to shun and skip this tool thinking maybe this is yet another garbage app that secretly installs malware instead of delivering the promised iPhone text message recovery as advertised. But the entire install file is just below 15MB so me being too skeptical had to give it a go.

To my surprise, iPhone Message Recovery actually works like a charm! After just a few scans, the app was able to recover my deleted text message and lets me preview those deleted text messages! Sweet.

Here's how to restore deleted text messages on iPhone without backup

  1. Download and install iPhone Message Recovery for Mac (14.6MB). It's FREE, no sign-ups needed.

  2. Launch iPhone Message Recovery on your Mac, it should prompt you like this

  3. Once installed, connect your iPhone to your Mac. It should automatically detect your iPhone

    There are two sources for text message data recovery: Device or Backup. Be sure you're selecting Device mode.

  4. Click Next, it should immediately start the scan. Analyzing your iPhone data can take a while, so wait for a few mins and do not disconnect your iPhone.

  5. As soon as you're done with the scan, the app prompts you this:

    If you're recovering just standard plain text message, just toggle Messages and click Next

  6. Let iPhone Message Recovery app do its thing and wait until you're taken to this screen

    You'll notice that two striked-through items being the deleted text messages. And see how I can easily preview them even if they're deleted inside my iPhone.

Wrapping it up

iPhone Message Recovery is not your typical dodgy data recovery app you've come to know from other data recovery apps. It's a fully functional data recovery app for iPhone that brilliantly recovers lost text messages data and even recover iMessage's photos and videos attachments in one go.

How To: Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone without Backup for FREE

Remember the Software Data Cable for Android I mentioned before? That was really a clever tiny piece of  app that every Android user should install. Why? Well, you better see my previous post about it here: How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa).

If you ever wished you could do almost the same thing on your iPhone or iPad and make your life a LOT easier, well, then, you've got to check out PushBullet.

PushBullet is your Swiss Army Knife for anything wireless

As a long-time Android user who just switched to iOS, I hate it when moving files & information from my computer to iPhone is such a difficult feat. The same frustration you get when you copy contents from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC. And that's the problem that PushBullet is trying to solve.

What is PushBullet

In a nutshell, PushBullet makes it really easy to send files, ebooks, links, and virtually any  media files from one device to another. Whether you're pushing files from your Windows computer to your iPhone, iPad or Android, the process is absolutely painless. All you have to do is to right-click the file or link and select the destination device and voila, you can instantly go right to that file/link by tapping on the notification you get on your Android or iDevice. And no, you don't have to be in the same wireless network to make PushBullet works.

Browse, Access Your Photos From Your iPhone, iPad To Your Computer Over Wi-Fi

And if you have an Android device, you can even automatically “push” all your calls and SMS alerts to your computer so you  won't miss important calls and text messages even if your phone is on silent mode or in another room. Unfortunately for iOS, PushBullet doesn't have this feature yet. But given the more open iOS8.0+ architecture, I believe this feature is currently in the works (check out the paid app Notifyr for iOS, it works almost the same).

Why is it useful?

PushBullet's homepage already has a detailed information on how it works and how it becomes so handy, but allow me to point it out here.

With PushBullet, you can easily:
  • Send files from your mobile device to your computer with one click (or the other way around)
  • Receive calls, SMS and other phone notifications straight on your computer

And if you're on Android, there are whole lot more you can do with PushBullet like being able to reply text messages straight from your computer.

Final Verdict:

PushBullet is a simple yet powerful push notification service designed to make all your internet-connected devices “work” together. It's a godsend  web service that you will surely appreciate especially if you're dealing with multiple devices. PushBullet is currently available for iOS, Android and as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. There's also an unofficial paid app PushPal for Mac users.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

LINK: PushBullet

Must-Have: PushBullet Makes Your iOS, Android and Computer "Work" Together

Almost everyone knows how Google Docs works and how multiple users can work on either single or multiple documents at the same time. Now, wouldn’t you want that same capability on other applications? However, you know that is not going happen.

Until now.

