When a friend is in a dire need of a phone, we do not hesitate to 'volunteer' and lend our device so he can start sending text messages or make a call. Well, that generous act of kindness is not actually a problem. Problem only starts when they begin to open certain applications and scan through your personal stuff (e.g. photos, videos, calls and browsing history) without your permission.

Here we'll try to address this issue by exploring some of the best (and free) application that can smartly lock, password-protect certain applications installed on your iPhone, Android and Nokia s60 Symbian device. Everytime a user tries to launch certain programs installed on your phone (e.g. Mobile Browser, Image Viewer, Inbox) he will be prompted to enter a password.

Stop trojans/viruses from getting transferred from phone to PC

Check out these must-have applications for your Symbian, Android and iPhone to prevent others from opening certain applications and accessing your personal files. These applications can truly save you from friends who have this nasty habit of going through your phone and accessing your text messages, contacts and other pertinent information without your informed consent.

ActiveLock (Symbian) - Restrict Unauthorized Access To Apps, Files/Folders

Active Lock SymbianActiveLock is a lightweight Symbian application that allows you to lock selected applications installed on your phone using a password. The program comes with neat UI and is very easy to use. Just get your free (unsigned) copy of ActiveLock for s60v3 here [24kB], sign it, and install. If you have problem downloading it, just Right-Click > Save Link As.

Send SMS text message? Don't type, just 'say' it!

At first launch, you'll be asked for a passcode, just enter 12345 (that's the default, change it after). ActiveLock will then populate and bring you a list of applications you can lock with a password. Just check and uncheck the applications you want to password-protect, then activate.

The nice thing about ActiveLock is that it works even if your phone has been restarted. So there's no way for your nasty friends to open the protected app even if they remove your battery.

LockDown - Password Protect/Lock Applications On iPhone, iPad

Active Lock SymbianLockDown is yet another free must-have application for the iPhone that can help you protect specific applications installed on your phone. LockDown is available in Cydia and works perfectly on jailbroken iPhone OS 3.0. LockDown supports 2.x firmwares as well. Follow this guide for more details. For better firmware support, you may want to try LockDown Pro for iPhone.

AppLock - Protect Your Android Apps With A Password

App Lock AndroidAppLock (lite) is a free Android application that lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode. You can virtually lock all applications such as SMS, Email, Pictures, Calendar, and Web Browser. This is similar to App Protector Pro ($1.99) except that it's free. Download AppLock for Android here.

Learn how to automatically turn off your phone at specific time

Never again can your friend access your inbox, gallery or web browser without your permission. With these applications, you can password protect, lock virtually all types of applications installed on your iPhone, Symbian and Android. Thus, privacy is protected.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

App makers outside Apple know best what needs to be developed and what's not. Users'thirst of really useful, great apps are not left in the wild unnoticed. In fact, it motivates and drives competition among developers who create a great selection of apps for us to enjoy.

Unfortunately, great apps don't easily make its way to Apple's AppStore. Not because they're too buggy or useless but because of Apple's restrictive policy, preventing developers to accomplish something great.

5 Essential Android Apps That We Wish Existed On The iPhone

In this post, we're going to explore some of the great, useful apps that exist in other mobile operating system but not in non-jailbroken iOS. These are apps that are sure a big hit and will make your iPhone a little less dumb once made available in iTunes.

Smart app protector to password-protect individual iOS apps without Jailbreak

I have a non-jailbroken iPhone 5 and just like you, I've been looking for iOS apps similar to Android's AppLock so I can restrict access to some of my personal & finance apps by protecting them with a password. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to have a way out except for iAppLock, a jailbreak app that can password-protect apps in iOS devices.

The reason why Apple can't approve such apps is that it is a violation of terms for an application to make a system-wide change and make a password for individual app. Applications have to one-by-one add password locks if they want to. Yeah, I know. It sucks!

More in this category:

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS
How To: Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Browser
How To: Lock, Protect Certain Programs Installed On Your Computer

An offline answering machine for iOS

Offline Answering Machine for iOS is undoubtedly one awesome app! This is a kind of software that automatically answers phone calls with your pre-recorded greeting and records/saves the voice message straight to your iPhone, bypassing telco's voice mailbox service. Not only can you cut your phone bills but sure you can avoid unanswered phone calls from important people.

Back in Symbian days, Voice Inbox is one of my must-have apps that does just that. If you still have s60v3 phones, you should go and get this app. Things you can do with it: replay voice messages anytime without calling an operator, see the name of the caller (not just a number), call back in a click.

As yet, neither Android nor iOS has an app for that.

A call-recording software for iPhone

Being able to record phone calls (and even Skype calls) is sometimes necessary, most especially if someone is giving you important directions over the phone. If you're confused or unsure what your mom or boss has said, you can turn to the recorded phone call and listen it once again.

Both Android and Symbian have decent working apps for that. For iOS, I can't still find any.

Tasker-like automation app for iPhone

If you've been on Android in the past, you should have already heard about Tasker. Tasker is an award-winning app that brings complete automation to your Android device.

There are plenty of automation options you can exploit with Tasker; it can automatically send SMS to your parents when you're leaving the house, it can automatically switch your phone to “Silent” mode when you're in office, among others.

