DISCLAIMER: This is my first Shortcuts created for the sole purpose of demonstrating how powerful Shortcuts is. With the right mix of macros, it is now possible to text blast any phone number using your iPhone. Please use it at your own risk.

Have you ever thought of pranking your friends by SMS bombing them with unlimited number of text messages? Or you constantly receive text scams and you just wanted to return the favour by text blasting them?

Send Automated, Scheduled Message on iPhone - No Jailbreak and Third-Party Apps Required

Whatever your motivation is, it's now possible to text blast straight from your iPhone with ease.And no need to jailbreak or install a risky, third-party app.

Here's what you need for SMS Flooder for iPhone

  • A Shortcuts app by Apple (requires iOS 12.0 or later)
  • An unlimited SMS subscription from your telco

Here's how to text blast on iPhone - a free SMS bomber for iOS

  1. Add this SMS Blast / Bomber Shortcut
  2. To text blast a phone number, simply go to Shortcuts app library and click on SMS Blast / Bomber

    Clicking on that Shortcut prompts you to add recipient

  3. Add total number of SMS to send

  4. Add your custom text message

Now let the Shortcut do its thing in the background. Go get some popcorn and binge watch on Netflix while you pester that nasty spammer in the background! :D

How To: Remotely Control Apple Music on Computer, Mac Using iPhone, iPad

I'll probably go to hell for creating such Shortcut, but I find it fun to prank those spammers who keep on sending unsolicited messages.

How To Text Blast in iOS - This Shortcut Lets You SMS Bomb Any Number from iPhone

A once in a lifetime moment unfolds just in front of you. Maybe it's a comet, or that rare humpback whale joyfully leaps out of the water.

So you decided to take your iPhone out and capture that moment. But by the time you've slide your finger to launch your camera app, the whole thing is over. It's gone!

Well, we've all been there. Thanks to our often walled iOS where launching an app can sometimes take five seconds or more.

Groopic Solves The Group Picture Taking Woe — Includes Photographer In A Group Picture Too (iOS)

And that's exactly what Apple seeks to solve. In the future iteration of iPhone, you can snap just about anything as it happens in front of you even without sliding your finger or unlocking your phone.

Soon You'll Be Able to Snap Photos without Unlocking Your iPhone

Apple recently filed a patent that automatically activates its built-in camera app without even interacting or sliding your lock-screen. The patent describes multiple detection methods which can detect an intent to capture a photograph or a video.

This works by detecting the movements of a device using sensors such as the iPhone’s accelerometer, which can pick up movement, speed, and direction.

New iPhone App Automatically Captures a Photo of Anyone Who Touches Your iDevice

Apple pretty much sums up the inspiration behind this technology. It says:

Mobile devices often include a user’s sensitive personal information… or installed applications that provide quick access to the user’s private data [so] a user often locks these devices using a password or his biometrics.

While this locking capability protects the user from identity theft, having to take the time to enter a password or biometrics to unlock the device may not be desirable when the user requires quick access to an application.

For instance, if the mobile device is locked when the user wishes to capture a fleeting moment on camera, the user may miss the opportunity to do so since he has to take the time to enter his password or biometrics to unlock the device as well as locate and activate the camera application.

Sliding your finger to bring the camera app is one thing. But pointing your device directly to the object while lock screen is active is another thing.

Apple's New Patent Gives iOS Quick Access to Camera, Bypassing Passwords & Biometrics

As what ultra-minimalist Steve Jobs famously once said, we “improve by removing more”. That's one of the guiding maxims of Apple that helped propel its way to greatness in the techno-wizardry scene.

Now, if you're convinced with that guiding principle of Apple, why not apply that same ethos into how you consume your music and movies?

I'm talking about those classic wired surround speakers & subwoofer systems sitting on your desk right now and all its tangled wires glory. While this wired speaker system works just fine, why not free yourself from all these clutter and get that simple joy of wireless you deserve?

How To: Remotely Control Apple Music on Computer, Mac Using iPhone, iPad

If you have a good old non-wireless loudspeaker lying around in the corner, don't throw that just yet. The truth is you can make it "cool" again by repurposing and turning it into a wireless Bluetooth speaker so you can wirelessly fire up your favorite Spotify playlist from the comfort of your fingertips.

Play Music On Your Wired Speaker System Wirelessly from Your iPhone, Android

Step 1 Get your preferred Bluetooth Audio Receiver from your favorite shop like Amazon. I scored a decent Bluetooth Receiver from Lazada for only Php 330.00 ($7). Sweet.