How would you react if you found out that a brilliant group of programmers has created a screen share application wherein two users can work on a single application such as Excel or Photoshop? Amazing, right?

Working On Shared Projects? ToodLedo Helps You Get The Job Done FAST

This is the essence of PowWow. It is a very simple application that allows two users to work on an application at the same time, taking turns with their own mouse pointer. The design is for complete collaboration and not just screen broadcasting like that from Google Docs.

PowWow has been proven for such tasks as sharing Google Chrome to write an e-mail together, sharing a Photoshop task, sharing web-coding reviews between two web developers, or sharing paired programmer tasks. In short, PowWow feels as if you are working with someone just sitting beside you, even if the other user is a continent away. So far, most applications can be used on PowWow.

Access, Manage All Files Stored Across Multiple Cloud Accounts All At Once

For the present, PowWow is a beta available only for Mac. A version for Windows will be available very soon. For now, the official site is requesting people to sign up for an e-mail listing so they can be informed later when the Windows version will be out.

Because the Mac version of PowWow is still in Beta, the official site is giving caution to users should anything unusual or unpredictable happens, and to inform the makers by emailing them.

Get A Consolidated View Of All Email Attachments In Gmail — View All Gmail Attachments All At Once

New App 'PowWow' Seeks To Revolutionize The Way We Collaborate Online

Screen grabbing software for the iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Android seem to be ubiquitous nowadays. This category of application allows you to capture, take screenshot on your iPhone, Android and Symbian and save it to a file of JPEG/GIF format.

Images, however, may not be enough when trying to demonstrate something. Mobile operations such as setting up proxy servers on the iPhone or accessing hidden files on the Android may be complicated for some. So it’s better to provide people with video walkthroughs when trying to show how to accomplish something on their phone.

Quick Install, Run Android Apps On Your Windows Computer

Here we are going to explore some of the best applications that let you record screen activity on Smartphone. For those looking for ways on how to capture or record video screencast on the iPhone, iPad and Android, this post is for you.

Screencast and Recorder – Best Screen Grabber App For The Android

Screencast for Android records your phone screen activity at high frame rates into a high quality MPEG4 video. This program includes a gallery to view, play, rename, delete and share your previously recorded videos from within the same user interface.

Finally, A Working iPhone, iPad Emulator for Windows, Mac

Screenshot and live streaming are under development and will be appearing soon. The demo version of Screencast can record up to 30 sec of video so you may need to get the full version to unlock the limitation (2.99 USD only). Download Screencast for Android here.

Note: You need to root your Android device to get this working.

For iPhone or iPad, there's not such an app that works similar to ScreenCast for Android. But there's a workaround for this. ScreenSplitr is an iOS app that mirrors your iPhone/iPad screen on a computer. Using SnagIt or any other video screencast tool for PC, you can then record screen activity on your iPhone and save it as video file. For more information, visit here. Below is a short clip that best describes what ScreenSplitr is and how it works:

How To: Record Screen Activity, Video Screencast On Your Phone

Computer starts to slow down? Conflicting software, driver incompatibility, and corrupt registry can be the reason why your PC starts to bog down. And here’s more: if you constantly leave your PC on standby (with active applications opened), expect for the performance of your PC to get worse.

If you constantly open multiple files and applications all at the same time, you probably have noticed that annoying delays, less-responsiveness, and deprived processing on your PC. This normally is the case especially with Window-based computers; when you launch certain app, say Firefox, it actually generates ample amount of data which are temporarily saved on your disk. And the longer you leave the app running, the more it accumulates data, and that could significantly reduce the overall performance of your PC.

In a situation like this, we often resort to reset/restart our PC. The same action is taken if our computer experiences “freezes” and “hangs-up” due to unresponsive programs or if we’re asked to restart our PC after installing certain app. But actually, you don’t really have to. Follow this simple trick on how to reset your computer without actually restarting:

Computer Freezes, Hangs-Up? Reset Your Computer – No Restart Needed

Step 1 Access your Task Manager with the famous Alt+Ctrl+Delete. This should bring the Windows Task Manager.

