Ever wanted to skip the long introduction part of a video in YouTube? Do you want to jump at specific time rather than playing the entire video right from the start? Well, the guys behind YouTube just made it possible.

Tip: How to grab YouTube video as MP3

YouTube finally brings another exciting feature that lets its users to play YouTube video at specific time. There are several occassions when you need to quickly jump to a specific time in a YouTube video. For instance, you might just want to see the funniest part of a video, or the most important part of President Aquinos' speech. You might also just want the part when Prince William kisses his princess Kate, or when Lady Gaga sings the mid-part of her latest single. However you want it and however you need it, it's now possible!

Play YouTube Videos At Specific Time -- Minutes & Seconds

To play YouTube video at specific time, simply append #t=XmYs at the end of video URL, where X is for minutes and Y is for seconds. Here's a sample URL:


Notice the #t=00m56s. It is a start time parameter that instructs YouTube to skip the first 55 seconds and jump directly to the 56-seconds part of the video.

Tip: How to load YouTube fast

Playing YouTube video presentations at specific time is that easy. Just append the start time parameter at the end of video URL.

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How To: Play YouTube Videos At Specific Time

If you're wondering about how to schedule, send emails on your iPhone or iPad at specified date and time, well, then, good news! A new email and SMS scheduling iPhone app just hit the iTunes yesterday that promise to do just that!

There are several occasions when you want to send emails straight from your iPhone, iPad at future date/time. For example, you might want to remind your co-worker (who's in the other part of the world and at a different timezone) to do an important task while you're in the middle of the night resting. Or you want to auto-notify your customers about a special promo that goes live in the next couple of hours.

Automatically Send Email Messages At Specific Time In Gmail

Whatever the reason is, email scheduling app for the iPhone or iPad will do you a favor.

Cronote Reminders: Schedule, Send Emails, SMS At Future Date/Time (iPhone/iPad)

Cronote Reminders (link) is the new iOS app that allows you to send emails and text messages at a specific date and time. Just specify the sending time, list down the recipients and let your iPhone auto-send that email/text message at predefined time.
The neat interface of Cronote allows you to send future email reminders to multiple recipients, which is manageable prior to final delivery. In addition, Cronote provides a website so you can manage your future emails and text messages even if you're not carrying your iPhone with you.

Automatically Send SMS Text Messages At Later Time (iPhone/Android/Symbian)

Download Cronote Reminders for the iPhone/iPad from the iTunes HERE.

New iPhone App Lets You Schedule, Send Emails/Text Messages At Specific Time

In my previous post, I demonstrated how to skip long introduction part of any given video on YouTube. By specifying start time parameter, I demonstrated how to quickly jump to specific time, seconds or minutes while streaming your favourite YouTube video.

In this post, I'm going to show you another tip on how to grab, rip and download specific parts of YouTube video. Here you can save time and download only those specific portions you need by specifying start time and end time of any given video on YouTube and even other media sources such as Google Video, Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion (HQ), Vimeo (HQ), Metacafe, MyVideo, Veoh, many others.

Download Specific Parts, Portions of YouTube Video

I introduce you Clip Converter, a free and easy to use online media conversion service that allows you to convert and download nearly any audio or video URL to common audio & video formats. Clip Converter is an online video and audio converter but with a twist: it offers a lot of options before you start the conversion and download. The exciting feature about it is that you can freely specify what part of the video you want to rip, convert and download.

Here's how to convert and download specific parts of YouTube video with Clip Converter:

  1. Visit Clip Converter official website.
  2. Paste your YouTube URL at 'Media URL' and press Continue.
  3. Select the format and the options for the conversion. Here you can specify video resolutions, audio & video bitrates, video start time and end time.

    Watch Rated-R, 18+ Videos On YouTube Without Logging In or Signing Up

  4. Press the 'Start' button at the bottom to start the conversion.
  5. This may take several minutes. After the conversion is finished you can download the converted file.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

You don't need to download entire full length video on YouTube and edit it using video-editing software out there when you just want specific parts of the video. Clip Converter comes with revolutionary functionality that are missing on most online video converters/downloaders out there.

Alternative to ClipConverter

If for some reason ClipConverter refuses you to download a YouTube video containing music, youtubetomp3.com here's a decent alternative to ClipConverter you can use.

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LINK: Clip Converter

How To: Download Specific Parts, Portions Of YouTube Videos (Updated)

We all have our own methods of extending our phone's battery life. Things like dimming the backlight, closing unused applications, switching off bluetooth and wi-fi services when not in used, and auto-locking our phone are just some things we do to add few more minutes to our phone device.