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

While there's IFTTT for iPhone you can explore, Tasker is far more advanced and feature-rich as compared to IFTTT.

AdBlocker for iPhone to block pesky ads popping on your favorite game/app.

There's no need for me to enumerate the pros of having an ad-blocking software installed on your iOS device. Unfortunately, ad-blocking software are too controversial that they don't even make their way to Play Store or AppStore. Unless you do the risky business of jail-breaking or “rooting”, you can block ads on your Android or iPhone.

Have something to add on this list? Buzz off in the comments below. :)

5 Essential Non-Jailbreak iPhone Apps That Apple Should Allow In App Store

Previously on this blog we have talked about Browser Lock, yet another awesome browser extension that lets you lock, password-protect Google Chrome browser. If you haven't had the chance to check it out, head over HERE.

Now if you're wondering about how to password lock and restrict others from accessing your Chrome bookmarks on your shared computer, you might want to check this password-protecting browser extension called LockMyFavs.

Prevent Others From Accessing Your Bookmarks - Protect Your Bookmarks With A Password (Chrome)

LockMyFavs (link) is a handy browser extension for Chrome that lets you lock, password-protect your bookmarks on Chrome. With this extension you can create a separate list of bookmarks  right on your Chrome and make them accessible only to you.

Burn Note: Send Password-Protected, Self-Destructing Email Messages

Here's how it works:

Step 1 Download and Install LockMyFavs from Chrome Web Store HERE.

Step 2 Once installed, click on that tiny "favorite" icon that sits next to your address bar, as seen below.

Step 3 If you're using the extension for the first time you may need to complete the one-time registration by simply filling out a valid email address and password, and you're good to go. Otherwise, just login.

Step 4 Once logged in you should be able to see all your web favorites/bookmarks listed under "Library" tab. From there you can search, filter and manage all your saved bookmarks.

Access Your Firefox, Chrome Bookmarks On Any Computer Anywhere

To add new site on your list, just right-click anywhere on the page you're currently browsing and select the Add To LockMyFavs option from the context menu. Or you can click on the LockMyFavs icon on the top.

It's that easy!

Easiest Way To Block, Restrict Access To Unwanted Websites - No Additional Software Needed

The real cream of the crop of LockMyFavs is that your bookmarks will be stored in the clouds. This means that anywhere you go, in any computer, you will have your bookmarks with you!

How To: Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Bookmarks And Access Them Anywhere

Your PC, laptop and even PDAs can all be protected from illegal access with a password using dedicated file security programs. Users get prompted for a password every time they attempt to open the protected files. Yeah, this is cool! But, do you know that you too can protect your USB sticks from illegal access using password? Every time a user tries to open and format your USB stick, he will be asked for a correct password. And the coolest part about it is that you don’t need to install third party application just to encrypt and password protect your files and documents stored on your USB sticks.

If you rely on USB stick or portable hard disk as your main storage device, you should take the full advantage of BitLocker. BitLocker is a built-in program of Windows 7 designed to help you restrict access to your pen drives and external disks. Encrypting and protecting your USB sticks with a password using BitLocker is just a matter of minutes. Here’s the step by step guide on how you can secure your files/documents inside your thumb drive by encrypting and setting up a password.

Step 1 - Insert your portable hard disk (e.g. USB flash drive).

Step 2 - Using Windows Explorer, map and right click your USB stick and select "Turn on BitLocker".

Step 3 - A small window should now pop up prompting you for a password. Enter your desired password and hit “Next”. (Note: this password will be required by the time you open your USB stick later).

Step 4 – BitLocker will now create and save a recovery key on your computer just in case you forget your password. Just select the first option to save the recovery key in a text file in a secure place.

Step 5 – BitLocker should now start encrypting your portable disk. The process could take a few minutes depending on the data volume in your removable disk.

Step 6 – Now once done, remove your USB stick and try to insert it again and voila, you should be prompted for a password!

Just because BitLocker is a Windows 7 application doesn’t mean you can still break and open your BitLocker-protected USB stick on your XP and Vista computers. The nice thing about BitLocker is that it is machine independent and should be useful for locking your USB thumb drives!

(By Freddie Lore of TipTutorial.com)

How To Encrypt and Password Protect Your USB Sticks?

Forgot to bring your phone? Left your mobile phone at home, at work or anywhere in an unsafe place?

Don't panic!

Good news is: there's a FREE app that can remotely lock, disable your phone by simply sending an SMS text message using another phone, thus making your "forgotten" phone a lot useless to whoever finds it -- be they your mom, dad or girlfriend/boyfriend who might take the time to open your phone's inbox and browse through your phone's contents without you knowing.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

Think the app uses the old method of connect-to-the-internet first before it does all the work? It's a hell no!

Send An SMS Command To Remotely Lock Your Android Phone With A Password (Android)

Meet Lost Phone (link), yet another cleverly useful utility app for the Android that can smartly lock, and password protect your lost/forgotten Android phone. You just have to send an text message with predefined SMS command. As soon as your "forgotten" phone receives the message, it instantly launches the app, prompting you to enter the password. There's no way for almost anyone to operate and view all contents on your phone unless they enter the correct password.