Step 2 Do the one-time setup. These Bluetooth Stereo Receivers usually have this simple setup:

  1. Plug in your speaker's 3.5mm stereo jack into the Bluetooth device
  2. Pair your Bluetooth Audio Receiver with your iPhone, Android or any Bluetooth-enabled devices

You're done!

You can now listen to your favourite music from iTunes or Spotify while you can freely move around.

Image source: nerdtechy.com

How To: Make Any Wired Speaker Into Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Less than $7

Since its debut, Apple Music has seriously got some mixed reviews both from critics and fans alike. Some discontented Apple fans called it “a nightmare” while others lauded it as a refreshing and a nearly perfect music app.

And if you are one of those Apple fanboys who are convinced that Apple Music is the best music app in the planet, then, you don't want to miss out this one cool interoperability feature of iOS and OSX: wirelessly control, play Apple Music on your PC/Mac using your iPhone or iPad as a remote.

DokRemote: Remotely Control Your iPhone, iPod Music Player Via Web Browser

Spotify Connect is one sought-after, premium-only feature of Spotify that lets you control the music from any phone or tablet using the Spotify app. And if you're looking for Spotify Connect alternative for Apple Music, then, good news is you too can have the same wireless convenience at no cost!

Play Apple Music Through Your Speakers, Mac or Apple TV Using iPhone, iPad as Remote

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to remotely control music playback active on your PC, Mac using your iPhone or iPad as a wireless remote.

  1. Download and install Remote on your iPhone or iPad

  2. Once installed, enable Home Sharing on your iPhone. You'll be asked to login using your iCloud account. You should see something like this:

  3. Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes on your computer or Mac. Go to File > Home Sharing > Turn On Home Sharing. Once enabled, your Remote app on your iPhone should automatically retrieve all your music collection and display them on your iDevice.

    Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Copy, Collect iOS Photos on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

  4. Let's test it. Browse through your iTunes library on your Mac and play whatever playlist/albums you've got. As soon as you hit the play button, your iPhone should automatically pick the track actively playing your Mac, as seen on the video below:

You're done! You can keep the music flowing on your Mac from anywhere in your house using your iPhone or iPad as remote.

Works flawless on my iPhone 5 (iOS8.4) and Mac (Yosemite).


Apple's official Remote app for iOS only allows you to choose music you've added on your library. The app can't let you search for new songs in the cloud just like what you normally do on Spotify Connect.

How To: Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

How To: Remotely Control Apple Music on Computer, Mac Using iPhone, iPad

Learn how you can use IFTTT as an iOS photo spy software to secretly copy every single picture taken on your spouse or kid's iPhone, iPad. Automatically get a backup of every iOS photo including selfies, n*des and other inappropriate snaps.

WARNING: The author shall not be held responsible or liable for any misuse of the app detailed on this post. The method outlined below can get you in serious trouble. Do it at your own risk.

Been fiddling around with IFTTT few days ago and I accidentally discovered that you can actually use IFTTT iOS app as a FREE spy app to secretly collect, monitor every single iOS photo being taken on your spouse or daughter's iPhonE, iPad. Good news is: the process is no rocket science and you don't have to spend a penny nor you need to jailbreak your iOS device to accomplish this.

For the uninitiated, IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a massively popular web automation service that allows you to automatically perform certain actions based on your conditions (or triggers). IFTTT termed them as recipes, and there are plenty of recipes flooded out there that should help you save time by automating certain asks. One good example is you can get SMS alerts from specific email addresses, or you can let your device to automatically send screenshots to your email.

Remotely Get a Copy of Every Single iOS Photo Taken on iPhone Without Getting Caught

Step 1 Compel your target to install IFTTT. Sure it won't be a problem as IFTTT has hundreds of awesome recipes up its sleeve. If you know your partner's iTunes account, then, that's a bonus as you can install the IFTTT straight away.

Step 2 Once you've successfully installed IFTTT, best to burry it in the Utilities folder or anywhere that's least accessed.

Step 3 Enable Background App Refresh for IFTTT. This ensures that all new photos are uploaded to IFTTT server when online. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Step 4 Disable IFTTT's iOS Notification to ensure your target won't get notified every time the recipe runs. Go to Settings > Notifications, select IF and turn off Allow Notifications slider.

Step 5 Create a new recipe with the following trigger and action:

TRIGGER: Any new photo (under iOS Photos channel)
ACTION: Send an email (under Gmail channel)

See video walkthrough below.

Be sure to save your new recipe and you're good to go!