Here we're going to explore another way to prolong the battery life of your device (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian phone). But at this time, we'll instruct our mobile phone to automatically shutdown at specific preset time. Let's start with Blackberry:

Learn how to automatically reply to SMS text messages

Auto Switch Off Your Blackberry

One of the least explored features of Blackberry is the Auto On/Off function, a unique builtin function that lets you
automatically turn off your Blackberry device. Here's how to auto switch off (and on) your blackberry device:
  1. Go to the Home Screen on your
  2. Press the menu key to show all your applications.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Select Auto On/Off
  5. Enable the Weekday and Weekend options and select the times that you want your device to turn off and turn on.

Switch Off - An Auto Shutdown App for Nokia Symbian

If you're looking for ways on how to auto turn off your Nokia Symbian s60 phone, then, this app is for you. Switch Off is a free utility app that lets you automatically switch off your phone at preset time or after an inactivity period. This auto power off app is compatible to all Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP1 phone devices.

Automatically forward all incoming SMS text messages to another phone

I personally tried Switch Off on my device and it worked like a charm. SwitchOff.sis (unsigned) FREE download here [40Kb].

If you're looking for similar auto switch off app for Android, you may want to check out the latest version of Power Off. It's a tiny Android application that can help you to automatically turn off your rooted Android device.

For iPhone, iPads, check out this tutorial How to Auto Turn Off iPhone at a Specific Time. It explains how to use your iPhone's clock function to put the phone in sleep mode at a set time in the future.

Auto send SMS text messages at later time

Being able to automatically shutdown your mobile phone at later time can be useful in many ways. Not only can you use it to impress your peers but sure you can save power and extend your phone's battery life. Auto switching off your phone can also be useful when you want to auto switch off your music player while listening your favorite tracks especially during bedtime.

How To: Automatically Switch Off Your Phone At Later Time

Probably one of the most requested features on iOS is the ability to schedule text message to be sent at specific date and time. Being able to automatically send an SMS at future date and time is prove useful especially for those people who want to plan in advance.

We've previously talked about SMS scheduler options before to send a timed message but that list is now too outdated and requires a third-party app to work.

Now, the BEST SMS scheduler for iPhone is here. This method probably is the easiest and quickest way to send SMS on iPhone at specific date and time WITHOUT a third-party app

Here's how to schedule a text message on iPhone without jailbreaking or third-party app

  1. Be sure you're on iOS 12.1.3 or later
  2. Download and install Siri Shortcuts by Apple. It's coded by Apple so it's 100% safe.
  3. Once installed, grab this Send delayed text Siri Shortcuts. This is the magic sauce to make auto-sending of iMessage a breeze.

  4. Now to schedule text message, go to Siri Shortcuts app and from Shortcuts' library tap Send delayed text

  5. Select contact to whom you want to send a scheduled message
  6. Write your Message

  7. Select predefined Date & Time you want your scheduled message to be sent

And you're done! Your message will be automatically sent at predefined date and time.

Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Copy, Collect iOS Photos on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

So there. We're basically exploiting Siri's Shortcuts capability to send schedule text message at later time.

Final Verdict

The introduction of Siri Shortcuts from iOS 12.0+ and later truly brings a surprising level of extensibility in the walled garden of iOS. Go, give Shortcuts a try and explore the pre-made Shortcuts to get things done fast!

Send Automated, Scheduled iMessage, SMS on iPhone - No Jailbreak and Third-Party Apps Required

How do you like if your phone automatically puts to a silent mode when you arrive at school or church and then switches back to regular mode when you leave the place? How do you like if your phone auto notifies your mom via SMS when you’re leaving the house? How do you like if your phone automatically plays your favorite songs when you arrive home?

Here’s a quick rundown of top-rated mobile applications that can automatically perform various actions based on your location. Actions such as sending of SMS text message, switching between profiles, and launching certain apps can now be fully automated using only your current geographical position.

GSMNavigator - Best Location-Aware App For Non-GPS Phone

First off, this is not only for GPS phones. As long as your mobile phone operates in a GSM Network, you can still enjoy full automation based on GSM cells collected by your phone.

Learn How To Automatically Switch Off Your Phone At Specific Time

GSMNavigator is a location-aware Symbian app designed both for GPS and Non-GPS phone. The application allows you to perform various actions depending on your location. With GSMNavigator, you can instruct your phone “what to do” when entering or existing a specific location. The first time you visit a place you may assign some actions “On Enter” which will be automatically performed by your phone the next time you visit that place. The same and other actions can be instructed to your phone “On Exit”.

