Previously on this blog we have talked about Torrific, a free web-based torrent downloader that allows you to download torrent files using only your Chrome, Firefox or any browser of your choice. Torrific generates a direct link of any valid .torrent link and then present that torrent in a single, manageable zip file. Torrific also is a good alternative if you're looking for ways on how to download torrent file using only your iPhone, Android, Symbian or any mobile handsets.

Download Specific Parts, Portions Of YouTube Videos

Torrific is already awesome, but just as no one is saint to give anything free with no flaws, Torrific also poses limitations and may not always work over time. Thankfully, there's such a good website that works almost similar to Torrific; it lets you download torrent files using only your web browser.

BitLet: Download Torrent Files Using Chrome, Opera, or Firefox Browser [link]

BitLet is a web service that gives torrent downloaders a new option to share, download torrent files online. BitLet can be a good alternative to Torrific as it can download torrent files using only your web browser -- no BitTorrent needed.
BitLet is very easy to use; you just have to enter a valid .torrent URL and allow BitLet to connect to the swarm on behalf of the end user. BitLet will then prompt you for download folder where you want to save the file.

Download, Save Files Straight To Cloud Storage Providers With CloudSave

BitLet is also available as browser extension on Google Chrome. Once installed, Chrome automatically
detects all the links to torrent files within the pages you're browsing and it will make those links open BitLet's download popup, allowing you to start downloading in a few clicks.

BitLet: Lets You Download Torrent Files Using Only Your Browser

To those who want to escape the hassle of downloading documents online and running multiple programs just to view them, well, then, here’s something sweet for you:

Docs Online Viewer is new and a FREE online document viewer add-on for the Mozilla Firefox that eliminates the need for you to download common day job files such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, PDF, CSV, etc. Powered by Google Docs API and Zoho Viewer, Docs Online Viewer is absolutely a time and computer resource saver.

Docs Online Viewer: Use Only Your Web Browser To Open/View DOCS, XLS, PDF, etc.

With Docs Online Viewer, you can view any document with relative ease and safety without having to download it first. This eases the burden of your computer in protecting itself from unwanted malware or tracking cookies, or worse, viruses. It also saves time from having to download something before being able to view it.

Doc Online Viewer also proves very useful for Linux users who do not have Windows Office. The Docs Online Viewer will open any document format such as DOC, DOCX, PDP, PPT, PDF, ODT, and more. 

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker Lets You Enhance, Recreate Existing Videos from YouTube, Vimeo

Opening documents on your Mozilla Firefox does not even involve installing any software in your computer. All you need to do to start is:

1 With your Firefox, download and install Docs Online Viewer HERE. Firefox may require you to restart your browser after installation.

2 Once installation is done and Firefox has been restarted, you should see a tiny "Eye" icon on the search results page when you search for any documents, whether using Yahoo, Google, or Bing.

3 Click on the "Eye" Icon and another window will appear. The document can then be viewed on this online window within the browser. You can view the pages in order, zoom, and use tab options like File, View, Help, or search for a particular word in a search box.

4 Suppose that you’re using other browser and you want to view some a doc file, just prefix your file URL with:


Some notable goodness of Docs Online Viewer:

  • Cutting down viewing time of documents by avoiding downloading time consumption. 
  • Documents are easily identified using the 
  • Online Viewer Ease, simplicity, and convenience of use. 
  • Honesty to being secure and risk-free. 
  • Pages can be viewed in any order. 
  • Safety, since documents are viewed on the browser. 
  • You can download the original document should you opt to. 
  • You can even edit and save a document online. 

Buttonizer Gives You Cleaner and Neater Viewing Area by Turning a Toolbar Into a Button (Firefox)


If you’re wondering how to open documents using only your browser (without using additional software), well, give Docs Online Viewer a shot!

Open and View Online Documents of Any Format Directly On Your Browser without Downloading Them

Ever wondered how to access MJoy and start sending free SMS text message anywhere in the world using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome?

MJoy is one of my favorite free SMS texting sites, not because it's my own mobile number that goes in receiver's inbox but because of it's incredibly fast and reliable worldwide SMS service. But as with many other web services out there, free SMS service of MJoy can only be accessed thru phone's builtin or third-party mobile browser.

This exclusive-only-to-mobile restriction is not only limited to MJoy. There are a handful of exciting free web services out there which can only be availed/accessed thru your phone's mobile browser. Some websites offers free VOIP calls (trial) which can be availed by visiting its websites thru your phone's browser. The only requirement to avail such services is to grab your mobile device and point your mobile web browser to the wapsite URL.

Fast and reliable websites to send free SMS to Philippines and anywhere in the world

In situations when you realize that mobile web browsing is way too expensive or your smartphone is out of power, how would you access and similar other exclusive-only-to-mobile websites using Firefox or Chrome?

This short tutorial will teach you how to fool web servers so that you can access webpages that are optimized and exclusive only to mobile phone users.

Access MJoy & Other Mobile-Exclusive Websites Using Firefox, Chrome

TagTag is a free web-based emulator you can use to view or access mobile pages on your computer using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser. TagTag may not be the first of its kind service but I just love how seamless this emulator works.

Jump to specific time, minutes while streaming YouTube video

Just type the wapsite address (e.g. on the bottom of TagTag Emulator and click GO. TagTag will immediately browse the page like you would on your mobile phone.

Unable to access MJoy and similar mobile websites because you're on your computer and not on your phone? TagTag is for you!

Learn how to access, watch YouTube video not available in your country.