Now, every time a new photo is added on your target's phone, you will automatically get notified via email including the link of the newly added photo, as seen below:


a) The target's iPhone or iPad should be connected to the internet for this remote photo spying method to work. Not necessarily connected all the time but should be connected once in a while so IFTTT can push new photos to their server.

b) Data delivery is a bit delayed.

I don't want this recipe to be called as an exploit but rather a heaven-sent functionality you can use to spy on anyone's iPhone and be in the know what your daughter, girlfriend or wife is up to.

Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Copy, Collect iOS Photos on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

It appears that the clock timer app in the latest version of iOS is finally working. So if you're wondering how you can add that sleep timer functionality on your Spotify or Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, then, watch the video below and see how it's done:

This trick also works on other music player or podcast apps like Pandora, Rdio, etc. It basically kills whatever media playback active on your iPhone or iPad once the timer's up.

Use iOS Clock Timer App As Music Sleep Timer for Spotify, Apple Music, etc

Remember the Software Data Cable for Android I mentioned before? That was really a clever tiny piece of  app that every Android user should install. Why? Well, you better see my previous post about it here: How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa).

If you ever wished you could do almost the same thing on your iPhone or iPad and make your life a LOT easier, well, then, you've got to check out PushBullet.

PushBullet is your Swiss Army Knife for anything wireless

As a long-time Android user who just switched to iOS, I hate it when moving files & information from my computer to iPhone is such a difficult feat. The same frustration you get when you copy contents from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC. And that's the problem that PushBullet is trying to solve.

What is PushBullet

In a nutshell, PushBullet makes it really easy to send files, ebooks, links, and virtually any  media files from one device to another. Whether you're pushing files from your Windows computer to your iPhone, iPad or Android, the process is absolutely painless. All you have to do is to right-click the file or link and select the destination device and voila, you can instantly go right to that file/link by tapping on the notification you get on your Android or iDevice. And no, you don't have to be in the same wireless network to make PushBullet works.

Browse, Access Your Photos From Your iPhone, iPad To Your Computer Over Wi-Fi

And if you have an Android device, you can even automatically “push” all your calls and SMS alerts to your computer so you  won't miss important calls and text messages even if your phone is on silent mode or in another room. Unfortunately for iOS, PushBullet doesn't have this feature yet. But given the more open iOS8.0+ architecture, I believe this feature is currently in the works (check out the paid app Notifyr for iOS, it works almost the same).

Why is it useful?

PushBullet's homepage already has a detailed information on how it works and how it becomes so handy, but allow me to point it out here.

With PushBullet, you can easily:
  • Send files from your mobile device to your computer with one click (or the other way around)
  • Receive calls, SMS and other phone notifications straight on your computer

And if you're on Android, there are whole lot more you can do with PushBullet like being able to reply text messages straight from your computer.

Final Verdict:

PushBullet is a simple yet powerful push notification service designed to make all your internet-connected devices “work” together. It's a godsend  web service that you will surely appreciate especially if you're dealing with multiple devices. PushBullet is currently available for iOS, Android and as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. There's also an unofficial paid app PushPal for Mac users.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

LINK: PushBullet

Must-Have: PushBullet Makes Your iOS, Android and Computer "Work" Together

Drop Photosynth,  AutoStitch Panorama, Cycloramic, or whatever panorama-making apps you used to worship and obsessed with.

Here comes another revolutionary app that will change the way you document, snap your precious travels or events in your life. Think this is another boring Instagram or panorama-shooting apps? That's a big NO.

Bubbli is the next big thing -- here's why (link)

Meet Bubble, a brand new app (currently available for iPhone & iPad) that allows you to create a beautifully stitched, dynamic spherical photo. What I mean with dynamic spherical photo is that the resulting photo is complete with encompassing sides, top, and bottom of the entire scene around you - including sound. Bubbli termed this technology as bubbles.

5 Essential Non-Jailbreak iPhone Apps That Apple Should Allow In App Store

Adding to that 3D multimedia feel is the Gyroscope-guided image navigation, where you can virtually span around the image by changing your device's position and orientation. The result? Not just an ordinary 360-degree shot or the streetview-like images of Google Maps; it's a visually stunning, immersive three-dimensional experience straight from your iPhone/iPad.

Demo Bubbles

Let these featured bubbles do the talk (best viewed on your sensor-enabled iPhone/iPad):

Still not impressed? I don't think so. The first time I used the app it got me thinking Bubbli is the next billion-dollar app Facebook or Google will soon snatch. It has all the potential to become the next Instagram or Snapchat and even beyond that.

Using Bubbli

As with any advance photo-snapping apps, there's a bit of trickery you need to acquaint at first. Right after you launch the app, you'll be greeted with a welcome screen with an intro video, detailing what Bubbli is all about and why it's different from standard Panorama.