GSMNavigator is capable of automatic sending of SMS text messages and emails, playing your favorite music, changing profile, launching an application, and many other actions upon entering or exiting a location. GSMNavigator keeps detailed information about the places you visited (in the form of GSM Cells) so you can always see through to the places you visited the whole day. With that logged GSM information, you can then tag them with intelligible names (e.g. GSM Cell 125325 can be renamed as “School”) and assign specific actions such as putting your phone to silent mode “On Enter” and putting your phone back to normal “On Exit”.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed Your Phone

The nice thing about GSMNavigator is that it works even if your phone is not equipped with GPS. For more information, visit the official website.

For Android, AutomateIt, Chronos and Tasker are three of the best applications you can install on your  Android. Llama is a excellent app too. These apps work similarly with GSMNavigator; it lets you define a set of instructions/actions which will be performed by your phone in response to events such as location change, time of day, among others.

Stop Overcharging - Play Loud Sound, MP3 When Phone's Battery Is Full

You can use these location-based apps both for fun and security audits. If you want to know the whereabouts of your kid through SMS without him knowing, you can use these apps. These location-based apps for the Android and Symbian can also be used when you want to spy or catch your cheating boyfriend or husband.   

Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

There has been a lot of tutorials on the internet on how to run/install Android applications on Windows computer. Most of the installation process, however, are little too complex that even advanced users could hardly make it work.

This short tutorial will introduce you another way -- a much simpler way -- on how to run/install Android applications on your computer. Here you'll be able to experience Google Android even if you don't have Android mobile phone device. This time you don't need to install multiple third party applications such as SDKs, emulators or Java RE just to make your Android running on your PC. And neither will you need to undergo same complicated process just to get your Android apps running on your XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer. Here we go:

YouWave - The Quickest Way To Run Android Apps On Your Laptop, PC [link]

Those who wish to run Android apps on their PC may want to try YouWave, a groundbreaking, high performance Android solution specifically designed for Windows PC. YouWave lets you experience 'real' Android mobility straight from your Windows computer. With YouWave, you can test run, install and preview your favorite Android application on your computer before finally moving it to the actual Android device.

Password Protect, Lock Specific Applications Installed On Your Phone

YouWave must be the fastest way to run/install Android applications on your PC. The program is very easy to use and there's no special requirements just to make it work. Just download and install your free copy of YouWave here and you're ready to go! After installation, launch the app (click on the icon in the Desktop), import your favorite Android apps (APK files), and see them in action on your computer screen.

Run PHP Scripts Straight From Your Android Phone

To run Android apps on your computer, just download your favorite Android app (.apk file) from your browser and put it in the default apps directory "/youwave/Android apps/" or any drives/directory of your choice. You cannot install directly from Android Market so you have to do the installation manually. Just google your favorite Android app (.apk file) and import it to your preferred Android directory app. It's that easy!

YouWave starting up...

Android for PC
The homescreen...

Android for Windows
The Android menus...you can drag it to the homescreen

YouWave Android
Trying to install PHP for Android...Cool!

YouWave requires at least Intel 1.6GHz CPU or its equivalent, with 1G of RAM and 500MB of free disk space. Internet connection is required if you're to run Android app that requires internet connectivity. Enjoy!

Learn How To Automatically Switch Off Your Phone At Specific Time

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How To: Quick Install, Run Android Applications On Your Computer

Learn how you can use IFTTT as an iOS photo spy software to secretly copy every single picture taken on your spouse or kid's iPhone, iPad. Automatically get a backup of every iOS photo including selfies, n*des and other inappropriate snaps.

WARNING: The author shall not be held responsible or liable for any misuse of the app detailed on this post. The method outlined below can get you in serious trouble. Do it at your own risk.

Been fiddling around with IFTTT few days ago and I accidentally discovered that you can actually use IFTTT iOS app as a FREE spy app to secretly collect, monitor every single iOS photo being taken on your spouse or daughter's iPhonE, iPad. Good news is: the process is no rocket science and you don't have to spend a penny nor you need to jailbreak your iOS device to accomplish this.

For the uninitiated, IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a massively popular web automation service that allows you to automatically perform certain actions based on your conditions (or triggers). IFTTT termed them as recipes, and there are plenty of recipes flooded out there that should help you save time by automating certain asks. One good example is you can get SMS alerts from specific email addresses, or you can let your device to automatically send screenshots to your email.

Remotely Get a Copy of Every Single iOS Photo Taken on iPhone Without Getting Caught

Step 1 Compel your target to install IFTTT. Sure it won't be a problem as IFTTT has hundreds of awesome recipes up its sleeve. If you know your partner's iTunes account, then, that's a bonus as you can install the IFTTT straight away.

Step 2 Once you've successfully installed IFTTT, best to burry it in the Utilities folder or anywhere that's least accessed.