How To: Access Mobile Websites Like MJoy In Chrome, Firefox Browser

In a nutshell, Sleipnir consists of a desktop browser, which allows you to initiate actions for your mobile phone from your desktop thru push notification, and a smartphone app linker.

Sleipnir in itself is a very capable desktop browser as it's using the same WebKit rendering engine as Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari. Sleipnir also supports tabulated browsing like the others, but the best part here is that it is presented in a thumbnail format just like the one on your phone and tablet.

New Android App Lets You Sniff Internet Sessions, Hack Facebook Account

That’s basically about the browser, but the real cream of the crop here is its ability to send links, address or call a phone number over-the-air from your browser to your iOS, Android device. Here’s a basic scenario that can explain how Sleipnir can simplify things for you.

You are browsing the web for a party venue, you found their website containing their phone number and address. Using the Sleipnir browser on your computer, click on the phone number and the browser will send the phone number to your phone thru push notification to call them and book an appointment. You have agreed on a schedule for viewing, you can now send their address to your phone, still using the browser, and your map application will show you the way.

Getting started with Sleipner

First, you need to download and install Sleipnir on your computer from their website. And then get and install Sleipnir Linker for your Android device HERE (iPhone version is in the works). And finally, follow their Smartphone App Linker Setup to fully enjoy this awesome solution.

Everything you see on your computer’s browser is now only a click away to your phone.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

New App Makes It Easy To Push Data From Web Browser To Your iPhone, Android Device

Since its debut, Apple Music has seriously got some mixed reviews both from critics and fans alike. Some discontented Apple fans called it “a nightmare” while others lauded it as a refreshing and a nearly perfect music app.

And if you are one of those Apple fanboys who are convinced that Apple Music is the best music app in the planet, then, you don't want to miss out this one cool interoperability feature of iOS and OSX: wirelessly control, play Apple Music on your PC/Mac using your iPhone or iPad as a remote.

DokRemote: Remotely Control Your iPhone, iPod Music Player Via Web Browser

Spotify Connect is one sought-after, premium-only feature of Spotify that lets you control the music from any phone or tablet using the Spotify app. And if you're looking for Spotify Connect alternative for Apple Music, then, good news is you too can have the same wireless convenience at no cost!

Play Apple Music Through Your Speakers, Mac or Apple TV Using iPhone, iPad as Remote

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to remotely control music playback active on your PC, Mac using your iPhone or iPad as a wireless remote.

  1. Download and install Remote on your iPhone or iPad

  2. Once installed, enable Home Sharing on your iPhone. You'll be asked to login using your iCloud account. You should see something like this:

  3. Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes on your computer or Mac. Go to File > Home Sharing > Turn On Home Sharing. Once enabled, your Remote app on your iPhone should automatically retrieve all your music collection and display them on your iDevice.

    Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Copy, Collect iOS Photos on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

  4. Let's test it. Browse through your iTunes library on your Mac and play whatever playlist/albums you've got. As soon as you hit the play button, your iPhone should automatically pick the track actively playing your Mac, as seen on the video below:

You're done! You can keep the music flowing on your Mac from anywhere in your house using your iPhone or iPad as remote.

Works flawless on my iPhone 5 (iOS8.4) and Mac (Yosemite).


Apple's official Remote app for iOS only allows you to choose music you've added on your library. The app can't let you search for new songs in the cloud just like what you normally do on Spotify Connect.

How To: Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

How To: Remotely Control Apple Music on Computer, Mac Using iPhone, iPad

You must have already aware of HTML5. It'a next-generation web technology that provides a standard for playing audio and video files. Advanced mobile browsers such as the built-in browser on your Android/iPhone and third-party apps like Opera Mobile and SkyFire support HTML5.

But here's the problem:

Not all websites are built with HTML5. Which means whenever you play any media files embedded on  non-HTML5 sites, they'll prompt you to download it.

Play, Stream All Music Files, MP3 Saved From Your DropBox

While you can always download the media file on your phone for later streaming (a podcast perhaps), why not play it right away? Doing the latter will not only save you time but also disk space.

Play Audio, Video Files On Non-HTML5 Websites Straight From Your iPhone/Android

You might want to enjoy a podcast before you finally drift off to bed, so here I'm going to share you a simple workaround on how to play MP3 and video files embedded on a website straight from your Android/iPhone browser -- no need to download.

Here's how:

Step 1 On your mobile browser, obtain the direct link of the file. In Opera Mobile we usually do it by opening the link in a new tab, until a download dialog pops up, as seen below (notice the download link):

With the above example, our direct link is: Copy it.

Step 2 Using your HTML5 browser (we recommend Opera Mobile), head to W3school Audio TryIt site. For video, point your browser here.

On your mobile browser, you should see something like this:

Step 3 In the <source> tag, replace the src attribute with the direct link of the file. Once you've done that, hit "Edit & Click Me" button.

And voila, you should be able to play the MP3 file directly on your mobile browser — no need to download boatloads of audio/video files!

How To: Stream, Play MP3 & Video Files Embedded On Non-HTML5 Websites From Your Mobile Browser

Ever wondered how your website looks in an iPhone or iPad? Do you want to know whether your blog renders properly in a handheld device or not? This short tutorial will introduce you to another useful tool that lets you test-run or preview your website in an iPhone or iPad from your Windows/Mac computer.