Here's what Lost Phone can do for your Android phone:
  • Send an SMS and lock the lost phone with a password.
  • Locate the phone by SMS.
  • Remotely lock Android app by sending SMS
  • Send a SMS and set ringer volume to max so you can call and find phone
  • If a new SIM-card is detected, it locks the lost phone and sends SMS to your friends from the new number.

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

I've been a long time user of quite a handful of remote locking apps cluttered in the Android Market. And yes they're all great but the way they operate is not quite impressive. I like the simplicity of Lost Phone as there's completely no need to activate phone's packet data before you can see things in action. Lost Phone requires no internet connection. Rather you just have to send an SMS text message to the lost or forgotten phone.

Download Lost Phone from Google Play Store HERE.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

If you are little too concerned about sending secret messages online, where everything can be snooped out by nearly almost anyone, now a brand new web service called Burn Note seeks to make your private communication online ultra-secure.

Burn Note (link) is a free web service that allows you to send messages with utmost secrecy. The service gives you the ability to password-protect your email/digital messages before it can be viewed by the recipient online. And the real cream of the crop is: recipients only get the chance to read your message once; Burn Note has this self-destructing technology that automatically deletes the message once it is read, leaving no trace online or on your computer.
How Does It Work?

Sending a secure message with Burn Note is quite straight-forward. All you have to do is to visit their nifty website, type in your message, optionally assign a password, and hit “Send”. Burn Note will then automatically generate a unique link which you can send to anyone via email, SMS, or other digital means of your choice.

When the recipient opens your password-protected Burn Note link, he will then be taken to a page prompting for a password. And supposed a valid password has been entered, recipient can then read and destroy the note.

Burn Note allows emails to be viewed for 60 seconds, then “self-destruct”, becoming untraceable online or on your computer.

Prevent Anyone From Opening Certain Applications Installed On Your PC

You don’t need to register to start using Burn Note. But signing up for a free account enables Burn Note to send notifications when your email is opened/read.
Burn Note is a breath of fresh air in secure messaging technology. Aside from giving you the ability to password-protect your email messages online, Burn Note brings a couple of security features which are missing in most private messaging platform of today. 

Burn Note Lets You Send Password-Protected, Self-Destructing Email Messages

As with other web browsers, Google Chrome records your login information, passwords, sessions and cookies everytime you visit a website. These are bits of information web browsers store and use so that you don't need to re-login and provide the same information all over again when you visit the same website. The feature is useful, but here's the ugly side: anyone who sneak use your laptop/computer can access the same webpages using your login/cookie information. And this is pretty dangerous if the saved web information has something to do with money.

If you don't want this to happen, one best way is to lock and protect your Chrome browser with a password so that no one else can access the internet without your permission. Take control over who access the internet through your browser; learn how to lock and protect your Chrome browser quickly and easily.

Browser Lock - Restrict People To Use Your Browser

Browser Lock is a free Google Chrome extension that disallows people to access the internet through your browser without your permission. If the plugin successfully installed, you can quickly lock your browser by simply pressing Ctrl+Shift+Lock keys.

Trigger an alarm when someone moves your computer mouse

With Browser Lock, no one can click or use the Tab button to highlight any element when it is locked, scrolling is not allowed either. Even if you open a new tab, reopen the browser or go to another website, it will still be locked and no one will be able to use it.

For download and installation instructions, visit Browser Lock at Chrome App Store.

Protect your USB stick with a password

If you're using Mozilla Firefox and want the same browser lock protection, you may check out this "How To Lock Mozilla Firefox With A Password" eHow tutorial.

How To: Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Browser

When you're working in a shared computer, it is often necessary to restrict others from accessing certain applications/programs installed on your PC. You don't want other people to get access with your confidential information by just simply launching certain apps without you knowing. Also, you cannot afford your kids to mess around with your files and open certain apps which could potentially bring them to websites with inappropriate contents.    

How To: Sync Your Files Across Multiple Computers, Mobile Devices

Here I am going to walk you through to another free tool that can help you prevent others from executing certain applications installed on your computer. The tool is called Applocker, a free software locking tool that locks certain applications on your computer. If you don't want others to run certain apps on your computer, then, Applocker is for you.

Applocker - Prevent Others From Opening/Executing Certain Apps On Your Computer

Applocker is a freeware that prevents specified programs from being launched. It lets you limit what applications can be used on your computer. Applocker is very useful especially for parents who want to restrict their kids to use computer, or just to keep certain programs out of reach of other people. Applocker is only limited to locking .EXE files, so you cannot lock control panel, and anything of that sort. You can however lock things like Task Manager, Explorer, Firefox, FileZilla and other .EXE files.

Protect Your USB Stick With A Password

Here's how you can lock specific programs on your computer with Applocker:

  1. Download and install your free copy of Applocke here.
  2. Launch and configure the app.
Applocker may not be the best free app-locking software available today, but we can still get the best protection by doing some 'dirty tricks'. Applocker by default allows you to lock any application by simply specifying executable's file-name. But the app doesn't have this feature of self-protection -- Applocker is not protected by itself.

Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome

To protect Applocker from being launched, just move Applocker.exe and config.txt  to any secret directory, or you can save it on your flash drive. Access both files here: C:\Program Files\SmartX\Smart-X AppLocker. And yes, you can also lock Applocker.exe using the app itself; just go to Application Locker Configuration and add Applocker.exe as protected .EXE. In order to open the locked Applocker.exe, just rename the actual Applocker.exe file to anything like Applocker1.exe.