Step 2 Find explorer.exe in the list of active processes. Right-click on it and hit End Process. This should bring the Task Manager Warning dialog. Just hit Yes.

Step 3 Launch explorer.exe. Simply click on File > New Task and type “explorer” (without quotes). Hit Ok.

You’re done!

Like this post? You might also want to check out this Windows tips and tricks.

Computer Freezes, Hangs-up? Reset Your Computer Without Restarting

If you want to upload photos to Facebook in bulk or in folder, well, then, you'll need this cool Window application by - Easy Photo Uploader.

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook is a windows application that automatically resize and upload photos to your existing or new Facebook photo album. That is, you no longer have to upload your photos one by one. Easy Photo Uploader is integrated in the shell menu, directly from the windows file explorer.

Tip: Get rid of Facebook spam - here's how to stop it

Uploading photos to Facebook in any folder with Easy Photo Uploader(FREE Download Here)

How Easy Photo Uploader Works?

You need to select your account first, create a Facebook album (you can also use the existing album), and the program will automatically resize to the maximum resolution allowed by Facebook. Your photos are resized first before they get transferred to Facebook servers allowing to upload photos at impressive speed.

How To Use Easy Photo Uploader?

Step 1. Make a selection, right click and select the menu item "Send your photo(s) to Facebook".

Step 2. Select your Facebook account or enter your Facebook login and password.

Step 3. Select in which album you want the pictures to be posted, or you can create one, with also the security settings from the application itself.

That's it! Easy Photo Uploader will then resize to a preset and post all the photos in your Facebook album.

Upload Photos To Facebook in Bulk or in Folder

If you’ve been using DropBox since its inception back in 2008, chances are your FREE DropBox account now is either full or about to run out of space. That’s especially true if you’ve been using the platform as your go-to repository to store your personal and work-related files. That’s a massive 12 years of backup files to date.

While there are a handful of newcomers offering the same DropBox-like functionality + FREE disk space, nothing beats the niftiness and simplicity of DropBox. Not to mention the fact that DropBox has been used by well-known digital companies so we can be sure our data is well-protected.

DropBox’s Basic Plan gives you 2GB of disk space. Sure it’s not enough. And if you’re a freelancer who isn’t ready yet to upgrade, then, read along as I’ll show you how you can get as much as 20GB of disk space from DropBox at no additional cost.

(Note: 2TB starts at $9.99/month, if things aren’t tight please consider upgrading to paid plans)

Here are 5 legal ways to increase your DropBox disk space for FREE

  1. Delete unused files

    Digital assets such as images, PSD, XD, and other Adobe files can easily eat up our DropBox disk space. Visit each and every single folder and see if you can safely remove those files. If it’s already a one-year-old project or so, better delete them.

    Removing those unused files and folders can quickly regain the extra DropBox disk space you need.

  2. ZIP/compress folders

    If you have a large folder on your DropBox you want to keep but don’t constantly use, try archiving it and zip it. You can save as much as half of its size. You can even further reduce it by using the most optimized compression method or use GZIP format to shrink its size.

    How To Unzip Archived Files in DropBox without Downloading them Offline

    Of course, you don’t want to archive those folders you’ll likely access in the next few months. Just archive those 1-2 years old project folders that you don’t have reasons to access again.

  3. Take Advantage of DropBox Referral System

    DropBox has an existing referral system that rewards you with 500MB bonus space for each successful referral installs. Just go to page to get your unique link and you can start inviting friends to signup.

    Get A List of All Google Drive Files & Folders in Google Sheet

    A lot of people have been gaming this system and was able to snatch as much as 16GB of bonus disk space. The popular method includes using virtual machines and doing fake installations using their own referral link. DropBox requires each referred account to install its Windows or Mac app before rewarding the extra 500MB bonus disk space.

  4. Move your backup files to other cloud services

    Again, DropBox has attracted tens of competitors trying to get a slice of the pie. Popular cloud storage platforms include Google Drive, OneDrive, Otixo,, ZeroPC, etc. What these guys have in common is that they have free plans that give you as much as 30GB of FREE cloud storage space.