Best iPhone, iPad Emulator - See How Your Website Looks In iPhone or iPad Using Only Your Browser

User Agent Switcher Add-On is a browser extension that lets you switch the user agent of a browser. Put simply, you’ll be able to view the iPhone, iPad or mobile version of any website in just a click. The extension is currently available for Firefox and will run on any platform that this browser supports including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Here’s how you can preview your website in an iPhone or iPad using User Agent Switcher Add-On for Firefox:
  1. Download and install the user agent switcher add-on for Firefox. You may need to restart your Firefox for the changes to take effect.
  2. Download the following list of user agent strings for iPhone, iPad and various other mobile devices:
    These are XML documents which will let you change user agent in Firefox to the user agent of an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung and other popular mobile phones.
  3. After you’ve downloaded the XML files, go to Tools > Default user agents and click on “Edit user agents”.
  4. A small window should popup where you can see an “Import” button. Now click on that button and import the XML list of user agents you just downloaded.
Once you have imported the lists, you’re now ready to test and preview your website in an iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and other mobile operating systems. To start, just select the default user agent and select the device where you want to preview your site’s design, and reload the page.

Update: ScreenFly is an excellent emulator too. No more pesky-clicking involved.

Finally, A Working iPhone, iPad Online Emulator for Windows, Mac

Previously on this blog we have talked about Browser Lock, yet another awesome browser extension that lets you lock, password-protect Google Chrome browser. If you haven't had the chance to check it out, head over HERE.

Now if you're wondering about how to password lock and restrict others from accessing your Chrome bookmarks on your shared computer, you might want to check this password-protecting browser extension called LockMyFavs.

Prevent Others From Accessing Your Bookmarks - Protect Your Bookmarks With A Password (Chrome)

LockMyFavs (link) is a handy browser extension for Chrome that lets you lock, password-protect your bookmarks on Chrome. With this extension you can create a separate list of bookmarks  right on your Chrome and make them accessible only to you.

Burn Note: Send Password-Protected, Self-Destructing Email Messages

Here's how it works:

Step 1 Download and Install LockMyFavs from Chrome Web Store HERE.

Step 2 Once installed, click on that tiny "favorite" icon that sits next to your address bar, as seen below.

Step 3 If you're using the extension for the first time you may need to complete the one-time registration by simply filling out a valid email address and password, and you're good to go. Otherwise, just login.

Step 4 Once logged in you should be able to see all your web favorites/bookmarks listed under "Library" tab. From there you can search, filter and manage all your saved bookmarks.

Access Your Firefox, Chrome Bookmarks On Any Computer Anywhere

To add new site on your list, just right-click anywhere on the page you're currently browsing and select the Add To LockMyFavs option from the context menu. Or you can click on the LockMyFavs icon on the top.

It's that easy!

Easiest Way To Block, Restrict Access To Unwanted Websites - No Additional Software Needed

The real cream of the crop of LockMyFavs is that your bookmarks will be stored in the clouds. This means that anywhere you go, in any computer, you will have your bookmarks with you!

How To: Password Protect, Lock Google Chrome Bookmarks And Access Them Anywhere

First off, this is NOT a scam. I was able to call a friend in the Philippines and ring a mobile number in the US, UK, Canada and India at no cost. But before you head on, you may also want to check out my previous post on how to make free international calls to any point in the world with Tokiva’s 100 free referral credits.

So, for those who're dying looking for Free Calls from Smart, Globe, TM, Talk & Text to other networks, here and abroad, don't miss the chance to avail the generous offer of EvaPhone so you can start making free calls to any mobile/landline numbers in the world including US, Canada, Philippines, UK, India, Dubai, Singapore, Italy, etc.

Here’s how you can start making international VOIP calls to any point in the world with EvaPhone (no registration needed):

Step 1 Make sure you have a working microphone. You’ll gonna be making some calls through your browser so a functional microphone is needed.

Step 2 Visit EvaPhone’s website.

Step 3 Choose the country you are calling and enter the mobile number. Example: +63xxxxxxx (Philippines), +1xxxxxxx (USA), +91xxxxxxxx (India).

Step 4 Hit Call. It’s that easy!

EvaPhone should then connect you to the number you’re calling after the short ad (the ad is the one who’s paying for your call).

EvaPhone provides Internet telephone calls for free. The site offers free VoIP call solutions: free VoIP service lets you make PC-to-phone free international calls. All you need is a computer to start making free VoIP calls using Internet to phone. But just as everything has drawbacks and nobody is a saint who can provide flawless service for free, EvaPhone also has its limitations, as follows:
  • The website only allows you to make FREE 2 calls on any mobiles phone. But that’s daily.
  • You can only call any mobile number in the world of up to 2 minutes. Your free minutes depend upon the country you’re calling.
If you find this post useful, kindly share this post to your friends. Thanks!

Call Any Mobile Number in the World for FREE Using Only Your Web Browser

When a friend is in a dire need of a phone, we do not hesitate to 'volunteer' and lend our device so he can start sending text messages or make a call. Well, that generous act of kindness is not actually a problem. Problem only starts when they begin to open certain applications and scan through your personal stuff (e.g. photos, videos, calls and browsing history) without your permission.

Here we'll try to address this issue by exploring some of the best (and free) application that can smartly lock, password-protect certain applications installed on your iPhone, Android and Nokia s60 Symbian device. Everytime a user tries to launch certain programs installed on your phone (e.g. Mobile Browser, Image Viewer, Inbox) he will be prompted to enter a password.

Stop trojans/viruses from getting transferred from phone to PC

Check out these must-have applications for your Symbian, Android and iPhone to prevent others from opening certain applications and accessing your personal files. These applications can truly save you from friends who have this nasty habit of going through your phone and accessing your text messages, contacts and other pertinent information without your informed consent.