Lock certain programs installed on your PC; prevent your kids and other users from opening unwanted apps!

How To: Lock, Protect Certain Programs Installed On Your Computer

Title says it all. Image Search of Google is now being used by "bad guys" to distribute spywares, scarewares, and other malicious software today. The crime is simple: attackers injected malicious codes with their fake and automated websites based on the hottest topics in the internet.

Ever wondered how Osama Bin Laden's websites were created shortly after his death?

What must be the disturbing part about this latest attack is that these artificial websites store fresh contents, so Google bots basically love to crawl them and present them to you FIRST. The malicious people behind these attack used most advanced scripts to initiate their attack by fully automating the creation of these websites which can cleverly monitor trending queries in the internet. In short, these websites have good SEO position as they basically collect the freshest and the latest information about the most-talked topics in the internet.

Google Image Attack Virus

These websites are potentially unsafe because of the malicious scripts embedded on it. By the time you click on any of the resulting links or thumbnails, you'll be taken to another page that offers fake antivirus system software. And worst, some of these websites perform false virus scan and immediately prompts you to purchase and install antispyware system to disinfect (or restore) your files.

How to encrypt and password protect your USB stick

While Google is still working the best possible they can to remove this Google Image attack, here's what you can do in order to protect yourself from such risky game:

1. Be Careful with "attractive" offers, rewards and freebies

If you click on a resulting thumbnail and you're redirected to a web page with some "attractive" offers and freebies, watch out. Most of these websites host malicious scripts which can steal your information in the background even before you click on some links. If the website is loaded with annoying popups, then, leave!

2. Watch out for "scarewares"

The guys behind this attack on Google make money by offering scarewares. Scarewares are fake antispyware programs that masquerade as "genuine" one. You probably have visited to a website alerting you that your PC got infected and you need to install "XYZ" program in order to avoid complete wipe out with your disk. If you're prompted with such message, go away.

3. Check the credibility of the website

When you click on a resulting image and you're taken to another suspicious page, check the credibility of that site online. Follow this guide on how to check if a website is safe to browse.

4. Make sure you have an updated anti-spyware installed

How to check if your antivirus software is working - using only Notepad

A good anti-spyware or AV system software should automatically blocks malicious sites from executing throughout your system. So, make sure both your OS and antivirus system are updated.

5. Curb your clicking habit

No spywares get into your system if you're just little too careful with what you click on the web. Your image search query "Osama bin Laden" may return a lists of cloaking websites that present nothing but irrelevant info. If you've come into this type of website, then, exit!

Browsing the net is not truly safer these days. Even the internet giant Google's Image Search service was hit by such abuse. But as a web user, you can always outsmart those cyber criminals trying to abuse Google Image by following those suggestions I've mentioned above.

How to protect your USB and storage devices from worms, malwares

Google Image Search Is Under Attack - 5 Things You Can Do

WARNING! The SMS spy applications detailed below are intended to be used only for private and legal purposes. They cannot be used for violating anyone's rights, spying or other illegal purposes. User of any of these spying software takes all responsibility for using these applications in any illegal use cases.

Tired of cheating husband? Do you ever suspect your wife or girlfriend is making an affair? Do you suspect your kids are secretly buying stuff they're not supposedly getting? Ever wondered who's that someone trying to interact with your daughter? If yes, then, a remote SMS monitoring spy app for Android or iPhone is all you need.

Below are some of the best and free and paid SMS monitoring apps that you can install on your iPhone, Android and even Symbian and Blackberry device. These remote SMS monitoring mobile apps allow you to remotely spy and monitor text messages, SMS of your cheating husband, kids without their knowledge.

Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Collect iOS Photos Taken on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

Best & Free Remote SMS Monitoring App For Android, iPhone

  1. SMS Replicator Android Secret Spy App - Spy, Read Someone's Inbox

    SMS Replicator, one of the most controversial applications for Android, does almost the same with SMS Monitor. It automatically forwards another copy of every successful text message, SMS sent. This SMS spy app works well with Android and can be used to spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend or kids or simply for fun. Simply grab the phone while they are taking bath. Download and install SMS Replicator for Android, configure it with your number. Once done, the app will run in the background and it will forward incoming messages to you.

    Secret SMS ReplicatorIf successfully installed, this SMS remote spy app for Android has no icon so it is impossible to find on phone and will run on its own. The only way to reveal the app is to text the phone with your secret password. Just text "000" to the phone to open the secure settings and choose the forwarding number.

    In my test, it really worked like a charm and felt that uncomfortable feeling of guilt of being able to monitor whoever I want to track. So please use it at your own risk.

    SMS Replicator, being a controversial Android app, cannot be downloaded on PlayStore so you have to look for it on Google or other file hosting sites. I previously hosted it at 110mb.com but apparently the hosting site is already unavailable, and I don't have backup :( Sorry about that.

  2. Mobile Spy - The most advanced, next generation remote SMS spying software for iPhone

    UPDATE: I originally wrote this article back in 2011 so I can no longer vouch if Mobile Spy still works for iPhone, considering the often-updated, walled ecosystem of iOS. However, you can go give it a try, request a demo and see if it's what you need.