    You now have multiple options to choose from to unload some of your files and free up your DropBox disk space. You can go classic by downloading your DropBox files and upload them to your cloud storage of choice or you can use cloud storage management platforms such as Otixo to move files between multiple cloud storage providers. Doing so guarantees to free up your DropBox disk space.

  5. Upgrade your DropBox plan

    If you want to skip the headaches of increasing your DropBox disk space, then, this would be your last option. DropBox Plus tier sets you back $9.99 a month which gives you 2 TB storage space. That should already be enough storage space for your digital life.

Wrapping it up

Our work-related stuff can easily eat up our DropBox 2 GB storage space. While there are other cloud storage platforms we can check out, it’s the security & simplicity of DropBox that makes it hard to depart. And if you’re unprepared to upgrade to a much higher storage plan, you can try the above suggestions to free up and increase your DropBox storage space.

5 Ways To Free Up, Increase Your DropBox Disk Space

reader mode google chrome

Google’s Chromium team has recently introduced a few enhancements to its beloved Chrome web browser. One of the features it added albeit hidden is the experimental “Reading Mode“ for Windows and Mac, which essentially strips off unnecessary web elements and gives you a simplified view of a web page.

Google Chrome’s Reader Mode is disabled by default. So you’ll have to enable it yourself. Here's how:

Activating Reader Mode on Google Chrome

  1. Ensure you’re using the latest Google Chrome’s Canary version
  2. In your Chrome address bar, type chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode

    google chrome reader mode

  3. Enable it and restart your browser

Now, every time you lands in a page and you want a simplified view of it, just go to Settings > Distill Page. It should declutter the page, removing background web clutters such as banners, ads, etc.

While it’s good Chromium team finally brings the long-overdue Reader Mode for desktop without installing a third-party extension, Google Chrome’s default Reader Mode is still in its infancy and begs a facelift. Currently, you can’t change the font size, styles, and colors. Such reading mode features are sure a delight once they’re made available in the next iteration of Google Chrome’s version

LOOK: Upcoming Google Chrome Feature Lets You Organize Active Tabs into Groups

So, if you spend a couple of minutes a day glued on addicting BuzzFeed articles and whatnot, then, Google Chrome’s built-in Reader Mode will do you a favor.

How To: Enable Google Chrome’s Built-In Reader Mode

Grabbing APK files from the Play Store may sound absurd, considering that you can just fire up the Play Store app and search your desired Android app and install. That's the de facto legal method of obtaining apps of your choice from the Play Store.

However, there are situations when you needed to bypass the app marketplace for some reasons. For instance:

(a) you may be fiddling around an Android simulator on your Windows or Mac and the only way to install an app is by loading its APK files.

(b) Or you desperately need to install an Android app not available in your country so you resort to bypass the Google Play Store country restriction and just grab its APK files.

(c) Or you've stumbled upon a controversial Android app and you know it's going to be removed soon so you create an APK file as a backup.

Whatever the motivation is, you can always grab a standalone Android Package Kit (APK) from an Android app published on Play Store.

Generate APK File from Google Play Store

The trick is easy.

  1. Head to APK Download website (

  2. Copy and paste the package name or Google Play URL (e.g.

    generate APK from Google Play

  3. Click Generate Download Link button.

    apk generator online

You're done.

Obtaining APK file may take a minute or so depending on an Android app's package size.

How To: Generate APK Files Straight from Google Play Store

The Google Chromium team is currently brewing a new feature to its beloved Google Chrome browser that lets you mitigate tab overload, or at least that's what they try to solve.

Judging from the above screenshot, the upcoming release of Google Chrome enables users to declutter and organize multiple active tabs into one or more groups.

Add Chrome-Like Multiple Tabbing Support To Windows File Explorer With Clover

Such a feature is sure a relief for those power user who constantly juggles between multiple tabs. You can simply move your work-related active tabs into one group and separate the others, creating a less messy working environment.