ActiveLock (Symbian) - Restrict Unauthorized Access To Apps, Files/Folders

Active Lock SymbianActiveLock is a lightweight Symbian application that allows you to lock selected applications installed on your phone using a password. The program comes with neat UI and is very easy to use. Just get your free (unsigned) copy of ActiveLock for s60v3 here [24kB], sign it, and install. If you have problem downloading it, just Right-Click > Save Link As.

Send SMS text message? Don't type, just 'say' it!

At first launch, you'll be asked for a passcode, just enter 12345 (that's the default, change it after). ActiveLock will then populate and bring you a list of applications you can lock with a password. Just check and uncheck the applications you want to password-protect, then activate.

The nice thing about ActiveLock is that it works even if your phone has been restarted. So there's no way for your nasty friends to open the protected app even if they remove your battery.

LockDown - Password Protect/Lock Applications On iPhone, iPad

Active Lock SymbianLockDown is yet another free must-have application for the iPhone that can help you protect specific applications installed on your phone. LockDown is available in Cydia and works perfectly on jailbroken iPhone OS 3.0. LockDown supports 2.x firmwares as well. Follow this guide for more details. For better firmware support, you may want to try LockDown Pro for iPhone.

AppLock - Protect Your Android Apps With A Password

App Lock AndroidAppLock (lite) is a free Android application that lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode. You can virtually lock all applications such as SMS, Email, Pictures, Calendar, and Web Browser. This is similar to App Protector Pro ($1.99) except that it's free. Download AppLock for Android here.

Learn how to automatically turn off your phone at specific time

Never again can your friend access your inbox, gallery or web browser without your permission. With these applications, you can password protect, lock virtually all types of applications installed on your iPhone, Symbian and Android. Thus, privacy is protected.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

How many times have you gone to situations when you needed to download a file but worried because of the credibility of the source site? How many times do you see links shared in your wall, email or in a forum only to find that it contains potentially unsafe stuff like virus, trojan, or worm? Sure, you've already installed a top-notch antivirus software, but adding one more line of defense is sure worth your effort to protect your PC.

Check if your antivirus software is working - use only Notepad

If you're ever unsure about the credibility of the file, software you're about to download in the internet, one best way is to scan the download link or URL first prior to download. This way you'll be able to protect yourself from malicious files which could jeopardize your system. Take advantage of the following free online scanning tools and websites that can analyze, determine whether the file is containing a virus through its URL or download links only.

Free Online Tool and Websites To Scan URL

VirusTotal - Scan, Analyze Files and URL For Worms, Trojans, Viruses [LINK]

VirusTotal is an award-winning online file and URL scanner developed by Hispasec Sistemas. This online link URL scanner analyzes suspicious files and URLs, enabling you to identify if the file you're about to download is safe and virus free. VirusTotal combines multiple antivirus engines which makes it easy to identify viruses, worms, or trojans based on the URL or direct download link you've provided.

Easiest way to protect your USB from malwares - NO software needed

VirusTotal is easy to use; just click on "Submit a URL" tab, paste file URL on the textbox, and allow VirusTotal to scan and analyze your file. Start a safe download; scan file URL first prior to download!

GaryHood Online URL Virus Scanner - Scan Direct Download Links First Before Download [LINK]

GaryHood is another online virus scanner that can determine whether the file you're about to download is safe or not. This online file and URL scanner uses most advanced antivirus engines such as F-PROT, Avira AntiVir, BitDefender, AVG, and ClamAV, which makes it powerful to identify viruses, worms or trojans packed inside the file.

One notable feature of GaryHood online file/URL scanner is that it scans each file inside a zip file. The website is easy to use; just specify file URL or download link to scan and tick on "URL" as scan method. Check if file is safe for download here.

Dr.Web Link Checker - Check Links for Worms, Virus [LINK]

Dr. Web Link Checker is a free browser extension that works well in Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This small add-on allows you to scan URL/links or to scan a file before you even download it. Since this link checker is an add-on, you just have to right-click any URL/download link to scan before you visit it or download it. Install Dr. Web LinkChecker add-on here. Enjoy!

Delete persistent, undeletable file or folder - using only Notepad

If you find this post useful, kindly recommend or share it to your friends!

Scan File Before Download - Scan URL for Virus

I am writing this post not to encourage privacy intrusion, hijacking, Facebook account hacking, or anything of that sort. I am writing this post to demonstrate just as how easy it is for almost anyone to break into your Facebook account (and other online services) using only an Android phone. This post also explains how you can essentially shield yourself from any form of intrusion attacks when online.

The controversial Android app is called Faceniff, a truly clever session hijacking app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over Wi-Fi network where your phone is connected to. Think of Faceniff as Firesheep, but for Android.

Use Existing Wi-Fi Network To Transfer Files From Android To PC (and Vice Versa)

Faceniff uses the method called Session Hijacking, a good old process of exploiting valid web sessions, which enables attacker to gain unauthorized access to your account and private information. With Faceniff, you can intercept web sessions from web services such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Tumblr, MySpace, and even Blogger. And worst, web sessions established via HTTPS can even be cracked. Alarming isn't it?

Share Your Internet Connection Without Using Ad-Hoc

Well, the more disturbing part about it is that almost anyone with a "rooted" Android phone can do it, and even gradeschooler can dot it. Faceniff doesn't have a special requirement to run except that you have a "superadmin" privileges on your Android phone.