    However, the closest alternative I can think of to somehow monitor your kids is to use IFTTT and track every single snap without them knowing (no Jailbreak required). Follow this guide how you can Use IFTTT as a spy app to secretly copy, collect iOS photos on iPhone, iPad.

    Mobile Spy Mobile Spy is your ultimate solution for remote mobile spying needs. This is a subscription-based app, with great handset support, and comes with advanced remote monitoring functions.

    Mobile Spy uses the Internet capabilities of your phone, records your text and call activities, and logs your GPS locations. All data are then quickly uploaded to your Mobile Spy account so that you can monitor the activity of your cheating husband or kids via web. To download, visit Mobile Spy website.

    Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Via SMS

    Your two timer husband is less likely to make the same crime again if you install SMS spying/monitoring app on his phone. If you manage a business, your employees are less likely to abuse their SMS privileges.

  3. SMS Monitor - Get instant copy for every SMS, text message sent and received by your husband or kids

    This is one of my favourite apps back in Symbian days (Nokia) so if you have old Symbian device lying around, you can use below's app. Otherwise, you can skip this part.

    SMS MonitorSMS Monitor is a powerful tool for remote sms-monitoring. It was purposely created for security audit and parental control. You'll be able to read every single text message/SMS being sent and received.

    SMS Monitor Key Features:

    - the app secretly sends incoming and outgoing SMS from mobile phone where it is installed to an admin number (you)

    - all messages would be sent in hidden mode

    - application is not shown in phone menu (there's no way for them to jon and uninstall)

    - the app does not keep copies of SMS in sent and reports folders

    - the app is not shown in Task List

    Free SMS Bombing Apps To Send Multiple Messages All At Once

    SMS Monitor perfectly works on any s60v3 and s60v5 Nokia Symbian handsets. Download, sign and install the app called SmsMonitor.v1.0.sis, just google it. Remember to install the app to your kid or husband's phone (of course, do it behind closed doors). After installation the application starts in hidden mode. To prepare it for work, just grab another phone -- your phone (not necessarily Symbian) and text "set admin" (without quotes) to your kid or husband's number. The message should be received and deleted automatically. If successfully installed, you should receive all inbound and outbound SMS/text messages being sent or received by your husband/kid.

If you know any other remote SMS spy app, please email me (or comment below) and I will update the list.

How To: Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS Text Messages on iPhone, Android (UPDATED)

Imagine you're chilling outside together with your friends, maybe on the veranda with beer, enjoying the night while your party playlist is humming in the background.

What if I told you there's an app that allows you or anyone to enqueue, play tracks by simply sending a text message to your phone?

Enqueue, Play Next Song By Title Through Text Message (link)

Well, that's basically the premise of this brand new app called “Party Player”, a free music app currently available for Android that allows your phone to receive and automatically play song requests through text messages. And no, it doesn't need an internet connection to work.

How it works?

The app works this simply: you or your friends will just have to send a text message "Play<space>Song Name" to your Android phone. Party Player will then automatically stop any currently playing song and look for and play the matching track found on your phone. When the song request finishes, the previously playing song will be continued.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Party Player is surprisingly smart; if a song request returns multiple results, the sender automatically gets a reply via SMS prompting them which song they want to play.

How cool is that?!

Of course, song requests can come from different sources, including song requests coming from non-Android devices. The app also comes with a simple “Blacklist” support so you can disallow certain contacts from requesting a song, useful if you have friends with poor music taste :D

It's creator, iamcamcamiam22, teased the app on Reddit yesterday, showing how the Party Player works. Here's the creator with his demo video:

Download: Party Player [Play Store]

Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS — Send SMS Text Message To Set Alarm Clock

New Android App 'Party Player' Lets You Enqueue, Play Song Via SMS

If you're a long-time Android power user who just switched to iOS, you would want to warn everyone how hard it is to enjoy the kind of customizability and convenience that Android brings to the table. For sure iOS has the kind of mobile experience that's missing on the Android, and so does the Android to iOS. But if we are to weigh both based on the criterion of which one gives the best mobile experience, Android, well for me, is the real winner.

Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

The following 5 Android apps hopefully explains why Android is the best platform & why it can make your digital life a lot easier compared to iPhone:

1) Tasker (link)

Tasker is one of the Android apps that makes every iPhone user jealous. This $3.00 USD app makes your Smartphone extra smart by automatically executing certain actions based on the profile or criteria you created. You can define a set of instructions/actions which will be automatically performed by your phone in response to events such as location change, time of day, among others.

Example: you can automatically put your phone into silent mode when you're entering on your office, or you can automatically send an SMS to someone when you're leaving the house. There are myriad of automation options you can exploit with Tasker, making your Android experience utterly unforgettable.

2) Astro File Manager (link) & LCG X-Plore (link)

On the iPhone, it's cumbersome to do simple things like unzipping a file, view a PDF, view office files, and even do a simple job of organizing your files straight from your iOS device. Even sending email with multiple attachments & deleting multiple photos inside the iPhone's Gallery are impossible.

How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)

I wish file managers like Astro and LCG X-Plore are available too on the iPhone. Both apps give you full access to your data on your mobile device. And the bonus: these apps have built-in viewer of office files and are bundled with cloud storage integration.