Google Chrome is not the first browser that implements such Tab Groups feature. In fact, Firefox used to incorporate it first but later discontinued because only a small number of Firefox users were actually using the feature and that maintaining such unpopular feature turned out to be costly for the Firefox team.

5 Best Memory-Saving Chrome Add-ons to Help You Manage Tab Overload

Tab Group is one of the biggest updates of Google Chrome so it might take a couple of months to finally hit the online shore. For the meantime, check out these third-party Chrome extensions that help you manage tab overload.

LOOK: Upcoming Google Chrome Feature Lets You Organize Active Tabs into Groups

Whether you are a seasoned coder or a newbie dabbler, you need a code snippets repository.

A code snippets repository is a place where you can keep a file of your own most-used codes so you can check back and copy the needed lines of codes without having to rebuild them from scratch. Code snippets will basically save you time when developing or administering a website as you no longer have to rewrite the codes to achieve the desired results.

For example, here's a tiny code snippet you can add in your .htaccess file to speed up your site:

Responsimulator: The Most Accurate, Reliable Web-Based iPhone, iPad Simulator Online

While there are already long standing, well-reputed code snippets storage sites freely available out there, there's not such an abundance of apps that can beautifully store and organize your code snippets similar to how GistBox works.

In this post, we're going to explore how GistBox can help you in becoming more productive and learn why you cannot stay away from it once you get your hands into it.

So, what is GistBox?

GistBox is another code repository service designed to make code snippet management a little less boring. GistBox uses GitHub's backend but it comes with its own advanced label and search functionality — the features which are missing in GitHub's Gist.

Use To Copy, Move Files From FTP To Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive and Vice Versa

GistBox was designed to be a curated, personal snippet library – like long term memory for the practicing software engineer.

Here's a few reasons why GistBox is the best:

I like Gist, but it's too limited; it lacks of important functionality like being able to organize your code snippets via tags or labels. So here allow me to point out the notable goodness of GistBox.

Color-Coded Labels. You can create labels as much as you want and assign a color for each label. GistBox Labels works like categories, so for every code snippet you add you can organize it by language, project or purpose.

Advance Search. GistBox's search functionality is surprisingly amazing. If you like how Gmail's search works, then, you'll also love GistBox. With GistBox, you can search through the entire code snippet library or through specific labels.

Collaborate with a group. Another cool feature of GistBox is it's ability for you to create groups and share useful snippets among co-workers — great if you're working with a team.

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GistBox is lightweight, free and usable. And it's a must-have to all devs!
Still not convinced? Go, check out GistBox and see it for your self.

GistBox: The Best Place to Store, Organize Code Snippets and Pastes

If you've been using Spotify for a long time, chances are you've come across an issue with duplicate tracks. It happens from time to time and as more and more songs you add in your playlist, so do the problems that come with it.

Dealing with duplicate files is no easy feat, much more if you're dealing with a large, collaborative playlist. Thankfully, finding and removing duplicate songs on Spotify playlist is not that difficult as what you might think. Here we're going to show you can easily declutter and deduplicate songs on your Spotify playlist in seconds.

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Find and Remove Duplicate Tracks in Your Spotify Playlists

Meet Spotify DeDuplicator, an online tool that allows you to remove all exact duplicate tracks from a selection of Spotify tracks. The tool works this simply:

1) You select all tracks in a Spotify playlist
2) Drag-and-drop them to the the textbox just above the “Deduplicate” button
3) Press Deduplicate
4) Drag-and-drop the result back to your Spotify playlist (or in a new playlist)

As seen on the GIF above, you may need to empty the entire playlist before you drag-and-drop the results back to Spotify, or else those tracks will be added as another duplicates.

Add or Set Music Sleep Timer To Spotify iOS App (No Jailbreak Requried)

So if you start seeing tracks displayed more than once in your Spotify playlist, go check out Spotify DeDuplicator.