Faceniff Lets You Hack Facebook Accounts With Ease

I had the chance to install the app and see things in action on my phone. Below is a quick rundown on how I make Faceniff work, and browse through my friend's Facebook accounts without them knowing:

Step 1 Download and install Faceniff HERE.

Step 2 Once installed, launch it. You should be prompted for a Superuser permission. Just hit "Allow" or "Yes" (depending on your phone).

Step 3 There are a couple of instruction that pops up especially if you open the app for the first time. Just follow them carefully...until you arrive into the start-up screen.

Step 4 Toggle "START" and optionally enable SSLStrip to start Faceniff. If valid web sessions found, it will be displayed like this:

Step 5 Click on any of those "hijacked" accounts. Android should then prompt you for a list of browsers currently installed on your device. In my case, I used Opera Mobile as I wasn't able to make it work with default browser, Skyfire and even Opera Mini. Just make sure to set "Mobile" as Opera Mobile's User Agent configurable in the Settings > Advanced menu.

And Voila...

If you constantly connect to a wireless public network like in cafes or malls, recognize that your communication online can anytime be sniffed by almost anyone. Wireless network is notably vulnerable to packet sniffing as the exchange of data is done wirelessly. This vulnerability gives bad guys the opportunity to steal information exchanged over the air.

So, how to stay safe online? 

Whenever possible, don't connect to already congested public Wi-Fi network. Rather use the 3G/4G services offered by your ISP. And Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications would also help.  

New Android App Lets You Sniff Internet Sessions, Hack Facebook Account

Unless you’re a really die-hard fan of XP and Vista and have no plans of upgrading, it’s assumed you’re using the latest Windows 7.

Many professionals and novices alike are finding Windows 7 a real crowd pleaser because of its user-friendly abilities and features. Speaking of features, many people including some IT pros aren’t familiar with Window 7’s hidden secrets that are pure work productivity boosters, and fun, too. We’re not just talking about your usual keyboard shortcuts, but real features such as:

Hidden "Send to" Icons

Hidden Send to Icons Windows 7 When you right-click on an icon, the options in “Send to” are actually quite limited. For a full list, just press Shift key before right-clicking. This will save you time rather than doing copy/cut-paste.

Recover Closed Browser Tab

We often close a browser tab accidentally. You can search for it without using the history. For Google Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer, press Ctrl + Shift + T.

Additional Clock and Time Settings

Default Additional Clock in Windows 7 Need to call Uncle Marvin? What time is it in Alaska? Is mom still awake in Brisbane? No one can memorize so many time zones (even Americans still get hung up with their 5 time zones). You can add more clocks when you click on the date and time icon. Click the time and date at the right side of the taskbar and then click Change Date and Time Settings. Look for the Additional Clocks tab and you can add one or two extra clocks with custom time zones and labeling of your choosing. After you click Apply and OK, click the time and date again. The local time should be the big clock, and the ones next to it the custom additions.

Updating the BIOS Revision

When tuning up a slow or troublesome PC, one of the first things to check is whether they have the latest BIOS revision. Most people never update their BIOS, and in the case of hardware or OS upgrades it can often be the key to solving mysterious crashes.

Must-Have: Recover All Items Stored On Your Clipboard with Ditto (Windows)

You can use a search engine to find the latest BIOS release for a particular PC model. To find out what's in the PC you're working with, use the System Information utility. Just click Start and begin typing System Information in the search box. The shortcut should pop to the top of the list within four or five characters. The System Summary page includes a wealth of information, including the manufacturer and model for major-brand PCs, the exact processor, and the BIOS version and date.

Using the Windows Registry Editor

There are a thousand tweaks that you can do only by editing an obscure value in the registry. So you make one of those changes, and then a few weeks or months later you need to do it again. It's easy to find your way back if you leave behind a trail. You can simply save the key in question to Window’s Registry Editor, or the Regedit built-in Favorites menu. At the top of the editing window, click Add to Favorites and the current location is saved, using a name of your choosing. If you need to remove entries from the list, just click Remove Favorites.

Power Settings to Save on Electricity

Part of boosting work productivity is to save on your electric bills and lessen overhead expenses. You can do this by simply making your PC more energy-aware. The biggest change of all is to let your PC go to sleep when they're not being used. That cuts the amount of power they consume by 97%, and they wake up quickly when they're needed again. Just go to Control Panel > System and Security or Hardware and Sound. Click on Power Options and make the necessary power saving settings.

Play Loud Audio Sound, MP3 When Phone's Battery Is Full

Window switching with Alt+Tab

Window switching with Alt+Tab Another useful tool in Windows 7 is Alt + Tab. In the window you can click on any icon including the desktop to open it. Alternatively on pressing tab, it moves to the subsequent icon and after you leave alt, the highlighted window opens. If you want to move the highlighter the other way, press shift while hitting tab.

Some of the Best Tricks and Tweaks in Windows 7 You Might Not Know Yet

If you're a long-time Android power user who just switched to iOS, you would want to warn everyone how hard it is to enjoy the kind of customizability and convenience that Android brings to the table. For sure iOS has the kind of mobile experience that's missing on the Android, and so does the Android to iOS. But if we are to weigh both based on the criterion of which one gives the best mobile experience, Android, well for me, is the real winner.

Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

The following 5 Android apps hopefully explains why Android is the best platform & why it can make your digital life a lot easier compared to iPhone:

1) Tasker (link)

Tasker is one of the Android apps that makes every iPhone user jealous. This $3.00 USD app makes your Smartphone extra smart by automatically executing certain actions based on the profile or criteria you created. You can define a set of instructions/actions which will be automatically performed by your phone in response to events such as location change, time of day, among others.