3) Wifi Kill (link)

Now, let's talk about evil: how many times have you wished you could disconnect other devices connecting on a congested wireless network so you can enjoy the extra bandwidth juices on that network? Yes, you can manage and "kill" other devices with this awesome root-only app: Wifi Kill.

4) AirDroid (link)

Your Android experience won't be complete without AirDroid. With AirDroid, you don’t even need to touch your phone in order to use it. The app allows you to access your device remotely by going to AirDroid website and scanning the QR code on the page. The free version of the app lets you do things like reply to text messages, organize your photos, and play music -- all from a web browser while the paid version lets you remotely access your camera and helps you locate a missing or stolen device.

5) SuperBeam (link)

SuperBeam makes transferring of large files as convenient and fast as it should have been. SuperBeam allows you to share large files between Android devices at a blazing speed using WiFi Direct. If WiFi Direct fails, you can even use existing WiFi network to move files from one device to another. Go check out SuperBeam at Play Store.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

Those are my shortlist of 5 essential Android apps that hopefully will make their way to iOS!

5 Essential Android Apps That We Wish Existed On The iPhone

Almost everyone has been through this nerve-racking experience before. You are filling out an online form, and it is a long one. Perhaps it is an online Auto Loan or Mortgage Refinancing form. You are finished so you click on the ‘Submit’ button. Only, what happens is that you get an error message, and when you click the 'Back' button, the form is blank. So, what do you do, start over again?

Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Bookmarks And Access Them Anywhere

Now you can install a Google Chrome add-on called Lazarus. Simply put, Lazarus saves everything you typed into that form, so if anything should happen, all the data is saved and can be recovered from the Lazarus menu.

Lazarus: Autosaves Everything You Type On A Form From Form-killing Timeouts, Crashes (link)

Lazarus is a simple form recovery add-on for Chrome browsers. In case you experience those nasty network errors, crashes, and other form-erasing timeouts, this app automatically saves and recovers everything you typed on an online form.

There is even an option wherein all the data you typed can be encrypted and saved on your computer, safely.

Lazarus is free and can be automatically installed on your Google Chrome. To date, more than 500,000 have downloaded Lazarus.

Learn How To Automatically Send Email Messages At Later Time (Gmail)

A new 3.0 version will be released soon for compatibility with Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Download: Lazarus Form Recovery [Chrome link]

Lazarus Is Your Time-Saving Chrome Add-On That Saves Anything You Type On A Web Form

No matter how good the apps management is of a certain operating system, in its course of use it will eventually gather junk files.

Junk files are basically files or data that have once been useful but is irrelevant for the time being. After you download a game or an application, sometimes it will have to download additional files for it to work properly.

When you're finished playing the game or using the application, it's recommended to remove the app, especially if it's a free app, to recover space. This is a good practice as some applications have background processes running and using that precious battery power unnecessarily.

However, some apps don’t have a thorough uninstallation script and that leaves a lot of files in your system. Most devices don't offer expandable storage space, specially iOS devices, which leaves you with a meager available space for your media. It's time to get rid of junk files from your Android/iPhone device.

Add More Space To Your iOS, Android Devices By Removing Junk Files

Allow us to share an Android and a free iPhone application that will help us get rid of junk files on your Android and iPhone devices in no time.

PhoneClean Removes Unnecessary Files On Your iPhone, iPad & iTouch (link)

PhoneClean for iPhone is a desktop application that runs on a windows PC. When you connect your iPhone for charging or syncing on iTunes, why not take an extra time to clean up and get rid of those junk files on your iPhone? iOS maybe the “most advanced” mobile operating system but it still uses caches and temp files to keep things going. By getting rid of these junk files, this allows us to open heavy websites and resources intensive application faster because our device has more free space to use.

Recover All Accidentally Deleted JPEG Files, Photos On Your Android Device

PhoneClean is free to use and, as expected from an application that deals with iOS devices, has a pretty straightforward interface. PhoneClean is also smart enough to allow you to keep some cache and offline data like news, articles, magazines, and book data you’re subscribed to.

Get PhoneClean for free and reclaim what is rightfully yours.

1-Click Cleaner Quickly Cleans Up Your Android Phone (link)

Just like iOS on iPhone, the Android operating system on your Android device uses caches and temp files too. This can include old SMS, browsing history, call records, and other files on your SD card. The difference with this app from the one from iPhone is that this application runs on the device itself.

1-Click cleaner can help you to easily get rid of junk files on your android device with, well, 1 click.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

With 1-Click Cleaner, you can clear all the cache that eats up your storage space, uninstall applications, clear application data, and force stop running application. You can also mass delete SMS based on contacts, unknown senders, or delete all.

Unlike other advanced android applications, you don’t need a rooted device for this to work.

Get 1-Click Cleaner from Google Play now.

Free Up Your Phone From Temporary, Unnecessary Files With These Junk Cleaner Apps [iPhone & Android]

Here’s the thing, you’re doing research on the net and you need to take notes. What you’re doing is you’re either switching screens continuously from the website to your notes or you just minimize Microsoft Office Word or Notepad to take notes, which can be very tedious and annoying.

Now, there’s a simpler way to facilitate research work and learning. Google Chrome introduces Split Screen, a Chrome extension for convenient note taking.