Hand Gesture Recognition App CamMe Revolutionizes The Way You Snap Selfies (iOS)

The app then serves you a sample bubble, demonstrating you how to get started. Here, you can tap "next" to proceed with registration, which is required so you can store your Bubbles online. I advise you to go download the app and browse through the manuals/demos built into the app. It got a decent collection of video demos on how to capture a perfect spherical photos.

Bubbli Features

Notable goodness of Bubbli includes: the ability to share your bubbles on social media sites. It also got "Featured" section, displaying a grid of public bubbles published by Bubbli users. You may tap on any of them to explore.

The Bad

My only problem with Bubbli is that it consumes quite a lot of resources (at least in my case). Maybe app like this is naturally a resource-hogger? But thinking of how game-changing & revolutionary the idea & the execution of this brilliant idea, I think this is forgivable.


Bubbli Is A Jaw-Dropping App That Lets You Create Streetview-Like, Responsive Spherical Images (iOS)

App makers outside Apple know best what needs to be developed and what's not. Users'thirst of really useful, great apps are not left in the wild unnoticed. In fact, it motivates and drives competition among developers who create a great selection of apps for us to enjoy.

Unfortunately, great apps don't easily make its way to Apple's AppStore. Not because they're too buggy or useless but because of Apple's restrictive policy, preventing developers to accomplish something great.

5 Essential Android Apps That We Wish Existed On The iPhone

In this post, we're going to explore some of the great, useful apps that exist in other mobile operating system but not in non-jailbroken iOS. These are apps that are sure a big hit and will make your iPhone a little less dumb once made available in iTunes.

Smart app protector to password-protect individual iOS apps without Jailbreak

I have a non-jailbroken iPhone 5 and just like you, I've been looking for iOS apps similar to Android's AppLock so I can restrict access to some of my personal & finance apps by protecting them with a password. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to have a way out except for iAppLock, a jailbreak app that can password-protect apps in iOS devices.

The reason why Apple can't approve such apps is that it is a violation of terms for an application to make a system-wide change and make a password for individual app. Applications have to one-by-one add password locks if they want to. Yeah, I know. It sucks!

More in this category:

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS
How To: Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Browser
How To: Lock, Protect Certain Programs Installed On Your Computer

An offline answering machine for iOS

Offline Answering Machine for iOS is undoubtedly one awesome app! This is a kind of software that automatically answers phone calls with your pre-recorded greeting and records/saves the voice message straight to your iPhone, bypassing telco's voice mailbox service. Not only can you cut your phone bills but sure you can avoid unanswered phone calls from important people.

Back in Symbian days, Voice Inbox is one of my must-have apps that does just that. If you still have s60v3 phones, you should go and get this app. Things you can do with it: replay voice messages anytime without calling an operator, see the name of the caller (not just a number), call back in a click.

As yet, neither Android nor iOS has an app for that.

A call-recording software for iPhone

Being able to record phone calls (and even Skype calls) is sometimes necessary, most especially if someone is giving you important directions over the phone. If you're confused or unsure what your mom or boss has said, you can turn to the recorded phone call and listen it once again.

Both Android and Symbian have decent working apps for that. For iOS, I can't still find any.

Tasker-like automation app for iPhone

If you've been on Android in the past, you should have already heard about Tasker. Tasker is an award-winning app that brings complete automation to your Android device.

There are plenty of automation options you can exploit with Tasker; it can automatically send SMS to your parents when you're leaving the house, it can automatically switch your phone to “Silent” mode when you're in office, among others.

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

While there's IFTTT for iPhone you can explore, Tasker is far more advanced and feature-rich as compared to IFTTT.

AdBlocker for iPhone to block pesky ads popping on your favorite game/app.

There's no need for me to enumerate the pros of having an ad-blocking software installed on your iOS device. Unfortunately, ad-blocking software are too controversial that they don't even make their way to Play Store or AppStore. Unless you do the risky business of jail-breaking or “rooting”, you can block ads on your Android or iPhone.

Have something to add on this list? Buzz off in the comments below. :)

5 Essential Non-Jailbreak iPhone Apps That Apple Should Allow In App Store

Taking a decent photo of yourself aka “selfie” is no easy feat, more so if your face is naturally not good at it. :p

Kidding aside, here's something you might want to try out that should take your selfie-snapping to the next level.

CamMe is a just another free 'selfie' app available in the wild but with a twist: it exploits the motion-sensing capability of your iPhone/iPad so you can snap better 'selfies' hands-free. And yeah, it really works well.