Example: you can automatically put your phone into silent mode when you're entering on your office, or you can automatically send an SMS to someone when you're leaving the house. There are myriad of automation options you can exploit with Tasker, making your Android experience utterly unforgettable.

2) Astro File Manager (link) & LCG X-Plore (link)

On the iPhone, it's cumbersome to do simple things like unzipping a file, view a PDF, view office files, and even do a simple job of organizing your files straight from your iOS device. Even sending email with multiple attachments & deleting multiple photos inside the iPhone's Gallery are impossible.

How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)

I wish file managers like Astro and LCG X-Plore are available too on the iPhone. Both apps give you full access to your data on your mobile device. And the bonus: these apps have built-in viewer of office files and are bundled with cloud storage integration.

3) Wifi Kill (link)

Now, let's talk about evil: how many times have you wished you could disconnect other devices connecting on a congested wireless network so you can enjoy the extra bandwidth juices on that network? Yes, you can manage and "kill" other devices with this awesome root-only app: Wifi Kill.

4) AirDroid (link)

Your Android experience won't be complete without AirDroid. With AirDroid, you don’t even need to touch your phone in order to use it. The app allows you to access your device remotely by going to AirDroid website and scanning the QR code on the page. The free version of the app lets you do things like reply to text messages, organize your photos, and play music -- all from a web browser while the paid version lets you remotely access your camera and helps you locate a missing or stolen device.

5) SuperBeam (link)

SuperBeam makes transferring of large files as convenient and fast as it should have been. SuperBeam allows you to share large files between Android devices at a blazing speed using WiFi Direct. If WiFi Direct fails, you can even use existing WiFi network to move files from one device to another. Go check out SuperBeam at Play Store.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

Those are my shortlist of 5 essential Android apps that hopefully will make their way to iOS!

5 Essential Android Apps That We Wish Existed On The iPhone

Why pay for your network carrier when you can always send unlimited text messages to any mobile number in the world all for free? If you have family or friends abroad, you know exactly how costly it could be to send SMS overseas. P15 is the standard rate for every international text message sent. And yes, this is NOT cheap.

Start saving money! Check out these free text messaging web services that let you send free text messages, SMS to the Philippines and worldwide. Unlike other free text messaging services out there, these websites can forward your SMS fast:

1. Mjoy - Send Unlimited Free SMS, Text Messages Worldwide [LINK]

There's no way to protest that Mjoy, as yet, is still the best way to send international text messages for free. This ad-sponsored website lets you send 160-character long SMS to any point in the world all for free.

  • Global reach - send free text messages to any mobile number in the world
  • Sender's phone number appears in receiver's screen
  • Instant SMS delivery - no delays
  • Online contact backup system - recipient's numbers are saved
  • Sent items saved
  • Device contact synchronization
  • Fast and reliable, etc.
  • Accessible only via mobile browser
  • 160 character limit
Mjoy works with "activity credits". So, the more you spend your time on the site, the more credits you'll get. Mjoy makes money by placing ads, and you're supposed to click on it to top up your credits. But since you hate wasting your time clicking on ads as much as everyone else out there, I will share simple trick on how to instantly top up your credits. Follow this trick in order to make international SMS sending with MJoy unlimited (thanks to the guys who discovered this technique):

Just send any text message to this number +12488757XXX (replace XXX with any number). That's it! You don't have to click on ads to top up your credits...but please be generous to MJoy.

Start saving money and send unlimited text messages to any phone number in the world here.

Make FREE Calls With Tokiva - Free PC to Phone Call

2. Chikka - The Best Way To Send FREE Text Messages To the Philippines [LINK]

Chikka is still the best way to send unlimited free text messages to the Philippines. What makes Chikka the best is the instant delivery of text messages and there's no SMS character limit. Well, Chikka actually requires the recipient to reply at least once of your text messages thru its gateway to make SMS sending unlimited (that's how they make money). But, your recipients don't really have to. You might want to use this technique to make your Chikka SMS sending unlimited:

By the time you get prompted for this message "Please wait for 63927xxxxxxx to reply to one of your text messages in order to enjoy.....", immediately delete that number in your buddy/contact list and re-add it! It's that easy to make Chikka text messaging unlimited.

SmartBro Internet 50% Off

If you're not from the Philippines, you can create a PC account using your email address and start sending free SMS to the Philippines. Signup here. (Also available in mobile web click here).

3. 160by2 - Free SMS To Kuwait, India, UAE, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia [LINK]

If you're not happy with both Mjoy and Chikka, you can use this India-based free text messaging service 160by2.
With over 7.6 Million registered users worldwide, 160by2 is an ad-supported SMS service that lets you send 160 character free text messages to Singapore, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The first 80 character is your message while the other half is the advertiser's message.

The service, however, is not available for Philippines to Philippines due to probable misuse or abuse. But if you have friends or family in Saudi or any of these areas, 160by2 is good alternative for you. Signup here. (Also available in mobile web click here).

If you want to send free text messages to the USA, you can try this email to SMS service of Google:
[email protected]

Just replace phonenumber with the 11-digit phone number of the person you want to send SMS to. That’s 1 + area code + 7-digit phone number.

FREE Unlimited Text for 1 Day With Globe Telus

4. MagTXT - Send Unlimited Text to Philippines - No Signup Needed also is a great SMS service for Filipinos. No signup needed; just enter your name, recipient's number, and your message. The service will forward it in no time. Visit to start sending SMS text message to the Philippines for FREE.