Step 3 Enable Background App Refresh for IFTTT. This ensures that all new photos are uploaded to IFTTT server when online. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Step 4 Disable IFTTT's iOS Notification to ensure your target won't get notified every time the recipe runs. Go to Settings > Notifications, select IF and turn off Allow Notifications slider.

Step 5 Create a new recipe with the following trigger and action:

TRIGGER: Any new photo (under iOS Photos channel)
ACTION: Send an email (under Gmail channel)

See video walkthrough below.

Be sure to save your new recipe and you're good to go!

Now, every time a new photo is added on your target's phone, you will automatically get notified via email including the link of the newly added photo, as seen below:


a) The target's iPhone or iPad should be connected to the internet for this remote photo spying method to work. Not necessarily connected all the time but should be connected once in a while so IFTTT can push new photos to their server.

b) Data delivery is a bit delayed.

I don't want this recipe to be called as an exploit but rather a heaven-sent functionality you can use to spy on anyone's iPhone and be in the know what your daughter, girlfriend or wife is up to.

Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Copy, Collect iOS Photos on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

Whether for school or work, dealing with a group project can sometimes be a daunting task. One has to constantly check whether a classmate or a working colleague has done his part, accomplished the assigned task given a specific day and time. Working with group projects can be truly downright overwhelming as you’re to collaborate with other people whom you’ve got no control over their time with.

While the best way to avoid missing deadlines is to respect the time and being more abrupt, a good organization can also help you get the job done fast. Here I’m going to share you another awesome task management tool that changes the way you work and collaborate with your team on a shared task.

Best To-Do List, Collaboration and Task Management Tool Of 2011

ToodLedoToodLedo is incredibly powerful to-do list tool that can help you organize your tasks for an increased productivity. This free web-based task management tool has been around for quite some time now and has been able to help thousands of workers throughout the globe.

Aside from the intuitive navigation, what sets ToodLedo apart from others is that it comes with an alert (SMS, email, Twitter, or iPhone) so that you and the rest of the team will be automatically notified for any tasks that are due soon. Task collaboration, being the heart of the app, is also quicker and much simpler; you can easily share tasks with your classmates or coworkers and collaborate on projects with them. Data portability is also worth-checking out; you can anytime take your data with you or send it to other popular cloud services out there.

ToodLedo is Ajax-powered making it quicker to organize and manage tasks. ToodLedo is also available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Check it out here.

Working On Shared Projects? ToodLedo Helps You Get The Job Done FAST

Few days back, I was tasked to upload hundreds of photographs to a WordPress site so I can immediately create an elegant gallery to the site. Unfortunately, all images are of over 6MB in sizes each so I needed to resize all images first to reduce the size before finally uploading to the site. The process was not at all complicated; I just had to launch the default image editor then do the resizing of all pictures. I did it for over an hour, but I could have actually done it in few minutes if I was just resourceful enough to take advantage of free image resizing tools available out there that can resize all images inside a folder at the same time.

Upload Photos In Facebook In Bulk or By Folder

If you don't want to waste your time manually resizing multiple images (just like what I did), you should take advantage of Bulk Image Resizer tool. Bulk Image Resizer is a handy image resizing tool that lets you quickly and easily resize  multiple images at the same time. The resizing engine supports the most popular formats and features high quality image resizing. The resizer will make any photo email friendly so you can email, upload, view, and move your images faster then ever.

Bulk Image Resizer (see screenshot) is developed by MariusSoft that can even convert JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG formats with no image size limitations. Here are Bulk Image Resizer key features:
  • Converts multiple files from multiple locations at once
  • Ability to specify new width or new height
  • Ability to force a specific width/height combination
  • Keep aspect ratio or skew image
  • High quality distortion-less resizing algorithm
  • Support for popular formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Multi threaded to take advantage of multi core cpu's
  • Resize unlimited number of files of unlimited quality
  • Ability to rename files with a prefix or suffix
  • Ability to overwrite original image or specify a new location
  • Specify jpeg compression quality to further reduce filesize for photos
  • Drag and drop functionality for quick image queuing

Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Computer

While other free image resizing software usually only allow you to batch resize images that are located within a single folder, Bulk Image Resizer can resize multiple images at once even if each image is located in different folder. Download  Bulk Image Resizer for free and start saving time now.

Batch Process, Resize Multiple Images All At Once

No matter how advance Project Management and CRM tools can get, no one can ever ditch Google Sheet.

Google Sheet is still one powerful tool that if you know how to exploit the service to your advantage, you know that it's more than just a spreadsheet-editing software.

And if you're using Google Sheet as an additional tool aside from your usual project management service, here's a nifty tip on how to enable email notification so you'll be notified in real-time whenever a collaborator is making some updates on a shared spreadsheet; no need for you to waste time waiting for hours for other collaborators to update the sheet.