Turn Your Phone's Screen On/Off By Simply Waving Your Hand In The Air

Hand Gesture Camera App CamMe Lets You Take Selfies Hands-Free (link)

Why Should I Care?

A mobile app that leverages the power of hand gesture recognition technology is always something of an achievement. And CamMe absolutely deserves that mention -- for taking the extra mile making the impossible possible in the field of mobile computing.

Whom Is It For?

If you find joy in taking selfies a lot, then, CamMe is a must-have. It makes your selfie-snapping less awkward & a lot comfortable by giving your hands the control to snap selfies. Put simply, you can take great selfies without actually touching your device.

How It Works?

You just open the CamMe app, prop your iPhone up and stand back at distance of two to 16 feet. Then raise your hand until the app recognizes your hand and close it into a fist. Your fist should activate CamMe's 3-second timer, and it captures a self portrait.

CamMe is also proved useful in taking a group picture when no one is around to take it.

Go check out CamMe [iTunes link]

Hand Gesture Recognition App CamMe Revolutionizes The Way You Snap Selfies (iOS)

UPDATE: Sleep timer is already a built-in feature of Spotify on iOS. So no need to use the Clock app nor install additional app.

UPDATE: iOS's latest built-in clock timer is now up and working again. So no need for you to go through the entire process detailed below and download another app. Learn how to Use iOS Clock Timer App As Music Sleep Timer for Spotify, Apple Music, etc

World's finest apps do not always come perfect. And that does not exempt Spotify, our personal favorite music streaming app.

Spotify's latest iOS app is still deprived of the most sought-after functionality as a music app: a sleep timer.

You cannot fall off to sleep while Spotify is playing in the background as it will obviously drain your battery. You don't want to get up in the morning with your phone's battery dead, right?

Enable, Make Spotify Web Player Working on iPhone, iPad, Android

In this post, I'm going to show you how you can easily add that Sleep Timer functionality to your Spotify iOS app so you can still sleep to your favorite tracks without leaving your iPhone/iPad's battery dead empty.

Automatically Shutdown Spotify At Predefined Time With Music Sleep Timer (iPhone/iPad)

Spotify Sleep Timer

As I mentioned above, Spotify's iOS client doesn't have a sleep timer functionality bundled to the app as yet. So we'll be taking refuge to another app called Music Sleep Timer to do job.

Download Audio MP3 Directly to iOS Device Without Using iTunes

Music Sleep Timer is just another FREE iOS app designed to kill any media playback active on your iPhone or iPad. It works exactly like the sleep timer on your TV or airconditioner. Just launch Spotify, set the timer and sleep to your favorite tunes.

Music Sleep Timer is not only useful to Spotify. You can also use it to other music apps like Pandora or any podcast or audiobook apps.

How to use:

  1. Download and install Music Sleep Timer [iTunes link]
  2. Once installed, open Spotify & begin playing.
  3. Press the Home button to send the music player into the background.
  4. Launch Music Sleep Timer and start timer, as seen below:

You're done.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to leave Music Sleep Timer active in the foreground for the sleep timer to work.

While waiting for Spotify to finally bring the most-coveted sleep timer functionality in their next update, you may try Music Sleep Timer to temporarily do just that.

Got a another way to set sleep timer on your Spotify iOS app? Buzz off in the comments below and I will update this entry :)

How To: Add or Set Music Sleep Timer To Spotify iOS App (No Jailbreak Requried)

I am one of those unhappy, broke and desperate fellow Asians who cannot fully enjoy Spotify Premium because I am in the other side of the world currently unsupported by Spotify. While Spotify Web Player & Spotify Radio are both accessible on my PC in my country using tools like Hola Unblocker, I can't still get through the day without it on my phone which I spent most of my time every day.

How To: Bypass, Remove Restriction On YouTube - Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Anywhere

To those asking why I can't get Spotify Premium, Spotify refused any payments made on any non-US credit cards & PayPal accounts. There's a way out though: purchase Spotify Premium coupons codes which you can redeem anytime,anywhere on Spotify. But the problem with these coupons is that they are priced as high as 150% to 200% from the original price. An that's a big NO way!

So last few days, I embarked into a mission trying to work out the famous Spotify Web Player on my iPhone as my last resort. And thankfully it was successful though I had to tossed $3.99 just to enable, make Spotify Web Player working on my iPhone.

How To Get Spotify Web Player Working on iPhone, iPad & Android


The method is simple: you have to hunt any decent, working mobile web browsers with great Flash support. For iOS, I highly recommend Photon Flash Player. The iPhone version will set you back $3.99 while the iPad version costs you $5.49. But I guess it's all worth your money as you have to make only one-time purchase for this functional app rather than paying Spotify monthly premium subscription.