There you have it! Instead of spending another money for your text messaging needs, access those websites, signup and start sending free SMS here and abroad.

Fast and Reliable Websites To Send Free SMS To Philippines, Abroad

Just recently Facebook was again stormed by another dreadful attack. The coordinated spamming attack that lashed out Facebook this time is no more ordinary: pornographic and violent images have infiltrated news feeds and have gone viral across the web.

Clickjacking was the method used by notorious hackers responsible for the attack; they provide you with fake and eye-popping links (often coming from a trusted friend) which if clicked, advanced scripting gets executed within your browser, causing the spam link to spread even farther.

Check If Your AntiVirus Is Working Using Only Your NotePad

If you've been victimized by this extremely unpleasant attack, it's recommended that you change your account password as soon as possible, and don't bother to click on eye-catching links posted by your Facebook friend especially if you're in doubt.

Facebook seems to have struggled too much in eliminating this sort of attack. But you too can help thwart these attacks and make Facebook cooler again. Here's 5 Security Tips Steps On How To Stop, Prevent Facebook Spam from farther propagating on Facebook.

Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Facebook Porn Attack

Twitter can only be fun and exciting when your Twitter feed is loaded with useful links and tweets from people/sources you truly care about. But certainly this is not always the case of Twitter. A lot of users love to flood Twitter updates that talk about gadgets or politics which -- for some -- is kind of distraction.

We may not be able to control people what to post on Twitter, but we can always control what specific tweets we want to see in our feeds. Follow this simple guide on how to remove unwanted tweets on Twitter and display only tweet updates that you truly care about.

Filter Specific Tweets Using Predefined Keywords

I introduce you DeClutter, a handy Twitter filter plugin which allows you to remove unwanted tweets on Twitter using preformated text/keywords. If you hate seeing your Twitter feeds full of updates about iPads, SEO, Android, or "web traffic" you can always get rid of them using this useful bookmarklet.

See who's tweeting, retweeting about your website, blog post

To start, visit DeClutter website. Provide a blacklist of words or phrases which you want to remove and drop the custom bookmarklet into your browser's toolbar. When you want to declutter your timeline, just hit the bookmarklet, and in seconds all tweets containing predefined keywords will be gone.

You can also refresh the list and append/remove more keywords by simply editing the source of the bookmarklet. Just right click the bookmarklet, select "properties" and edit the location field. The nice thing about Declutter Twitter bookmarklet is that it works from any web browser such like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE etc. -- no additional software needed.

Learn how to automatically tweet your blog post to Twitter

Remove Unwanted Tweets On Twitter - Filter Tweets By Keyword

I am one of those unhappy, broke and desperate fellow Asians who cannot fully enjoy Spotify Premium because I am in the other side of the world currently unsupported by Spotify. While Spotify Web Player & Spotify Radio are both accessible on my PC in my country using tools like Hola Unblocker, I can't still get through the day without it on my phone which I spent most of my time every day.

How To: Bypass, Remove Restriction On YouTube - Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Anywhere

To those asking why I can't get Spotify Premium, Spotify refused any payments made on any non-US credit cards & PayPal accounts. There's a way out though: purchase Spotify Premium coupons codes which you can redeem anytime,anywhere on Spotify. But the problem with these coupons is that they are priced as high as 150% to 200% from the original price. An that's a big NO way!

So last few days, I embarked into a mission trying to work out the famous Spotify Web Player on my iPhone as my last resort. And thankfully it was successful though I had to tossed $3.99 just to enable, make Spotify Web Player working on my iPhone.

How To Get Spotify Web Player Working on iPhone, iPad & Android


The method is simple: you have to hunt any decent, working mobile web browsers with great Flash support. For iOS, I highly recommend Photon Flash Player. The iPhone version will set you back $3.99 while the iPad version costs you $5.49. But I guess it's all worth your money as you have to make only one-time purchase for this functional app rather than paying Spotify monthly premium subscription.


  • All Flash-based streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix & Pandora are supported with Photon (provided that you're in a country supported by these services)
  • Flash-based games like that on Facebook are fully working!

How To: Stream, Play MP3 & Video Files Embedded On Non-HTML5 Websites From Your Mobile Browser


I hate telling people the good news without telling people the bad. So here's my problem so far with Photon for iPhone: No background playback support! You have to make your browser opened for continuous audio/video playback. I hope they can work it out soon.

How To: Stream, Play MP3 & Video Files Embedded On Non-HTML5 Websites From Your Mobile Browser

If you're wondering about how to activate and get Spotify Web Player working on your iPhone, iPad or Android device or even Hulu & Netflix, then, that should do the trick!

Photon Flash Player for iPhone (link)
Photon Flash Player for iPad (link)
Photon Flash Player for Android(link)

How To: Enable, Make Spotify Web Player Working on iPhone, iPad, Android

Google Drive is our easy option when it comes to sharing files — be it for personal or work team collaboration. And it’s easy to see why. Aside from the fact that it’s free, it got a plethora of apps you can use to even supercharge your workflow and save your time in the process.

One of those Google Drive apps that I stumbled upon is BeFunky Photo Editor. If you live in a country where internet is an issue (read: slow, expensive, and often capped internet), BeFunky Photo Editor will do you a favor.

Few days ago while finishing a customer’s website, a client shared a Google Driver folder containing a bunch of images to load up into his landing pages. The problem: the images came straight from a DSLR camera and were almost 30mb each. And we’re talking about 70-100 images.