Gmail's Addon Streak Lets You Monitor, Track If Emails Are Read, Viewed By Recipients

Enable Email Notification On A Shared Google Spreadsheet

Email notification for Google Sheet is actually a built-in feature, but not activated by default. You have to manually enable it to start receiving email notifications. Here's how:
  • Open the spreadsheet where you want to get notified for any changes.
  • Go to the Tools > Notification rules.
  • In the window that popups, select when and how often you want to receive email notifications.
    • When:
      • “Any changes are made”
      • “A user submits a form”
    • How often:
      • “Email - daily digest”
      • “Email - right away”
  • Hit Save.

You're done. Whenever someone made some changes on a shared spreadsheet, you'll be automatically alerted via email, like this:

You may also need to setup email push notification on your smartphone so that no emails will be missed.

Use Mover.io To Copy, Move Files From FTP To Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive and Vice Versa

Google Sheet is still my go-to place when it comes to working and collaborating with clients for a specific project. During a website pre-deployment, after the QA, we have a client review phase where a client is expected to inspect and jot down all design & functionality hiccups of a website. While BaseCamp, Asana or Teamwork may be used to collect the findings, I find it a lot time-saver and efficient if I can get a consolidated view of all findings inside a single Google sheet. And now that I can setup email notification, both the client and I can save time.

Get Notified When Someone Talks About You On The Internet

Get Notified When A Collaborator Made Some Changes On A Shared Google Spreadsheet

When a friend is in a dire need of a phone, we do not hesitate to 'volunteer' and lend our device so he can start sending text messages or make a call. Well, that generous act of kindness is not actually a problem. Problem only starts when they begin to open certain applications and scan through your personal stuff (e.g. photos, videos, calls and browsing history) without your permission.

Here we'll try to address this issue by exploring some of the best (and free) application that can smartly lock, password-protect certain applications installed on your iPhone, Android and Nokia s60 Symbian device. Everytime a user tries to launch certain programs installed on your phone (e.g. Mobile Browser, Image Viewer, Inbox) he will be prompted to enter a password.

Stop trojans/viruses from getting transferred from phone to PC

Check out these must-have applications for your Symbian, Android and iPhone to prevent others from opening certain applications and accessing your personal files. These applications can truly save you from friends who have this nasty habit of going through your phone and accessing your text messages, contacts and other pertinent information without your informed consent.

ActiveLock (Symbian) - Restrict Unauthorized Access To Apps, Files/Folders

Active Lock SymbianActiveLock is a lightweight Symbian application that allows you to lock selected applications installed on your phone using a password. The program comes with neat UI and is very easy to use. Just get your free (unsigned) copy of ActiveLock for s60v3 here [24kB], sign it, and install. If you have problem downloading it, just Right-Click > Save Link As.

Send SMS text message? Don't type, just 'say' it!

At first launch, you'll be asked for a passcode, just enter 12345 (that's the default, change it after). ActiveLock will then populate and bring you a list of applications you can lock with a password. Just check and uncheck the applications you want to password-protect, then activate.

The nice thing about ActiveLock is that it works even if your phone has been restarted. So there's no way for your nasty friends to open the protected app even if they remove your battery.

LockDown - Password Protect/Lock Applications On iPhone, iPad

Active Lock SymbianLockDown is yet another free must-have application for the iPhone that can help you protect specific applications installed on your phone. LockDown is available in Cydia and works perfectly on jailbroken iPhone OS 3.0. LockDown supports 2.x firmwares as well. Follow this guide for more details. For better firmware support, you may want to try LockDown Pro for iPhone.

AppLock - Protect Your Android Apps With A Password

App Lock AndroidAppLock (lite) is a free Android application that lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode. You can virtually lock all applications such as SMS, Email, Pictures, Calendar, and Web Browser. This is similar to App Protector Pro ($1.99) except that it's free. Download AppLock for Android here.

Learn how to automatically turn off your phone at specific time

Never again can your friend access your inbox, gallery or web browser without your permission. With these applications, you can password protect, lock virtually all types of applications installed on your iPhone, Symbian and Android. Thus, privacy is protected.

Password Protect, Lock Certain Applications Installed On Your Phone

Wouldn't it be cool if you can just send an SMS text message to your friends, and with just a simple hit of "Accept" button, your friend's phone will then automatically fire an alarm based on the timestamp you sent?

Well, this is exactly how the new Android app will do for you: it lets you set an alarm clock by simply sending a specially-formatted SMS to a specific (or group) of phone numbers at once.

Smart isn't it?

Flying Alarm Clock: Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS (Android)

You can surely save anyone from any morning disaster with this mind-blowing app called Flying Alarm Clock, a clever Android app that allows you to set an alarm clock by simply sending an SMS text message. This is sort of sending a reminder, with complete alarm date and time, to any phone number.