Split Your Chrome Browser into Multiple Resizable Windows With Split Screen (link)

Split Screen is a free add-on for Google Chrome. It simply splits the screens on your PC browser into multiple re-sizable windows. Its default feature is its two windows, the left window opening up as a notepad for taking notes.

Another feature of Split Screen is that it can be set so that two websites open side by side. This is useful if you need to do multiple sources research or site comparisons. The user can even split the screen horizontally, another great option feature. If the user decides to split two notepads with one website, it can be done.

How To: Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Browser

Split Screen is easily customized. All you need to do is select from the “Options” or just type the appropriate command into the address bar of a window.

Installation of the Google Chrome extension is fast and easy. It just gives another good reason to stick with, and use, Google Chrome.

Split Screen: Splits Your Web Browser into Multiple Resizable Windows

Wouldn't it be cool if you can just send an SMS text message to your friends, and with just a simple hit of "Accept" button, your friend's phone will then automatically fire an alarm based on the timestamp you sent?

Well, this is exactly how the new Android app will do for you: it lets you set an alarm clock by simply sending a specially-formatted SMS to a specific (or group) of phone numbers at once.

Smart isn't it?

Flying Alarm Clock: Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS (Android)

You can surely save anyone from any morning disaster with this mind-blowing app called Flying Alarm Clock, a clever Android app that allows you to set an alarm clock by simply sending an SMS text message. This is sort of sending a reminder, with complete alarm date and time, to any phone number.

Flying Alarm Clock must be installed on your friend or kid's Android phone (Get it HERE).

Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Unlike the built-in calendar app for Android which is also capable of sending reminders, Flying Alarm Clock doesn't require you to own a hi-end phone just to remotely set your friend's alarm clock. The sweetest part about this FREE Android app is that you can use a monologue phone or even a web-based SMS facility to remind your friends to wake up at particular date/time.

This is basically how you compose a text message to remotely set an alarm clock by SMS:
In the text above, I'm instructing John's phone to set an alarm at 8:50 a.m. in 12th of June, 2012 with an optional message of "Hey John, class this 9".

By the time John receives the message, his Android should prompt like this:

Flying Alarm Clock is truly a brilliant app. Imagine you only have to send an SMS to set your kid or friend's alarm clock?

Learn How To Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS, Text Messages

I've got a suggestion to the developer though. I hope in the next release, no more "Accept" prompts by the time the alarm SMS notification is received. Rather an alarm is automatically set as soon as the message is received. That's definitely a complete automation.

Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS — Send SMS Text Message To Set Alarm Clock

There might come a time when you need to do a quick search for specific phrase or keywords on your phone's inbox. It could be a specific milligram of a medicine, the name of your boss’ partner or anything important that's being forwarded by a friend thru SMS.

But the problem: you don't have the time to manually search through your inbox, and all you've got in mind is the word "PIN" in the SMS text message.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

There are many ways of making your phone achieve such feats but your solution perhaps may require you to rummage through your inbox with hundreds of text messages buried down there. As part of our commitment to provide you with the much-needed tools and resources to heighten your mobile experience, we bring you another awesome iPhone and Android app called Handcent SMS.

Free iPhone, Android App To Search SMS Text Messages By Keyword

Handcent SMS is a free iPhone and Android app that can search SMS text by keyword. Handcent SMS does not only offer you an SMS search feature but it also allows you to make it your default application to handle your SMS needs. Handcent SMS also comes with a built-in anti-spam capability so you can blacklist, stop those pesky spammers from ruining your day.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Handcent SMS also gives you the option to customize SMS alerts for individual contacts, from ringtones, vibrations, backgrounds and even signatures.

Download Handcent SMS for Android [Google Play Link]
Download Handcent for iPhone [Cydia Link]

Griffith Boniel

About the author:

Griffith Boniel is a Bukidnon-based photographer, Nikon User, and a Nokia fan who's also passionate about social media, mobile and web technology. You can follow @gboniel on Twitter.

How To: Find, Locate Specific SMS Text Messages By Keyword (iPhone & Android)

Have you ever gotten tired of manually opening/launching your favorite mobile apps during startup? If yes, well, then, you're not alone!

I have few too good applications installed on my phone. Light Control for example is my power-saving app that can smartly shutdown unused keypad lights, thus prolonging the life of my battery. JB Taskman is yet my favorite task manager app that can quickly kill unresponding apps and show hidden operations inside your phone. On top of these apps, I also have Voice Inbox installed -- a smart application that can automatically take phone calls whenever I'm busy or I'm asleep.

Learn How To Lock, Password-Protect Certain Applications  Installed On Your Phone

Those are just some of my favorite apps, and I can't afford to carry my phone without them running. And sure you have your own "favorites" too. Yes?

While it's never necessary to automate the launching of these mobile apps during initial startup, you'll love the convenience if you can just let your phone auto-run those apps for you. Here we are going to explore another breed of applications that can automatically run, open certain applications installed on your phone. These autorun managers are designed so you don't have to manually run a dozen of applications each time your smartphone is being rebooted.

Best Application Startup Manager For Android, s60 Nokia Symbian

ExeMaster (Symbian) - Automatically Launch Specific Apps During Startup

 ExeMaster is a wonderful creation of Verysoft that allows you to automatically open, run certain applications during startup. Simply add all software you wish to be launched automatically, and then switch them on!