Imagine the frustration I felt realising I had to download them all using my capped internet data so I can crop, resize them offline. I only needed at least 1200px wide versions of those images.

5 Handy Google Sheet Tricks To Help You Work Fast & Save Time

Just as you can unzip files on Google Drive without downloading them, there has to have a way to also crop, resize images straight from Google Drive without downloading them for offline editing. So I ended up rummaging through Google Drive apps directory and discovered BeFunky Photo Editor.

Easily Crop, Resize Images on Google Drive without Downloading them

google drive crop resize images

BeFunky Photo Editor is a top-rated photo editor on Google Workplace Marketplace with 4k+ users as of writing. It’s one decent, full-featured photo editor that works straight from your browser. Probably the biggest strength of this app is the simplified editing controls, making it easy to edit photos with a few click.

BeFunky is a uniquely powerful online and mobile photo editor. Think Photoshop, but simplified for everyday users. With BeFunky, you can easily create stunning, professional-quality images with a single click. The process might be simple, but the results are incredibly sophisticated. Thanks to BeFunky, there’s no need to choose between a powerful, do-it-all tool and an easy, user-friendly interface. We’ve got it all!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Navigate to your Google Drive folder

  2. Right-click any image > Open with > Connect more apps. This will bring the Google Workplace Marketplace popup

    befunky photo editor google workplace marketplace

  3. Search for “BeFunky Photo Editor” and install

  4. Once installed, follow the on-screen prompts to authenticate the app to manage your Google Drive files

Once done, you’re good to go. Just navigate back to your Google Drive folder and refresh. You should be able to right-click any image and open with BeFunky Photo Editor.

crop resize google drive images

While BeFunky got all the image editing tools you’re familiar with from desktop apps like Photoshop, I specially like the crop/resize feature and support for Google Drive to quickly import, resize, and crop Google Drive images.

How To: Extract All Images Embedded In .DOC Word Documents All At Once

And if you need fancier editing experience like text and graphics overlays for your ad banners perhaps or social media stuff, BeFunky got you covered. How cool is that?

Go check out BeFunky Photo Editor.

Quickly Crop, Resize Images on Google Drive - No Download Required

It is now possible to execute PHP, SQL scripts in your mobile phone!

Those of us familiar with dynamic web programming have most likely heard the term LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) or WAMP(Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP). LAMP/WAMP refers to a stack of software used to run a website or server. In LAMP, Apache is the web server, MySQL is the database and PHP is the programming language. Good news is that, as the outcome of the open source research of Nokia PAMP, the AMP stack for Series60 mobile devices is now available. Now a Series60 device can be turned into a web server - LAMP users can publish their PHP sites on their mobile devices which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The PAMP Stack

In the Symbian Series60 environment the AMP stack is implemented over Open C. Open C is a set of industry-standard POSIX and middleware C libraries for S60 on Symbian OS. In PAMP, PHP and MySQL are both version 5.

Installing PAMP

The pre-requisite for running PAMP is a Symbian Series60 3rd edition handset having 128MB of free RAM. As per the PAMP wiki they have tested with Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia E90. But any S60 3rd edition phone with sufficient memory should work. (I used Nokia N95 8GB (thanks to Mr. Benjamin Allen H. Burgos III)).

The PAMP installation package (the one I used and test-run) can be downloaded here.

You should install the following files contained in the package (just hit "yes" for some security prompts):

1. pips_s60_1_2_SS.sis
2. openc_ssl.sis
3. PythonForS60_1_4_1_3rdEd.sis
4. PythonScriptShell_1_4_1_3rdEd.sis
5. pamp_with_htdocs_on_...sisx

NOTE: To avoid "Certificate Errors", move your date back to year 2008 (In my case, I moved the phone's date to November 2, 2008).

Figure 1: PAMP Installed

The installation will then create the following new directories:

* c:\data\apache - the ServerRoot of Apache httpd.
* c:\data\php - the location of PHP's ini file.
* c:\data\mysql - the location of MySQL's configuration file.
* c:\mysql - the location of MySQL databases.
* e:\data\apache\htdocs - the DocumentRoot of Apache httpd (In WAMP, this is your www directory).

NOTE: DocumentRoot is always on E:, so you cannot install PAMP on a device that lacks a memory card. However, after the installation, DocumentRoot can be made to point elsewhere.

Building a Network of Connectivity/Creating a LAN

This is an optional thing for you to do as I've found out that this is only a need if you're to manipulate your databases residing on your phone using your laptop via Ad-Hoc network. Importing your databases to your phone's memory (c:\mysql ) simplifies the task. A detailed description on connectivity can be found here.

Running the PAMP

Step 1: Start PAMP, MySQL, Apache

You PAMP should look like this:

(Note: I was able to setup my WLAN and so I've got this IP:

Step 2: Let's Test ....

Using the phone's native browser or Opera Mobile 10, browse to or http://localhost/. You should be greeted with a page that says It works!.

For Default Browser...

For Opera Mobile 10...

Step 3: View phpinfo.php file

Run More PHP Scripts

There are a number of FREE html/php editor for mobile flooded in the internet today, but LCG X-plore should still do.

Step 1: Create hello.php file

Step 2: Save the file. Make sure to save hello.php file under e:\data\apache\htdocs\ directory.

NOTE: Saving the file as Unicode doesn't work. So make sure to uncheck Save as Unicode.

Step 3: Run...

That's it...

PAMP: Personal Apache MySQL PHP - Server Package for Mobile