Flying Alarm Clock must be installed on your friend or kid's Android phone (Get it HERE).

Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Unlike the built-in calendar app for Android which is also capable of sending reminders, Flying Alarm Clock doesn't require you to own a hi-end phone just to remotely set your friend's alarm clock. The sweetest part about this FREE Android app is that you can use a monologue phone or even a web-based SMS facility to remind your friends to wake up at particular date/time.

This is basically how you compose a text message to remotely set an alarm clock by SMS:
In the text above, I'm instructing John's phone to set an alarm at 8:50 a.m. in 12th of June, 2012 with an optional message of "Hey John, class this 9".

By the time John receives the message, his Android should prompt like this:

Flying Alarm Clock is truly a brilliant app. Imagine you only have to send an SMS to set your kid or friend's alarm clock?

Learn How To Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS, Text Messages

I've got a suggestion to the developer though. I hope in the next release, no more "Accept" prompts by the time the alarm SMS notification is received. Rather an alarm is automatically set as soon as the message is received. That's definitely a complete automation.

Remotely Set Alarm Clock By SMS — Send SMS Text Message To Set Alarm Clock

Ever wanted to send a large video file from your mobile device to your friends, but couldn't due to restrictions on file size? Well, no more!

A startup company based in Finland seeks to eliminate the hassle of sending big files with its new global communication service called Jongla. The service allows you to send text, videos and images of any size to any mobile device and network operator in the world -- absolutely free!

How It Works?

Best Websites To Send Anonymous Emails for Free - No Signup Needed

For anyone who wants to use the service, a one-time registration is needed. Once the registration and activation of your account has been made, you can then proceed to the web interface or download the dedicated Jongla mobile app (available in iPhone, Android, Symbian and Java) so you can send unlimited amount of high quality videos, photos and text – or all them together straight from your phone.

Your friends don’t have to be registered to receive your message, and they don’t even need to own a high-end mobile phone to view your message. Recipients will receive an SMS text message, containing the name of the sender as well as link of the message. Of course, recipients have the option to view the message in a web browser or view it straight from their iPhone, Android, Symbian or Java-based device.

When Is It Useful?

In the end-user perspectives, I was a bit baffled by the idea of Jongla -- why its founders had to offer the service when in fact there’s already DropBox and other similar services that can cater our needs. But here’s something unique about Jongla:

This open messaging solution of Jongla comes in handy when there’s no computer or laptop available and you’re in a dire need of sending large size videos and photos stored on your phone. Jongla also is sure a piece of cake to anyone who wants to send photos or videos to non-MMS phones.

Learn How To Automatically Switch Off, Shutdown Your Phone At Specific Time

Start sending large size videos, high resolution photos, and long text message here.

Jongla Lets You Send Unlimited Videos, Photos To Any Mobile Number In The World For Free

There might come a time when you need to do a quick search for specific phrase or keywords on your phone's inbox. It could be a specific milligram of a medicine, the name of your boss’ partner or anything important that's being forwarded by a friend thru SMS.

But the problem: you don't have the time to manually search through your inbox, and all you've got in mind is the word "PIN" in the SMS text message.

Backup, Save SMS Text Messages To Gmail All At Once (Android)

There are many ways of making your phone achieve such feats but your solution perhaps may require you to rummage through your inbox with hundreds of text messages buried down there. As part of our commitment to provide you with the much-needed tools and resources to heighten your mobile experience, we bring you another awesome iPhone and Android app called Handcent SMS.

Free iPhone, Android App To Search SMS Text Messages By Keyword

Handcent SMS is a free iPhone and Android app that can search SMS text by keyword. Handcent SMS does not only offer you an SMS search feature but it also allows you to make it your default application to handle your SMS needs. Handcent SMS also comes with a built-in anti-spam capability so you can blacklist, stop those pesky spammers from ruining your day.

How To: Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Thru SMS

Handcent SMS also gives you the option to customize SMS alerts for individual contacts, from ringtones, vibrations, backgrounds and even signatures.

Download Handcent SMS for Android [Google Play Link]
Download Handcent for iPhone [Cydia Link]

Griffith Boniel

About the author:

Griffith Boniel is a Bukidnon-based photographer, Nikon User, and a Nokia fan who's also passionate about social media, mobile and web technology. You can follow @gboniel on Twitter.

How To: Find, Locate Specific SMS Text Messages By Keyword (iPhone & Android)

Before we start off, I'd like to spend a moment talking about a few automation tools we've featured here.

We've previously talked about Txtot, one of the coolest iPhone apps that automate the sending of SMS text messages to specific numbers at future date and time. We've also covered about Cronote, yet another awesome iPhone app that lets you schedule email and text messages to get sent at later time.

Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)

Now, a brand new iPhone & Android app called Future Scheduler has just put itself in the running, offering almost the same scheduling capabilities — but with a twist.

Future Scheduler: Schedule Emails, SMS, Phone Calls & Social Media Updates (link)

Meet Future Scheduler, another killer productivity app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry that puts mobile automation to the next level. Future Scheduler allows you to fully automate various tasks and activities like sending an email, text messages, make a call or post status updates on Twitter/Facebook.

Future Scheduler

The idea here is to simplify your life. Few simple steps and never again will you forget someone to greet on their birthdays, or miss  a business opportunity and an important appointment. If you're looking for ways on how to schedule status updates on Facebook or Twitter straight from your iPhone or Android device, well, Future Scheduler lets you do that as well.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

But the real cream of the crop of Future Scheduler is its ability to schedule or make a phone call at specific date/time, which I believe a truly clever technology — useful when you don't want to forget that urgent need to make a crucial phone call.

Download Future Scheduler for the iPhone HERE. For Android, get it HERE.

New iPhone, Android App Lets You Schedule Phone Calls, Text Message, Emails & Social Media Updates

In this socially-connected world, it's kind of a sin when you cannot hit that tiny shutter on your phone, add a '70-esque look on it, and then share it with your friends using this well-celebrated app in the world: Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most successful startup companies who made it big in the social media scene, attracting the world's biggest online empire — Facebook.

While nobody knows what the future holds for Instagram after its recent acquisition with Facebook, one thing is clear: video-sharing apps like Viddy will soon take the lead, making it the next big thing in social media.

Viddy: The Instagram for Videos Lets You Transform Your Videos Into A Work Of Art

Viddy (link) is a new breed of app for the iPhone (Android & Windows Mobile version is in the works) that lets you capture 15-seconds event in your life, give it a cinematic look, and then share it with those who matter most. Think of Viddy as Instagram, but for videos.

New iPhone App Lets You Schedule, Send Emails/Text Messages At Specific Time

Viddy is quite straightforward to use. If you're opening the app for the first time, you may need to create an account first. Simply connect with friends via Twitter, Facebook and your phone’s address book, and you're good to go. As with Instagram, you can go and pull a video from your gallery, or shoot a new one. Once a video is selected, trim the clip as you see fit using a film strip timeline seen at the top of the screen.

Once trimming is done, you can add cinematic look on your clip by applying "filters" (well they called it "production packages"). You'll surely find it enjoyable to select music, apply transition effects, and do the necessary edits to make your video looks professional — just like film.

Prezi: Create Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentations, Slideshows Online FREE

As with Instagram, Viddy users also have a feed of other users’ activities. Users may also comment and like posts, and see what videos are trending or popular.

I'm beyond confident that Viddy will explode just like Instagram did. Viddy just got another financial boost from its new backers and partners including high profile celebrities and tech luminaries Will Smith’s Overbook Entertainment, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Shakira and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. This notable backing should propel the momentum of Viddy, which is now surging in popularity. Since its release, Viddy has attracted more than 10 million users, with another 300,000 signing up each day.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

Download Viddy for iPhone HERE.

Viddy — The Instagram for Videos — Lets You Create Visually Stunning 15-Second Slices Of Your Life

Ever wondered how to access MJoy and start sending free SMS text message anywhere in the world using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome?

MJoy is one of my favorite free SMS texting sites, not because it's my own mobile number that goes in receiver's inbox but because of it's incredibly fast and reliable worldwide SMS service. But as with many other web services out there, free SMS service of MJoy can only be accessed thru phone's builtin or third-party mobile browser.

This exclusive-only-to-mobile restriction is not only limited to MJoy. There are a handful of exciting free web services out there which can only be availed/accessed thru your phone's mobile browser. Some websites offers free VOIP calls (trial) which can be availed by visiting its websites thru your phone's browser. The only requirement to avail such services is to grab your mobile device and point your mobile web browser to the wapsite URL.

Fast and reliable websites to send free SMS to Philippines and anywhere in the world

In situations when you realize that mobile web browsing is way too expensive or your smartphone is out of power, how would you access MJoy.com and similar other exclusive-only-to-mobile websites using Firefox or Chrome?

This short tutorial will teach you how to fool web servers so that you can access webpages that are optimized and exclusive only to mobile phone users.

Access MJoy & Other Mobile-Exclusive Websites Using Firefox, Chrome

TagTag is a free web-based emulator you can use to view or access mobile pages on your computer using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser. TagTag may not be the first of its kind service but I just love how seamless this emulator works.