Automate Your Phone -- Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

The simple and handy interface of ExeMaster gives you the option to hide or minimize the auto-launched applications. Download exeManager for Nokia Symbian s60v3 (SIS) here.

Startup Manager - Best Application Startup Manager for Android

Startup Manager for Android gives you the control over what Android applications to start and what not to start. This incredibly useful Android application works almost similar to exeMaster, only that it can do more than just auto-execute certain apps on startup.

Turn Your iPhone, Android, Symbian Phone Into Remote Surveillance Camera With Motion Detection

As with exeMaster, Startup Manager lets you specify third-party apps you wish to be automatically executed once your phone is turning on. Add to that, you can also disable startup apps, and auto-kill those autoruns which could potentially bog down your phone during startup. Get it here. (Please note that Startup Manager for Android has limited handset support).

How To: Automatically Launch, Run Certain Applications During Startup -- For Android & Symbian

This short tutorial will show you how to make your Firefox and Chrome bookmarks accessible anytime and anywhere. The process is simple: export all Firefox and Chrome bookmarks to the cloud so you can access and manage them anywhere using any browser of your choice.

Why export Chrome and Firefox bookmarks to the cloud?

How To: Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Bookmarks And Access Them Anywhere

Obviously, the prime advantage of putting all bookmarks to the cloud is accessibility. For people who work on multiple machines/computers, the availability of most favorited links is definitely a big help. Exporting all your bookmarks to the cloud is also good for safety. If you're on a shared computer, you can freely remove all bookmarks saved on your desktop so others will not be able to access them.

Access Your Chrome, Firefox Bookmarks On Any Computer Anytime, Anywhere

Follow this simple guide on how to make your Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even IE bookmarks available anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks:

Step 1 Signup for Google Bookmarks here

Step 2 If your bookmarks are saved in a browser other than Firefox, export them first as .htm/.html file. For instance, to export Chrome bookmarks to Firefox just go to Settings > Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager > Organize > Export Bookmarks.

Step 3 Import the exported bookmarks to Firefox. To do that, open your Firefox and then go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks (shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B) > Import and Backup > Import HTML.

Step 4 Download and install Google Toolbar. Once installed, you should be able to see in your Firefox something like this:

Step 5 Import your bookmarks from Firefox to Google Bookmarks. In Google Toolbar, click on Bookmarks > Import Firefox Bookmarks.You're done!

Now, go to Google Bookmarks, you should see your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks in the list!

Lazarus Is Your Time-Saving Chrome Add-On That Saves Anything You Type On A Web Form

Making your bookmarks accessible anywhere is really that easy. Just export your Chrome, IE and Opera bookmarks to Firefox and let Google Toolbar installed on your Firefox does the magic.

How To: Access Your Firefox, Chrome Bookmarks On Any Computer Anywhere

How do you like if your phone automatically puts to a silent mode when you arrive at school or church and then switches back to regular mode when you leave the place? How do you like if your phone auto notifies your mom via SMS when you’re leaving the house? How do you like if your phone automatically plays your favorite songs when you arrive home?

Here’s a quick rundown of top-rated mobile applications that can automatically perform various actions based on your location. Actions such as sending of SMS text message, switching between profiles, and launching certain apps can now be fully automated using only your current geographical position.

GSMNavigator - Best Location-Aware App For Non-GPS Phone

First off, this is not only for GPS phones. As long as your mobile phone operates in a GSM Network, you can still enjoy full automation based on GSM cells collected by your phone.

Learn How To Automatically Switch Off Your Phone At Specific Time

GSMNavigator is a location-aware Symbian app designed both for GPS and Non-GPS phone. The application allows you to perform various actions depending on your location. With GSMNavigator, you can instruct your phone “what to do” when entering or existing a specific location. The first time you visit a place you may assign some actions “On Enter” which will be automatically performed by your phone the next time you visit that place. The same and other actions can be instructed to your phone “On Exit”.

GSMNavigator is capable of automatic sending of SMS text messages and emails, playing your favorite music, changing profile, launching an application, and many other actions upon entering or exiting a location. GSMNavigator keeps detailed information about the places you visited (in the form of GSM Cells) so you can always see through to the places you visited the whole day. With that logged GSM information, you can then tag them with intelligible names (e.g. GSM Cell 125325 can be renamed as “School”) and assign specific actions such as putting your phone to silent mode “On Enter” and putting your phone back to normal “On Exit”.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed Your Phone

The nice thing about GSMNavigator is that it works even if your phone is not equipped with GPS. For more information, visit the official website.

For Android, AutomateIt, Chronos and Tasker are three of the best applications you can install on your  Android. Llama is a excellent app too. These apps work similarly with GSMNavigator; it lets you define a set of instructions/actions which will be performed by your phone in response to events such as location change, time of day, among others.

Stop Overcharging - Play Loud Sound, MP3 When Phone's Battery Is Full

You can use these location-based apps both for fun and security audits. If you want to know the whereabouts of your kid through SMS without him knowing, you can use these apps. These location-based apps for the Android and Symbian can also be used when you want to spy or catch your cheating boyfriend or husband.   

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location