  • All Flash-based streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix & Pandora are supported with Photon (provided that you're in a country supported by these services)
  • Flash-based games like that on Facebook are fully working!

How To: Stream, Play MP3 & Video Files Embedded On Non-HTML5 Websites From Your Mobile Browser


I hate telling people the good news without telling people the bad. So here's my problem so far with Photon for iPhone: No background playback support! You have to make your browser opened for continuous audio/video playback. I hope they can work it out soon.

How To: Stream, Play MP3 & Video Files Embedded On Non-HTML5 Websites From Your Mobile Browser

If you're wondering about how to activate and get Spotify Web Player working on your iPhone, iPad or Android device or even Hulu & Netflix, then, that should do the trick!

Photon Flash Player for iPhone (link)
Photon Flash Player for iPad (link)
Photon Flash Player for Android(link)

How To: Enable, Make Spotify Web Player Working on iPhone, iPad, Android

Groopic for iOS simply merges the photographer's image to the group picture. Put simply, the photographer gets included too in a group photo. No more setting up of external tripods, using timers and chairs, and no more asking help from a stranger.

Unfortunately, in most group photos, the photographer is always left out. Or, a group photo is never complete because two photographers have to switch so one or the other is always left out. Groopic solves this problem with an app that will show everybody in every group photo. No one needs to be left out.

Take a Group Picture that Includes the Photographer with Groopic (link)

Groopic gives you complete groupie pics in 3 easy steps: Simply take two pictures, use the app to mark the photographers, and the Groopic app does the rest. It automatically combines the two pictures into one complete group picture.

Here's How It Works:

Groopic is the creation of Eyedeus Labs, a company that develops computational photography solutions for smartphones, with over 30 years of experience in innovative imaging solutions. Eyedeus is based in Lahore, Pakistan.

New iPhone App 'Yinztagram' Lets You Add Some Pittsburgh To Your Photos

The Groopic app for iOS is available from the App Store for only a $1.99 download. So far, an Android version is in the making and may be made available soon.

Groopic Solves The Group Picture Taking Woe — Includes Photographer In A Group Picture Too (iOS)

Ever wanted to catch those nasty itchy fingers trying to grab your iPhone without your permission?

Well, as the popular cling goes, there is always an app for that!

Meet Guardian Cam, the iOS app that spies on anyone who tries to “spy” on your iDevice. Once activated, Guardian Cam automatically takes a picture of anyone who touches your iPhone or iPad.

Discover Who May Be Using Your iPhone Without Permission With Guardian Cam (link)

The Guardian Cam app replaces the home screen with a dummy screen. If the dummy screen is touched the front-facing camera automatically takes a picture — good news for those who want to protect their iPhone’s or iPad’s security and privacy.

Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Collect iOS Photos Taken on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

The app even has an upgrade for auto-flash in low light, an icon badge that displays the number of photos captured, and even an optional audio alarm that will not shut off until it runs after one minute. All photos are even dated and saved.

How To: Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS, Text Messages

The Guardian Cam app is useful in order to guard against anyone using someone else’s iPhone or iPad without the owner’s knowledge. It’s also a foolproof way to catch anyone in the act of spying on the contents of any iDevice. The ultimate protection of course is against anyone attempting to steal the device, since the loud alarm will discourage anyone from finishing the attempted thievery. In short, anyone attempting illegally to look at a file, open an app, make a call, or to steal the device, is automatically caught on camera or subjected to a loud alarm.

If hard proof is needed to accuse someone, the outcome from Guardian Cam is all the proof you need.

Guardian Cam supports English and Japanese. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5; the 3rd to 5th generation of iPod Touch; and iPad. Of course, the iDevice must have a front-facing camera.

Phone As Spy Camera - Turn Your Phone Into Remote Surveillance Camera With Motion Detection

Created by the Masatoshi Higashionna and Masaya Takahashi Co. Ltd. from Japan, Guardian Cam sells for only US$1.99 available worldwide at any App Store in the Utilities category.

New iPhone App Automatically Captures a Photo of Anyone Who Touches Your iDevice

Now you can download MP3 files on the fly without using iTunes using the MP3 Music Downloader Free.

One drawback with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod is that you cannot download MP3 files directly to any of these devices. You have to go through the long process of downloading the MP3 on your computer first and have an iTunes app installed in your computer to move those music files to your iDevice. It can be actually troublesome for many iDevice users.