The Quickest Way To Remove Duplicate Tracks In Spotify Playlist

To those who want to escape the hassle of downloading documents online and running multiple programs just to view them, well, then, here’s something sweet for you:

Docs Online Viewer is new and a FREE online document viewer add-on for the Mozilla Firefox that eliminates the need for you to download common day job files such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, PDF, CSV, etc. Powered by Google Docs API and Zoho Viewer, Docs Online Viewer is absolutely a time and computer resource saver.

Docs Online Viewer: Use Only Your Web Browser To Open/View DOCS, XLS, PDF, etc.

With Docs Online Viewer, you can view any document with relative ease and safety without having to download it first. This eases the burden of your computer in protecting itself from unwanted malware or tracking cookies, or worse, viruses. It also saves time from having to download something before being able to view it.

Doc Online Viewer also proves very useful for Linux users who do not have Windows Office. The Docs Online Viewer will open any document format such as DOC, DOCX, PDP, PPT, PDF, ODT, and more. 

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Opening documents on your Mozilla Firefox does not even involve installing any software in your computer. All you need to do to start is:

1 With your Firefox, download and install Docs Online Viewer HERE. Firefox may require you to restart your browser after installation.

2 Once installation is done and Firefox has been restarted, you should see a tiny "Eye" icon on the search results page when you search for any documents, whether using Yahoo, Google, or Bing.

3 Click on the "Eye" Icon and another window will appear. The document can then be viewed on this online window within the browser. You can view the pages in order, zoom, and use tab options like File, View, Help, or search for a particular word in a search box.

4 Suppose that you’re using other browser and you want to view some a doc file, just prefix your file URL with:


Some notable goodness of Docs Online Viewer:

  • Cutting down viewing time of documents by avoiding downloading time consumption. 
  • Documents are easily identified using the 
  • Online Viewer Ease, simplicity, and convenience of use. 
  • Honesty to being secure and risk-free. 
  • Pages can be viewed in any order. 
  • Safety, since documents are viewed on the browser. 
  • You can download the original document should you opt to. 
  • You can even edit and save a document online. 

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If you’re wondering how to open documents using only your browser (without using additional software), well, give Docs Online Viewer a shot!

Open and View Online Documents of Any Format Directly On Your Browser without Downloading Them

So you have this rare need of recording your voice; you might want to send a voice instruction to someone or you just want to record your own voice while humming your favorite song.

Well, the good news is you don't have to install another third party audio recording software just to get the job done. All you need is a web browser and a functional microphone attached on your laptop or desktop computer -- and you're done!

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For students, teachers, and other professionals who want to do some audio recording but don't want to install another software, here's a shortlist of 5 FREE web-based audio recording software to record your voice online:

5 FREE Web-based Audio Recording Software To Record Audio Online

1. SoundCloud – allows you to do voice recording or to upload a recording to share with others. Once you are done recording, you can e-mail it and share with others. You can even make podcast more interesting by liking the audios or adding comments. [Link: Soundcloud]

2. Vocaroo – a tool to easily record your voice and then share it with others via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or embed the audio on your blog or website. The tool allows you to upload in different audio formats that you can all share. You do not even need to sign up for this tool. [Link: Vocaroo]

3. AudioPal – another tool that needs no signing up just to record your voice. Like the other apps, you can create as many audio messages as you need, share them with others, or embed them in your blog, website, or social media site. This works particularly well as a teaching tool because of its 6-second time limit. [Link: AudioPal]

4. Chirbit – a great tool that allows you to do voice recording and be able to share it in different social media sites. In addition, it allows you to upload different sound formats, or extract audio from YouTube videos. [Link: Chirbit]

5. Audioboo – recording app that works on iPhone, Android, and Nokia devices. You can also record through the web. Windows Mobile and Blackberry will soon be added. After downloading the app, all you need to do is start using the record button on the front page. Then, you can add a title, some tags, a picture, and even pick the location where it was recorded. The free download has a 3-minute limit on recordings. The app is even more powerful if you register online and fill out your profile. You can follow other people with Audioboo and listen to their uploaded boos. You can even link your recorded boos on other social media platforms, automatically. [Link: Audioboo]

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Top 5 Free Web-based Audio Recording Software to Record Your Voice Online