Jump to specific time, minutes while streaming YouTube video

Just type the wapsite address (e.g. MJoy.com) on the bottom of TagTag Emulator and click GO. TagTag will immediately browse the page like you would on your mobile phone.

Unable to access MJoy and similar mobile websites because you're on your computer and not on your phone? TagTag is for you!

Learn how to access, watch YouTube video not available in your country.

How To: Access Mobile Websites Like MJoy In Chrome, Firefox Browser

This is the second and the last part of our tutorial on how to get the most out of Google Docs to get things done the clever way. In case you missed it, here's the first part: 3 Things You Didn't Know Google Spreadsheet Can Do For You (Part 1)

LICEcap Is The Best Alternative To Recordit To Screencast & Create High Quality GIFs

Web Archive is everyone's go-to place when they want to see how a specific website looks in the past. It's a wayback-machine that randomly creates snapshots of your site as reference so you can anytime check back when your site's gone awry in the future.

While Web Archive is one reliable tool to do just that, you cannot however specify how frequent a snapshot should be created. If you want to automatically create a site snapshop daily or weekly, then, Google Spreadsheet can do you a favor.

Using Google Sheet as Archive.org Alternative

Here's how:

1 Go to Screenshotmachine.com and create a FREE account. After sign up you will get an account key necessary for the API request.

2 Sign-in to your Google account and make a copy of this Google sheet (File > Make a copy).

3 Provide the required parameters as required like Account Key, URL to Capture and Capture Frequency.

4 Click Verify Now button to see if the API works or not. If it works, a new folder called Web page captures should be automatically created on your Google Drive account. This is where all screenshots will be saved.

Note: you’ll get a pop-up asking for authorization. Grant the necessary access.

5 Click Start Capturing button. You're done.

Depending on the capture frequency you specify, Google Sheet should automatically instructs Screenshotmachine.com to create a site snapshot and send it back to Google Drive.

mHotspot Is A FREE Alternative To Connectify That Turns Your Computer Into Wifi Hotspot

(3/3) Use Google Spreadsheet to Scrape Web Contents Online

One of my favorite features of Google Sheet is the importXML function which basically allows you to grab contents from another site. It's one pretty useful feature of Google Sheet as it saves you time especially if you're asked to web scrape or copy the entire contents of a site.

Watch this video below and see how web scraping can be done so easily using Google Documents Spreadsheets:

The information you get can then be imported to your website using the right apps and tools like WP All Import (if you're using WordPress as your site platform).

How To: Extract All Images Embedded In .DOC Word Documents All At Once

So next time you're asked to export the existing content of a website, then, importXML of Google Sheet is one nice function you can exploit.

Use Google Spreadsheet As Website's Time-Machine (Web Archive alternative)

The problem: you have uploaded a very long video presentation on YouTube and all of a sudden you discovered that something's wrong with the audio or the video doesn't have a music background at all.

This happened to me one time, and the process of replicating those defective videos was truly tiresome. I had to download the video from my YouTube account, do the audio modification and finally re-upload the video back to YouTube.

Download Portions, Specific Parts Of Any YouTube Video

Such long frustrating process is not only a waste of time but sure can be a good ground why YouTube may ban you anytime from using the service. Remember that YouTube discourage you to upload same copy of videos -- that's a spam. So, how can you change or replace the audio background of YouTube videos without having to download them?

Whether you're dealing with simple video tutorial or complex video walkthroughs, here is a smart way out on how to quickly change, replace the audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube.

AudioSwap Lets You Change Music Background Of Any YouTube Video On The Fly 

AudioSwap is a wonderful feature of YouTube that lets you change audio background of YouTube video on the fly. With AudioSwap, you don't need to download and edit the video on your computer, and upload same video all over again.
YouTube's AudioSwap allows users to automatically add music to their YouTube videos. Using our extensive list of songs, you can spice up your videos with songs from your favorite artists and we are adding more songs everyday.
Here’s how to change audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube:

CAUTION: Please note that your original Audiotrack will be completely replaced with the new sound track or background music. It would be better if you upload a sample video of shorter duration and first test YouTube’s Audioswap feature.

Step 1 Login to your YouTube Account, go to My Account > Videos. You should be able to see all uploaded videos presented as a list.

Step 2 Choose the video where you want to add the background music. Click “Edit” dropdown and choose “Audioswap”.

Step 3 Now you should be taken to the AudioSwap page where you can select the sound track for your video.

Step 4 Select your preferred track and optionally preview your video on the right pane before finally publishing it.

Learn How To Play Video Presentation On YouTube At Specific Minutes/Seconds.

It's that easy! Browse more YouTube tips and tricks here.

How To: Change, Replace Music Background Of Already Uploaded YouTube Video On The Fly