Download YouTube Video As Audio MP3 Online FREE

Now, thanks to the developer gods from WebTechies, an India based IT company, there is an awesome free iOS app called MP3 Music Downloader Free that lets you download MP3 files directly to your iOS device without the aid of iTunes.

Download MP3 Audio Files Directly To Your iPhone, iPod or iPad Without iTunes (link)

Presently featured on the Apps Store for FREE, all you need to do is to download the MP3 Music Downloader Free from the WebTechies.org website and you’re all set to go.

The free app allows you to either download or listen to an unlimited number of legal MP3 songs from any online music website you select. Remember that the music needs to be legally available or the app will not work.

Play, Stream All Music Files, MP3 Saved From Your DropBox

MP3 Music Downloader Free comes with its own MP3 Song Seeker to help you find the music you want to listen to or download. It acts like a search engine to comb through the music site open in your browser tab. You can download individually using the manual controls or download all songs you select all at once.

There is also a Download Manager to keep downloads organized and que songs properly on the download status bar. Should your iDevice go into Standby Mode while you’re downloading, the download will continue running in the background. Once you’ve finished downloading the music you can immediately play them on your iPhone or iPad. The music player is similar to the iPod player, another practicality for iDevice users.

Link: MP3 Music Downloader Free (iTunes)

Download Audio MP3 Directly to iOS Device Without Using iTunes

The recent release of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 saw a number of unique software and app features. One that seemed to catch a lot of attention was an app with gaze detection technology called Smart Pause. It automatically pauses any video you’re viewing when you look away from the display or puts the smartphone down.

Apple iPhone owners can have this app on their device too with "FaceHalt."

FaceHalt Brings Galaxy S4's 'Smart Pause' Feature to iPhone, iPad

FaceHalt is a new copycat, Jailbreak tweak from Chris Simpson. It uses the same Samsung Smart Pause concept feature. Using the same front-facing camera of your iOS device, it can detect if you look away or put down your phone, and will automatically pause the video you’re watching.

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FaceHalt is compatible with Apple’s iPhone 4S and 5, and the iPad mini, iPad 2, 3, and 4, and even the 5th generation iPod Touch. It’s also compatible with most video applications except VLC.

Activating the tweak is easy. After downloading FaceHalt, go to Settings and just select from the enable or disable toggle button. You can even switch to manual control and double tap on the Pause button, and press Play to play the video again.

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Because the app is made by an independent developer for iOS users, it’s not free. But, FaceHalt is affordable at $1.99 from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia app store.

New Jailbreak Tweak FaceHalt Adds Samsung's Smart Pause Feature To iPhone

You might have already heard about PowerPoint Keynote Remote, a free mobile app that transforms your Android and iOS device into a remote control. The app works by installing the app to your mobile device and the tiny PC server and connect both your laptop and phone to the same Wi-Fi network. And you're good to go!

Now a new FREE web service wants to make that process extra simple: by allowing you to point your phone to your computer so you can instantly do your keynote!

uSlide Turns Your Smartphone Into A Wireless Presentation Remote (link)

Say goodbye to tiring, stressful, and tedious setting up of laptops and heavy projectors. No more having to search for lost USB drives since your phone is always with you.

Here's basically how it works:

1 Sign up at the Uslide website http://uslide.net/register/. Once signed up to the site, you can now upload your presentation files like PPT, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.

2 When you’re finished uploading, just bring your smartphone, and you’re off to your presentation.

3 When you need to get connected, simply look for the presentation computer, go to http://uslide.net/ and scan the QR code on the front page using your smartphone.

It only takes a few seconds to get "set up."

4 Login on your smartphone and press "Start". Your presentation will automatically load to the computer you're connected to.

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You can use the "Share" feature so your live presentation can be viewed by anyone. You can share the link to your presentation to anyone even outside the country. You can therefore give your presentation to clients in other countries via conference call.

Uslide makes your presentations as easy as Sign Up, Connect, and Present.

(Note: your smartphone needs a QR code app to scan. In its absence, the recommended alternative is Scan for iPhone or Google Goggles for Android)

uSlide Transforms Your Android, iPhone Into a Wireless Presentation Remote Control

Have you ever thought of watching videos on your iPhone or iPad without the hassle of connecting iTunes and waiting for the movie conversion to finish? Well, we actually feels too restricted with how the big Apple does it.

Thankfully, an app lets you watch movies or clips straight from your PC/Mac without the wire. It's called AirVideo available at the App Store.

For those who haven't welcomed this idea. Imagine yourself holding an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone while watching movies at the comfort of your own bed... or at the coffee shop or the airport? Any where with a WiFi would do, without the storage restriction that your iOS device is very limited of allocating all your movie collection.

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To start using this app, you also need to download the AirVideo server for your computer. Once installed, you could add folder destinations of where your movie collection. Just make sure that all computers and the iPad are connected to one network.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 10.45.51 AMOn Mac's Menu Bar, an icon for AirVideo is being shown. Click on Preferences to access more options.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 10.46.05 AMUnder Preferences, the user may add Shared Folders as the designated folders you want to view on the iPad.

After finishing the set-up with our computer, we may see it here that the files we chose to be shared can now be seen on the iPad.

2013-05-01 00.01.38The options can either be expandable or collapsible for a better view.

2013-05-01 00.03.27To view the full-screen, just do the finger gesture to create such an option.

The app may look simple as it seems to be, but it's quite powerful if you can toggle some choices under the Settings. It can view Subtitles or even do a conversion and add to iTunes.

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The AirVideo app can be downloaded for FREE or bought for $2.99. The value is amazing for an app such as this!

Download: AirVideo Paid Version or AirVideo FREE version

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Stream Your Favorite Videos From Your PC/Mac Straight To Your iPhone, iPad

If only iPhone had the option to attach multiple images all at once for a single email message, then, I wouldn't take the moment to look for apps similar to Software Data Cable, which I absolutely fell in love with for my Android.

Yes, there's no way for you to attach multiple files for a single email message on the iPhone. So for people who constantly need to send photos from iPhone to someone, this can be a pain.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

Part of my job as a web ninja is to grab iPhone/iPad screenshots of websites we developed and send them off to our QA guys. And the process cannot be any simple: you've got to plug in your iPhone with a cable to your computer -- and that's so primitive, less cool.

Thankfully, there is this tiny iOS app called Wi-Fi Photo Transfer (FREE) that lets you transfer photos from iPhone to your computer without the need of a data cable.

Wi-Fi Photo Transfer: Access Your Photos Via Wi-Fi From Any Computer With A Web Browser (link)

Wi-Fi Photo Transfer makes it easy to access, browse your iPhone photos from your computer so long as both devices are of the same Wi-Fi network.

Here's how it works:

1 Download and install Wi-Fi Photo Transfer HERE.

2 Once installed, launch the app. You should see something like this:

3 On your browser, plug in the given web address (e.g.

4 That's it! You can start moving your photos from your iDevice to your computer (you can even download them in zip).

Sure, Wi-Fi Photo Transfer interface definitely needs a face-lift but it's free and gets the job done quickly. If you want to wirelessly transfer your photos from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer, well, then Wi-Fi Photo Transfer is what you need.

How To: Browse, Access Your Photos From Your iPhone, iPad To Your Computer Over Wi-Fi

In this year’s recently held Technology, Education, and Design (TED) Conference in Los Angeles, MIT graduate Myshkin Ingawale, co-founder of a Mumbai based Indian company called Biosense Technologies, introduced a new app he developed called uChek Urinalysis.

uChek Urinalysis simply allows you to conduct a medical urinalysis using your iPhone for purposes of medical and health issues. It cannot be used for the diagnosis of diseases.

No, no, no, you do not dip your iPhone into urine samples to get readings. First, follow a standard urine test by collecting a urine sample as you would in a doctor’s office and dip a paper test strip in the urine for two seconds. Second, slide the urine soaked strip into the color-coded mat that is standard for all urinalysis checking packs.

As the mat reads the strip and changes colors to produce the urine analysis, take a picture of the strip and mat using the uChek app. The said app will then analyze the image to give an accurate reading of the urine sample.

Since urine strip and mat analysis lasts only for 120 seconds, using the uChek app means that you get to store the information for later use. The app also produces easily understood positive or negative information and gives quantitative explanations for the different concentration levels.

uChek reduces the chance for human error since it can store data beyond the 120-second reading limit. This information can be double-checked and verified later. It even gives trends for urinalysis done over a period of time for the same person.

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Another advantage of uChek is that it can be used to monitor health issues such as diabetes or if sophisticated urinalysis machines are absent such as in rural areas. If needed, results can be emailed to doctors or other medical professionals.

The uChek iPhone app only costs 99 cents. For an additional $20, you can get a complete urine kit with a pack of urine dip strips and a color-coded test map.

At present, Myshkin Ingawale and Biosense Technologies are working on a version for Android smartphones as well as for drug testing and pregnancy tests.

See Myshkin's video below showing off the uChek app:

Link: uChek Urinalysis

New iPhone App “uChek Urinalysis” Turns Your Device Into A Mobile Urine Test